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Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Halloween!! Muhahahahahha
Well... got my second guestbook entry! Woo! Apparently the individual in question (that has nothing to do with ip address who visited at 8:25am on 10-31-00... Yeahhh I swear- and this person doesn't us IE 4.01 and have a monitor resolution of 800x600x16bit color... yeah! anyways... cool! I just realized though that changing to this address screwed alot of ppl up... I hope that they just email me through the link on my resume thats now at walter e l l instead of just dropping from my page complteley... and in case you want to tell your friends, just throw at em- that'll work... anyways, everything else is pretty damn chill! Getting ready for Day 8 of Webpage Design- got everything allready lined up.. gonna teach em how to do that thing I talked about earlier in Damn I'm Smooth! :)... anyways, got big halloween parties to go to tonight (lots of o's in that last sequence of words.. hmm)... should be a blast! I'm looking forward to it, I hope you guys are too :) -W
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Sunday, October 29, 2000

Whee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fun fun weekend... even more fun week ahead... its the last week of freedom from exams... and then, they start again as quickly as they ended- suddenly open books and highlighters appear on my desk, and instead of calling friends up to hangout, I'm calling them to study with. Anyways, got really nostalgic last night at about 4 in the morning at pouring over the BBS section (read:31337)... man oh man, those were fun times... :) Anyways, thought this article was interesting.. I even took a screenshot(small) for you to see how interesting it really is! :).. Wouldn'ta fooled me I swear!...

Mmmmmmm... extra hour..... :P

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... Go Gators! ...
We'll, I've cleaned up the blog a bit- turned it into one.. GIANT scrolling monster.. with only the stuff older than blogger and time in the archives... Which if you've never read, I suggest that you do :). Ahh, well.. theres always a link or a news story or something that prompts me to blog... well, without further ado, I present to you this story about a flying pig. It will make you smile, but feel bad for the people who were along for the ride ;). According to this news report, the latest version of AOL doesn't allow you to change the default start page in their web browser!!!

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I KNEW IT!!! :).. They really are evil... just think what they'll do when they find out I've been using all those CD's they've sent me as coasters.. (almost to #10!).

Anyways its pretty sick... "AOL maintains that the new interface [without the homepage button] resulted from member feedback that showed AOL subscribers wanted fewer complications when using the service." Thats right, they've been programmed to want less complications... everything must be spoonfed, entertainment, media, hollywood, life!! Its soooooooo very complicated to have that home button on my taskbar Mr. AOLTW man, it makes me feel uncomfortable to know that I have a choice... can you make that choice for me?

I mean, c'mon AOHell, you can do better than that- I mean.. try not to be *so* blatant- I mean try to be as slick as your "purchase" of Netscape. What is AOL doing with Netscape?? NOTHING!. I mean, they certainly aren't using it as their web browser (They use IE [perhaps b/c they are still under contract with microsoft.. but still guys...]. They aren't improving it- It still sucks. Ok, mabye they are doing something but I can garan-damn-tee you that its not for the good of the people! They only bought Netscape because they wanted to help Microsoft kill it off... by buying it, they could effectively neutralize it. If they could just open their instant messaging network up, and allow other people to provide cable modem service a la DSL, then mabye I could forgive them for being Microsoft part 2! (I'm gonna buy stock in the O part of AOL after it gets broken up)... evil evil Steve Case! Evil!

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Thursday, October 26, 2000

Damn I'm Smoooth
Ok... so mabye its just Adobe Imageready, but it makes me feel bad ass to be able to do this kinda stuff effortlessly... damn I'm good! [Ok... mabye I just need to sleep.. but still.. heheh]. Anyways hope all is well, Sluggy Freelance is getting into the halloween spirit... there are alot of halloween parties that I am invited to this weekend.. hopefully I'll be able to check em all out :) - Besides that I hope everyone is chilling.. talk to y'all later... -W
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Monday, October 23, 2000

Hello! :)... Had fun in Atlanta :) More on that later... right now I'm just trying to convince myself to go to sleep.. I tweaked my resume some... in my giant quest (quoting from the objective now) "To attain a job in the information systems industry in the city of Boston, Massachusetts."!!! Yeah!... or something. Got an interview with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Whee!... all I need to do now is finish my Film essay, wake up in time to take my resumes to Kinko's and "nicefy them," and eat breakfast!.. or something.. argh!!.. :) Anyways... nuff about that... hope everything is happy out there in 'net land :)... -W
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Friday, October 20, 2000

Yay much as I love Bank of America, they are still evel.. just remember that in case anyone ever asks about them.. "Walter sez they are evel." Just remember... remember the evel.. rememberrrrrrrr.. ok so mabye I should sleep soon.. BUT NOT BEFORE this!...FlexNet/VirtualWebsites.Com has this to say: As a general rule, America Online users are not computer savvy or it seems, capable of the level of technical sophistication necessary to operate a computer outside of an AOL environment. Bwhahahahaah! EAT THAT! :) ok.. sleep time :)
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Wednesday, October 18, 2000

I'll take that
Subway Series! Woo!.. ok back to bed :)
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Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Ahhhhhh much better
Ahh its nice to be able to ACTUALLY UPDATE! :)... Fricking all broken over the weekend and shit.. ahh well. Still thought, I hope you (all 1 of you) weren't upset about the lack of updates.. its just that *I couldn't update* :). Ahh well.. but now my voice has returned and I can now BLOGGERIZE THE NET. Speaking of which, the METS ARE GOING BABY! Now all we need is the Yanks to do their part and I'll have something to watch on TV again! Tommorow night is the debates.. *sigh*. Perhaps I would watch it if I wasn't teaching class (Or for my bosses version of the lesson, click here- kinda interesting to compare and contrast... My boss has star trek computer type stuff, I have fluffy clouds and happy sun type stuff... :)). Tommorow is also the day to vote for either the SUN party or the Impact party. Hmm.. which appears to be "less" greek... none! They are both greek!... ahh well.. Wrote a reply to this letter in The Alligator.. apparently this guy thought that if you had a .com website that you *had* to be a commercial entity... bwhahaha... (well, he's an FSU student.. hehe.. you dind't get that from me!!). Ahh well... its alll good... watched sad news about the Goveneror of Missouri breaking across the internet, apparently his plane went down :( Hope he (and the rest of the passengers/crew) are allright!.. Saw it first on Drudge Report (from a local news stations website) then FOXNEWS from a Reuters newswire, then CNN from "sources," of course etc didn't have ANYTHING... Leewww ewwwwwwww zzzzzzzzzzerrssssss!! ALLlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll-righty then

Apparently I wasn't the only one who read that article in The Alligator... the S.U.N. Party took notice also, and said "Note (10/16) - Don't Believe the Hype! Despite what some Seminole said in the Alligator today, the SUN Party website is available at both and We just thought the .com address would we easier to remember!"... bwhahahaa... allrighty then... mabye I'll be published like the other zillion letters I've written ;)... ttyl :)

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Friday, October 13, 2000

"So many grabbers, so few synonyms for 'grab'"
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I just finished reading one of the most awesome and funniest NTK's to date...go there, read it.. it will make you happy! :).. ahhh... everything is cool here... gotsta pay some bills and watch some class, then I get to go see a fun dance performance at 8! :).. Whee.. ahh well... this update is just all about NTK... closing with the closing of NTK.. "Have *you* witnessed Daniel Pemberton - or Toby Slater, or David McCandless even - in a novelty DJ performance, while dressed as a 1980s film character? If so, let us know - we're ready to believe you..." (Singing ghostbusters theme song now...) They are even playing Ghostbusters at the Reitz Union this weekend!... ahhh soooo cooooooooool.... :) ttyl :)
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Ad Infinitum
Ok... a fun conversation with Sadie has yielded THIS:ai.txt. Wheeeeeee! Read a small "paper" on a possible way to teach computers to learn.. of course this has probably already been tried a million times starting back in the 60s with a slide rule... but I started writing and I just thought I'd share it with all of you so you can ridicule me and tell me what I need to hear: "Get Some SLEEP!" Ok... enough with that... I would like to program this concept to see what would happen.. but it seems a littttttle bit complicated right now.. I imagine that I can refine it down to a simpler program, but infinitly large connection arrays seem a bit out of my programming league.. (paging God, please come to the computer terminal to create an infinite arry, thank you). But STILL!, I could restrict the largeness of the connections array so that it might as WELL be infinite... and then we could play (except then I'd need to start a world-wide parallel computing effort just to get the first ouput off the ground).. you get my drift.. I imagine that I could do some statistical analysis and figure out exactly where I can draw the line so that I'm basically simulating infinity.. but... heh.. simulating infinity... jeez.. allright you guys can already see that I really actually do need sleep. For those of us just joining us, the Mets WON!.. yay!!.. ok.. sleep time :)
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Thursday, October 12, 2000

Series in the Subway
Wow.. how exciting.. the Mets are taking it to the last minutes here against the Cardinals (currently tied 3-3)... we could have the subway series folks... so chill, here is a realllllly cute article about the - 2000 MLB Postseason - Fans prepare for possible Subway Series - Thursday October 12, 2000 07:00 PM, and a quote "Across 42nd Street from the Mets store at the white marble New York Public Library, Patience, the southernmost lion guarding the steps, was wearing a Mets hat and Fortitude, to the north, sported a Yankees hat." ... its good to be a Mets fan!! :)
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Another day, another weblog update.. had fun making the materials and whatnot for day 6 of my class.. gotta finish it up tommorow- but for now I have to watch class and do some reading.. speaking of which here is a little reading for you to do: W last night, in the debates, said that "...a child can....have their heart turn dark as a result of being on the Internet, and walk in and decide to take somebody else's life." I wonder how much internet browsing W has done... since he has "walked in and decided to take somebody else's life" about 140 times...especially considering that since executions began in Texas again in 1976, there has only been 220 of them!... W accounting for over 63% of the total executions in his state in 33% of the time that execution has been legal!!! (Or since it came back into legality after being illegal). Jeez, howza guy like that going to teach the children of this country to respect human life? *sigh* back to work...
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Soon, Canada could be almost like Mars
Ahh... having fun trying to go to sleep... damn nervous energy keeping me awake..there just seems like there is something to do at all times! Argh... got my ticket for the game this saturday with a bunch of friends, should be fun!. Taught a class for CIRCA for the second day in a row.. wheee! /. reports that the new singer sewing machine employs a game-boy!. Bwhahah.. thats crazy-ness... all I have to do now is wake up in time to get to work this morning... where I will develop day 6 of my web design class! :). Beyond that, I'm just chillin.. basically put myself on track to be all set for the next round of exams comming up at the beggining of the next next week. Now all I have to do to stay on track is gooo tooo sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! :) - Oh yeah... how about THIS for spooky... ppl trying to bring about the second comming by using some "supposed Jesus dna," and then fertilizing an egg, and having a volunteer bring the fetus to term (An immaculate conception!)... pretty crazy stuff..(being attempted by completely insane people)... I want one of these (A cellphone that uses your bones to transmit sound, and can disconnect and connect by snapping your fingers-phat!)-One last one... before I sleep... Dark Horizons is reporting that Britney Spears may make a guest appearance on Buffy The Vampire Slayer!.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!.. Just when I thought that show wasn't like that... grtz
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Wednesday, October 11, 2000

<font size=yellow color=+1>
Argh... I've stayed up late again... time to go to sleeeeeep... in other news, Steve Gibson (sCary) of Scary's ShugaShack is getting married! Wowzers... and (stolen from that site), heres a verrry interesting site: - Your link to the underworld As victim you can publish REWARDS on lost items and pets for finders and/or burglars to see.. - its very very very very strange.. basically... you steal something from somewhere and check the website for any posts from the victim for a reward.. (or I like to think of it is, a plea to buy back the item).. you then get the money and send it back... then you steal it again, and the process repeats- the victim paying a "rental fee" to have it for say 6 months at a time, you stealing it when the "rent" is due, and then recieving it through jeeeeeeeeeeez... oh yeah, Warn customers that acquiring the PC "naked" and subsequently pirating the software is never a good option. - a funny Microsoft page about why computer retailers should preload operating systems on their PCs...
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Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Ahh what fun it is to have a webcam... here's a still I just took... its pretty chill.. mabye some day when I have a real internet connection I'll actually set one up semi-permanently.. for now I'll just use it to take pictures of things I find interesting... like, exam scores ;).. anyways, thats it for now
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Argh.. the Bucs lost... oh well.. we can always come back next game next Thursday against the Lyons...:)... saw this article :‘The Simpsons’ has lost its cool... but perhaps before you click you might think: "Why is this article about The Simpsons, the longest running(?) cartoon on television, appearing on MSNBC just weeks before its 7th season premiere?? Perhaps NBC has a competing cartoon they are looking to roll out... hmmmmmmmmmmm (end quote).. oh well, perhaps they should just give in and have a combination Mr. T/Matrix Parody...and speaking of which someone was cool enough to notice the similarities between Ghost In The Shell and The Matrix, creating a web page with scene by scene comparisons (featuring a conspiro-meter! a must see!)... nothing else really worth mentioning... except that its sleep time :).. -W
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Monday, October 09, 2000

Ok... its a wonderfully cold day out, and the windows are on/the air conditioner is off.. and I'm vegged out picking up that good old CRTan... had a good exam today... and finished my group project in ISM4113... yay!... You should check out Mojo Nation if you are bored with Napster... MojoNation=Da Bomb... if I had a cable modem I'd be all over it!! ... Since I no longer use e l l for anything but my resume... I've thrown in to atleast put something on that domain as well as Ahh well, was reading Ten Tips for a Firmer, Slimmer, Sexier Weblog! and thought this quote was kinda funny.. "Resist the urge post a blurb about every time you get up from your desk to go to the bathroom or to get a soda. Please. You must be strong for all of us." Well... thats that, I'm off to go get a Soda!
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Tuesday, October 03, 2000

Well... just thought this was interesting.. :P [fixed- thanks leo!] a fun article on fungus in outerspace...,"it now seems the great threat to space exploration comes not from technologically advanced alien races, but from the same lowly fungi that attack dorm-room refrigerators." Bwhahaha.. anyways back to bed :)
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