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Thursday, May 11, 2000

Itssss showtime!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... whats scary in this world today you ask? Well, first off, I've put ALL da pics, in one easy to use address, or better yet both of them work.. one is easier to remember (but has ads).. Don't worry though, I'm working on getting rid of the ads. Well. First up is "Remember, we have a president serving out his second term who was literally caught with his pants down in the Oval Office, so the mayor's announcement needn't be a disqualifying event," was quoted from Republican consultant Jay Severin, on the announcement that Guilani is uhm.. well, just as evil as ClinTON if not worse... especially because he's a republican with family values, who protests art (like the dung/mary deal).. I mean.. can we say, Clinton is now senator for New York state? hrm... first NY, next up, US. Checkout prooof of why Mt. Dew causes da shrinkage. NAPSTER actually did it! thats right, Napster banned 317,377 users, or if you read that correctly, napster banned 31337 users from napster over the Metallica stint (Metallica identified a bunch of people trading their songs... whee!). Speaking of mp3s, apparently has removed major performers from their service! Doh, now how can I listen to my friend's "borrowed" cd that I beamed now?! Doh! Don't worry though, the CEO of says the singles and free music you got on will still remain! wow, like I care or something. Cancellation announced for a NY NIN show, apparently Trent had "swollen vocal chords and vocal strain," thats right beotch! Get yourself all good and ready FOR NEXT THURSDAYS SHOW!! :) Yah! Everything else is kosher.. keep rocking!
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Sunday, May 07, 2000

Love bug suspect is a woman...
HAH! Its not a man, baybee- I bet you thought it was a man.. well your wrong! Women are just as capable of creating world-wide-computer-system-crippling-virii/trojans ... Thats what you get!
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Saturday, May 06, 2000

Yet again I post
I'm in Tampa yet again.. Sadie is here to.. its really cool :). First off, you need to check out the latest edition of NTK (5/12), they have a great roundup of media goof ups concerning the lovebug virus.. and btw they have a suspect for the lovebug virus already. In other news, an investigation is being launched into the effects of the pollution of drinking water from anti-depressants/etc. No wonder the virus was an I love you letter written to the whole world! AIWA releases the first automobile mp3 cd player. Speaking of MP3s.. here's another napster like program for you to get your mp3/asf/divx fix. Tired of donating food at The Hunger Site try The Rainforest Site and donate money to buy back land. Whee!
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Friday, May 05, 2000

Your Walter's Weblog Newsbreak
We're bringing you the news so you don't have to! - First up, its mating season for the love bug virus, apparently it has mutated and the latest version of the virus is an email with the subject header "This is a virus dumbass." - In related news it has been confirmed that the virus originated from the filipines, apparently the viurs originally existed in rhesus monkeys, and when transported to the US spread like wildfire in online "File trading" chat rooms - If you are reading this, then the world probably wasn't destroyed from the great alignment of the planets this morning at 4am, however the loss of 2 state department laptops that are now missing as well have been blamed on the planetary lineup, Secertary of State Madeline Allbright was quotes as saying "We're lucky we only lost 2 top secret code word laptops." - In other news, E-Bay announced the auction of 2 "like new" laptops... - The Sci Fi Channel announced news of a 6 part Dune Miniseries... looks awesome! - 2 links to consider before you fire up napster or gnutella: legal defenses for users trading illegal mp3s in case they get busted, and a very interesting site that logs ip addresses of individuals downloading questionable material (read kiddie porn) from their gnutella servers... think your anonymous on the internet? Think again... :) - Site of the hour: Furniture Porn website... be shocked, be amazed, but please.. laugh for gods sake!
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Last one...
I thought that y'all might like this, a report from the Interagency GPS Executive Board (IGEB) about the government turning off the built in error for civilian GPS systems. Now we *really* know where we are... its very cool to see the graphs of error before and error after... kinda spooky.. now I gotta get a GPS.. doh!
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In case you were wondering where all those Unblogged Items went.. well there you go :). That was a little experiment with blogger before I got everything rocking. I'm not going to be updating that page anymore... but this page is gonna be like, on fire thanks to Blogger!! How do you pronounce that? My brother pronounces it "B logger"... but I pronounce it BLAWGRRRR.. its a pretty nice peice of software I have to admit... I didn't know it was *this* powerful... ahh well.. ttyl
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Blog you!
Format change ahead: I'm implementing BLOGGER.. God's gift to people who want to update their site often... for now, checkout the archives for all the old stuff... sit back, and enjoy the ride! -W
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