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Friday, September 29, 2000

Wheres the earth shattering kaboom?
Ahh... another day... I got an official copy of my transcript.. it was one page long- they actually fit ~3 years of work on one piece of paper! Arghh... oh well, atleast the seperate letter containing my gpa was 2 pages long (Its that good baby!)... Just fighting lazyness.. got a pizza in the oven so that will be a nice reprive from having to wake up with 10 minutes to prepare before I had to ride my bike uphill to class... the things I do for academia.. and speaking of which, I totally put the smack down on this guy in my Film Analysis class today, he was talking about an old horror film called The Innocents.. he alleged that since the main character was the daughter of a priest that she was better enabled spiritually to see the ghosts possesing and stirring evil in two children (this same gentleman had reacted fiercely to the movie L'age D'or (which had some extremely negative religious viewpoints)).. not allowing him to get away with this interpretation, I proceeded to bust out a 5 minute argument as to how religion itself actually was responsible for the main character projecting evil onto the children, and ultimately killing the 2 children (leading our instructor to say "Hey you wanna come up and teach the class?".. hehe..) just wait till we get to the David Lynch films.. whee... anyways enough rant, my pizza is almost ready and in case you were looking for some exciting news link or reason why the topic of this post is as such, well..NASA has selected the name for next Mars mission, "In homage to a classic 1968 science fiction film, NASA will name its next mission to the red planet '2001 Mars Odyssey,' the space agency announced Thursday." - Well, why is this interesting? Well in 2001: A Space Odyssey they tell the public they are going to Saturn, but they actually go to Jupiter to investigate one of the Monoliths... and everyone dies excpet for the main character- synopsis: Their mission was a failure... lets hope Nasa's isn't :)...Anyways my pizza is ready... ttyl
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Thursday, September 28, 2000

Ahh... this article:Slime mould solves maze puzzle ought to cheer you up, "Japanese scientists claim that amoeba-like organisms have a primitive form of intelligence, following an experiment where a slime mould found its way through a maze." Ok mabye thats not the full story, it filled the maze up and then shortened itself to only fill the shortest distance between the beggining and the end (which had food in it).. pretty interesting eh?... oh well.. I just thought that was the coolest... amongst other things I've become addicted to the beautiful game of Unreal... its just sooo cool... if anything the sky is the best part, along with the music and the water in a close second... Currently I've just come upon the ISV-Kran, a friendly ship full of Skaarj Warriors.. doh! anyways, just have to complete some reading.. see you tommorow! :)
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Well I never thought I'd see such a neat little product turn out to be sooo evil: The CueCat (the little barcode scanner that comes with every wired magazine etc that sends you to an advertisers website when you scan an ad's barcode)... well guess what, the CueCat Is on the prowl, "each CueCat comes with an individual I.D. -- a serial number, actually. Scan a code, and the CueCat's I.D. is transmitted and linked with the data that you provide when registering your CueCat via the Web site," and now they are also Going after (the website is a public registry of upc codes). Argh! Just think, I wanted one of those guys and all they wanted to do is build up a database on my interests so telemarketers can call me...If they knew anything about me, they certainly wouldn't want telemarketers to call me... (sound of gun being loaded) ;)
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Wednesday, September 27, 2000

My god, its full of posts
Ok.. so mabye our little Weblog hasn't been "full of posts"... I have been surfing the web, and I have been reading the news! Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything worthy of posting about until now...US Navy Carrier CVN-77 is going to run Windows 2000!... OMG. The "N" part means nuclear, and the Windows 2000 part means nuclear explosio- I mean: "'This is a new area for us,' said Keith Hodson, a Microsoft Government spokesman. 'Windows-based products have not traditionally been associated with Defense Department-specific mission-critical applications'." Well, to further complicate things, this CVN-77 running WIN2000 is to set sail in 2008, so I guess they will hav fixed all the bugs by then.. ;). Speaking of blunders, CNN (not getting the MP3 thing) posts a 48MB .wav file in a Napster article.. DOH!...But as far as me, I've just been trying to find a job... and trying to get apporpriate amounts of sleeps... :).. Anyways check out our Cayman Island trip pics and go read some of the ShugaShack or something ;)
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