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Friday, February 16, 2001

Second time...
Ok ok.. so I just wrote a beautiful entry ranting and raving about how beautiful it is outside today and how it just keeps getting more and more beautiful. Today is also the first day I have felt 100% nonsick since about...... Decemember!

Helll yeahhhhhhhh!!!

Just wanted to write to you to share this funny web page, in case they take it down you can see the screen shot here-- look at the bottom of the page.. heheh.. and for the lazy, here is the version from NTK:

             Q: Will the virus impact my Macintosh if I am using a
                non-Microsoft e-mail program, such as Eudora?

             A: If you are using a Macintosh e-mail program that is not
                from Microsoft, we recommend checking with that particular
                company.  But most likely other e-mail programs like Eudora
                are not designed to enable virus replication. client not spreading viruses properly? Upgrade to Outlook today!
bwhahhahahha!! Microsoft is sooooo lame... heh.. I met the other Walter today.. he's pretty cool actually :).. He's a DIS major, like me, he's graduating this summer, like me, he's initials are WBD, mine are WCE (one letter ahead)... the list goes on and on... as soon as I find out that he's born in May though I'm gonna freak! :).. or not.. oh well.. its a funny coincidence, but I mean, its not tooo crazy I mean.

How many people do you know who work at the same place you do, with the same major you have, graduating at the same time you are, with initials just one letter off from yours?

Hrm.. anyways I'm gonna go run now before I accidentally delete this entry again.. :P

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Thursday, February 15, 2001

Ok.. you know those seven signs of the apocolypse thingies or whatever they are and stuff, well I was reading about them and I'm pretty sure this is one of them...

That's right.. there is now a Walter D. working for CIRCA.. they've replaced me before I've even left!!


Anyways... pretty excited about everything... kinda working on finding a job, putting my powerpoint presentations together for work/etc...Trying to stay unsick... :). My exroomate Catherine has an orchestral performance tonight that I'm gonna go checkout, then I'm gonna pop on over to "Karma" with some friends to checkout that nightspot in Gville... must avoid spending monnneeyyyyy!! :P

Allright.. that's it for now.. just wanted to share that disturbing jpeg with y'all :)

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