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Thursday, November 30, 2000

Obviously a major malfunction
(from Hunter S Thompson's Page 2 column)

The League is destroying quarterbacks faster than the colleges can churn them out. Every pro team must have two quarterbacks, because one of them is certain to get crippled or mashed by some steroid-crazed monster who weighs 388 pounds and runs faster than Deion Sanders and is desperate to hurt people. He will lose his job if he doesn't, and his obvious target is the Quarterback.

Isn't there one patriotic football coach out there brave enough to point him in the direction of Dubya? That might be enough to restore my faith in luck, if not pro football.

Ahh.. just listening to my friend Chris from... the beggining of time? well, atleast the beggining of Sunday School in Tampa-- listening to his new CD (thats right I have 2 friends named Chris who are DJs, and one named Kris who is a DJ... 3 "Chrisses," heh)... man, this is some messed up stuff... crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy samples... amazing ideas, and great sound clipping montages... currently this song includes samples from the mission control audio feed that went on before and after the shuttle challenger disaster... thats pretty messed up, he threw in some small subtle clips of Bill Clinton's inappropriate affair with "Ms. Lewinsky" announcement... man.. thats some fucked up shit..

sleeping with lights on tonight

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Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Things Falling Apart...
Damn.. why does the recording industry own me?!... Aieee!! after hearing that [a song off of The Fragile] The Mark Has Been Made is featured as backing music to the [trailer of the] new movie Unbreakable. I am now forced to go buy the new NIN EP Things Falling Apart! But I heard its priced at like $5 or something like that, thank goodness, cos I have no money and that is pretty decent for someone who is completely broke. Although I must say, Napster probably has it... but I am such a NIN junky although I have missed all of the singles since The Fragile... ahh well... currently "watching" Managerial Economics, enjoying a discussion about a constituent game of the prisoner's dillemma. Ahh game theory... while your waiting for me to finish studying and take the exam we have in this class tommorow night, you might read this really awesome Dave Barry column concerning the Play Station 2 debacle hosted by my old friend David Wright's game company

Update:Yeah... so I didn't buy it, I realized that The Mark Has Been Made is actually a Fragile song and not a TFA song, so I got calmed down and will simply ask Santa for it ;)

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Friday, November 17, 2000

And it's Friday, and I love you
Ahh.. just bought the Twin Peaks soundtrack.. yay! :)... If i had a cablemodem I would never had made that purchase :P.. I've just been thinking alot about it lately... *buy*.. heheh anyways, it doesn't help that my film analysis class has turned to do a *whole big section* on Lynch.. hey but now atleast everytime when I visit they greet me with new lynch stuff.. until I delete my cookies... mmm... I'm hungry, Mabye I'll go "delete" some peanutbutter sandwhiches :P
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Wednesday, November 15, 2000

AWWWWYEAAAHHHHHH!!! Thats right, I'm comming to you with NO SORTSA SLEEP in the past 19 hours!! I guess thats not so bad... but STILL, it is a strange experience to not have had any sleep and be on campus being normal... or whatever :) Today I had one of the weirdest trip-to-schools I think in a looooong time. Let me tell you why:

First off, after "waking up," aka pressing the stop button on my VCR and getting ready to go to class (Yes I was watching class all night), I enjoyed a light TRIPLE PEANUT BUTTER SANDWHICH and some Orange Juice. Ahh, the best way to start the day.

Unfortunately, my beautiful extremely light and fast racing bike popped a tire Monday, so I was forced to use my brothers GHETTO-ASSED wal-mart "mountain bike," instead! This thing is so broken, that the brake handles are facing the wrong way!! The seat leans backwards, and the front tire runs a bit too flat. Not to mention the fact that there is only 1 gear that doesn't make crazy noises while your in it, and it is insanely hard to peddle up hill. But thats ok, because I took IT with me ON THE BUS!!

Ok, so I didn't take it with me ON THE BUS, but I did put it on the Bus' bike rack like I do all the time. Gotta love it, the bus takes me up hill and then I just coast all the way home. The bus was actually pretty full this morning and there was already 1 bike on the 2 bike bike rack (say that 5 times fast), but I did manage to get a seat on the bus.... RIGHT NEXT TO THE BUS'S CAR STEREO SYSTEM SPEAKER!

WTF! First off, Radio's are *NOT* allowed on the bus, in fact, the first sign you see on the bus spells out the fact that you cannot have a radio, and to make it really easy they have an international sign for no radio (I'd draw it for you but Photoshop is not cooperating). YET the BUS has a damn radio! Normally, I wouldn't be upset over this fact. I wasn't even upset that it was set to a country radio station- in fact I would say that I was pleased to actually hear happy fun country music and caffinated-to-hell DJs wishing you a good morning and joking about how "hot" it is outside when it really just went over freezing 5 minutes ago. BUT I was kinda miffed when the RECEPTION started to go bad, and instead of a happy country radio song about the next 30 years of this country singers life ("Mabye I'll drink lemonade instead of so much beer, mabye I'll remember the next 30 yeeeerz")-- we got BEEEEPPBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRBIIIIIP...BEEEEEPBRRRRRRRRRBIIIIIIIP. Repeating, growing in intensity for 5 SOLID MINUTES. "Hi, Welcome to the RTS bus system, you will now be exposed to annoying paging system noises for the duration of your ride. Enjoy!"- What bitch!?!?!? ARGHHH!!. The worst part was that the driver didn't turn it off or mute it or anything. I mean, WTF, c'mon Mr. Driver, if you're gonna have the nerve to tune the radio to a country radio station, then ATLEAST take responsibilty when it starts to sound bad- oh wait that would mean it would have been turned of before I even got into the bus in the first place. Let me restate that- ATLEAST take responsiblity for when the DAMN SHANDS PAGING SYSTEM STARTS INTERFERING WITH YOUR RADIO!! (Note: I don't hate country that badly, it was really just a cheap joke :P).

Anyways that was weird as hell... so finally at my stop I got off the bus and grabbed my BUSTED ASS BIKE, and rode a little up hill to class. Oh yeah, to make matters worse, I was wearing:

  • Sandals with no socks
  • Cargo pants
  • T-shirt
  • Eddie Bauer long sleeve thermal

In this CRAZY COLD WEATHER!! ACKK!!... luckily I brought my Thermolite(TM) Gloves with me.. too bad I didn't bring my White(TM) Socks with me for my poor toes...

So anyways, I get finally pull into the spot I'm looking for next to my classroom in my bike, and this REALLY strange weird noise peirces the air... it is so strange that I cannot describe it with the 26 letters in the alphabet, so I will attempt to draw it here in all it's glory:

#00  @!@

Repeat that a few times at random intervals and you'll understand why I was like... WTF!-- Ok, so I wasn't like WTF.. it was more like, wow, I wonder what that would look like transcribed in textual form. Well, now I know the answer and so do you.

My ISM 4113 Class broke WAYYY early today... it was the last day of class... it gave me time to come here and write to you about my strange experience this morning. In Film Analysis class I get to be the only person who understands the backstory behind the movie we saw.. I wonder if people will ask me questions. My paper wasn't so coherent, it had to do with reality as random noise... which explains alot of this entry... anyways, I'll let y'all marinate on that one for a while, as Dre from Outkast might say... I'm feeling pretty peppy right now, mabye I won't go to sleep when I get home today after all :)

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Sunday, November 12, 2000

Jay for president
Anyways just thought I'd throw this one up for you Kevin Smith fans...
Dark Horizons - Film News & Rumors reports:"Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: It's now official according to Kevin Smith himself over at ViewAskew - the fifth and last film in the series now has the title "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". A release date of August 10th 2001 has been set with production scheduled to begin in Los Angeles in January. Thanks to 'Tommy'."

YES!... back to work
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Thursday, November 09, 2000

19,120 Note: Please see previous update

Ok... call me a psychic but the story I posted below became big news today... with a couple revelations:

  • The 3,407 votes for Buchanan in Palm Beach County accounted for 20% of the total vote for Buchanan in the state!
  • County officials said that 19,120 votes were not counted in the presidential part of the ballot due to the fact that more than one canidate was picked
  • Only 3,783 voters made the same mistake when it came to the Senate race- This part of the ballot was NOT split across the page like the presidential section. (Click here to see the senate part)

Now you'll note that all of the OTHER parts of the Palm Beach County ballot are NOT split across the page like the Presidential one. Now, Republicans will say that this ballot was on the books and approved by a democrat supervisor of elections-- but it was never tested in a vote by the people- and obviously this one got an F.

(New statistics taken from: this Washington Post article...)

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Wednesday, November 08, 2000

Important News
Ok.. this is the second time I've had to create this... damn web interfaces!
Ok, so as many of you know, its pretty tight down here in Florida... so tight that we're actually getting down to the nitty gritty-- and I have some nitty gritty for you!!

In Palm Beach County Florida, there has been some controversy over their ballot (click to see it)- This ballot works like a book. You insert a punch card under it, and open the book. A space in the middle allows you to punch a hole in your selection. The controversy is over people becomming confused, and accidentally voting for Buchanan instead of voting for Gore.

Now based on layout alone, a voter with poor eyesight like so many of those in Palm Beach County might:

  1. Correctly punch #5 for gore
  2. Ignore the right page (because you are just focusing on the Democrats and Republicans), and incorrectly assume that since Gore is the next canidate after Bush, that the next hole after Bush would be Gore's.-accidentally voting for Buchanan
  3. You attempt to vote for Gore, but due to the close proximity of the holes, vote for Buchanan instead

Now, I'm sure your just sitting there thinking, Hogwash!- But wait theres more!

Lets take a look at Florida's numbers:

Bush     2,909,154     48.8445246406658756365696336787416%
Gore     2,907,361     48.8144202760702873951027435267641%
Nader       96,701      1.62360410527494620083086703088526%
Browne      18,840     0.316322492460057149601902098860181%
Buchanan  17,326     0.290902521463001601592492344206555%
Phillips        4,278     0.00071827368510834633014699425632901%
Hagelin       2,287     0.0383985955549973832876618949094074%
Total         5,955,947    100% (I swear!)

Allright... to note: Bush is beating gore by 1,793 votes. Buchanan has .29% of the vote in the state.

Lets look at Palm Beach County:

Palm Beach
 George W. Bush & Dick Cheney            152846    35.36%
 Al Gore & Joe Lieberman                 268945    62.21%
 Harry Browne & Art Olivier                 743     0.17%
 Ralph Nader & Winona LaDuke               5564     1.29%
 James Harris & Margaret Trowe               45     0.01%
 John Hagelin & Nat Goldhaber               143     0.03%
 Pat Buchanan & Ezola Foster               3407     0.79%
 David McReynolds & Mary Cal Hollis         302     0.07%
 Howard Phillips J. Curtis Frazier          188     0.04%
 Monica Moorehead & Gloria La Riva          103     0.02%

Here we see a different story, Gore beating Bush by almost 2 to 1. Palm Beach is considered a more democrat leaning county. But lets look at that Buchanan number.. .79%

  • Florida Buchanan .29%
  • Palm Beach Buchanan .79%
  • Florida Gore/Bush neck and neck
  • Palm Beach Gore beats bush 2 to 1

OBVIOUSLY in Palm Beach the percentage should have been LOWER than the STATE because Palm Beach is is a more democrat-leaning county! BUT ITS NOT!

If we assume that Palm Beach County would have voted *at least* the same way as the state did with Buchanan (b/c we know that Palm Beach County is more democrat-leaning than the state this is a conservative assumption), then if 0.29% the 432,286 people who voted in the general election for president in Palm Beach County really meant to vote for Pat Buchanan than only 1,253 people meant to vote for Pat Buchanan, and the other 2,154 people meant to vote for Gore!!!!-- This would overcome the current 1,793 deficit that Bush holds and therefore Gore would have won the election.

Kinda funny how it comes down to the way one county layed out their ballot now, isn't it?


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"Folks, I can say with a very fine definition now, that we won't know whose going to be president until the deep hours of the morning, and I wouldn't be suprised if come the evening news we won't know who the next president will be"

WOOOHOOO!!! It just got even CRAZIER! Everyone just took back their prediction that Bush had won. According to the state of florida, "It could be as early as 9am before we officially start a recount. That could take 12 hours. We may not know until 9pm who won florida" and who won the presidency.

I swear to god. If they make me stay up all night again I'm gonna go crazy!! :)

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Bush Wins
So... I stayed up all night to see this... was it worth it? Hellll yeah.. it was damn fun... what a crazzzzzy night. One things for sure, Nader pretty much stole the thunder outta Gore's numbers in a few key states. Kinda interesting. Winning Florida was hugeeee... what can one say- Florida is just that bad ass :). Ahh well... now I have to fight myself as to whether or not I want to watch Bush's speech... anyways.. goodnight y'all :)
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And it all came down to Florida
I can't believe it... I'm staying up for this....

Bush: 246, Gore: 249...

With 270 to win it, only FLORIDA REMAINS (OR and WI are too, but they are neglible b/c of Florida!)


It felt good to have voted in this most important state... Watching CBS really has made my night.. Dan Rather is such the bomb- he just got into a crazy frenzy when Iowa went to Gore... people were trying to get him to go to Ed Bradley, and finally he was just like "sjkdflksdjaflkdslkfjbradley- bradley, ed bradley.... " and somehow Ed Bradley got a word in edgewise to save Dan before he just plain out gave up.. he was on the verge of figuring out that FLORIDA IS NOW THE MAIN STATE!.

But then he did, and was so excited :). I gotta give CBS mad props, this is some serious stuff... anyways... its like.. soooo down to like, 30,000 votes in Florida.. with like, 200,000+ yet to be counted, plus upwards of 30,000 overseas absentee ballots that will be counted in the comming days (they had to be postmarked by today). So...

There better be a winner by MORE THAN 30,000 VOTES TONIGHT OR ELSE I'M GONNA GO CRAZY!!!!

Ok.. *sigh*.

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Its 1:15, and I dont' know who the president is yet!
Thats sooooooo lame!!! I think the biggest catastrophe of this election was when the networks called Florida early for Gore, and then had to retract it due to some questionable stuff in the exit polls... like- WHO SCREWED THAT ONE UP!!! We woulda knowwwn soooo long ago who was the winner if it wasn't for that.. currently as I write this, Bush could win it if he had Florida, and Gore could win it with Florida+1 state. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Walter's Weblog seal of approval for the best news coverage of the 2000 Presidential election goes to CBS! They did suchhh a good job, and had the projections done correctly WAY before anyone else. (Note: I don't get CNN!). Dan Rather is the man, he just said "This election is as tight as the bolts on a rusted 57 chevy," heh. He's been throwing out all this great dialogue... I just don't know... grtz.




!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME MY RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FRICKING WRITE THIS(not actual words used :P) Dan Rather who is the damn man, just said Florida is as close as 30,000....

AIEE!!!!!!!!!! Where's drudgereport!?, its been down all day... probably competely hammered by the net... geez allright.. now I'm just shifting my torture over to you guys :)... here's a fun animation I made for my Web Page Design class :).

Thats it.. I'm going to bed!

NOTE: I just realized that this entry 's multiple !!!!!!!'s that followed my ARGH without a space kinda puts a kink into existing templates and designs I might have for the blog... of course I just realized this, what... over 2 years later?.. interesting that both posts took place at this time of night though.. speaking of which.... its sleep time! -W 2/12/2003 2:17Am

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Tuesday, November 07, 2000

Registration, Election, Cat Planet [Updated]
Ahhh.. "The time has come!" the walrus said, "To think of many things: of registration, ISM4330, QMB4701, CGS2414 and ENG1131! And while ISIS is boiling hot, and whether you got ISM4220 or not, you'll still be able to petition the college! Like cabbages and kings!!"
Uhm. Ok so its 8:19 in the morning and I already voted 2 or 3 weeks ago, all I have to do now is make cat planet (you'll see :P)
UPDATE:I got ISM4220 baby!!
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Sunday, November 05, 2000

So....the great debate rages on- do I watch the X-Files, or do I study? Certainly the first season premiere in a long time would suggest that I drop my books for an hour, sit back and relax to a calming(?) final season premier of the great X-Files...some of Jon's friends got stuck 20 minutes north of here on their way back from Tennessee and tried to raise him to rescue them... Jon was on his way to work, what follows is a transcript from my point of view [Jon's point of view follows] (Bear in mind that he says he didn't know they were asking for help):
Jon: Hello?
J: Oh wow, hey... yadda yadda..
Me:TOUCHDOWN!! [Watching bucs game]
J: Hey Walter, are you gonna be around today?
M: I'm not going anywhere today... so yeah
J: Yeah cos I gotta go to work, but my friends are like, nearby and they wanna come chill..
M: Uhm... oh kay but you know I need to study I'm not really like, able to entertain or anything...
J: Yeah dood, hey come talk to Aaron on the phone..
M: Dood, in a bit...
J: ... (goes back to talking on the phone)
M: Ohhh shit! Interception!!!!
J: Walter dood, come talk to Aaron!
M: Dood!!! I'm watching the fricking(not actual word used) game dood!! I'll chat with him when the commercials come on..
J: No seriously dood you need to come on talk to him now..
M: Ohhh ... ok dag nabit (not actual words used)
M: Hello?
A: Hey Walter whatsup man... we're broke down on the interstate and we were wondering if you couldn't pick us up and get us off of the side of the road..
J: Ok Walter, I'm on my way to work, see ya..
M: I'll be there, I'm bringing a tow truck...
CLICK (not actual sound made)
M: Jon, you're an evil person (not actual words used)

So as you can see... I had a fun day rescueing some cool people that I went to high school with... but now I need to study.. and watch this really... uhm.... lame? documentary... so hopefully between those 2 things and the X-Files I'll accomplish something...

...Here's hoping (not actual words used)

UPDATE:Yeah, I talked to Jon... it turns out that his friend Aaron (who was broke down) first asked him what he was doing and tried to see if he was available to help him- and then simply didn't ask him when he found out that my brother was leaving and then asked to talk to me to ask me personally if I could come pick him up so he didn't have to wait by the car until his friends parents came up from Tampa to pick him up... ahh, "the X-File" has been eXplained. :P

X-File #43313 closed...

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Thursday, November 02, 2000

New Logo :)
Ok I'm such a sucker for photoshop I had to do it.. I don't know how long it will last up here.. but in the spirit of "lets redesign the site for fun" I came up with this logo (amongst other things- look at toolbar)... I dunno if its gonna stay up for long so you better print your t-shirts now while you can still get it... I dunno, I really like it... it just looks too fly for words (atleast at 1024x768).. I bet at 800x600 it looks ugly (switching) OMG... ok time to fix the code.. *sigh*.. the things I do for y'all... ! :)
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