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Saturday, February 22, 2003

A few good nights
Yep I've failed a few nights, done good on others.. I think I'm doing good for now, I'm being strict on myself.

Its 6:45PM and I've cleaned out the gutters and put gutter leaf gaurds up-- just got one more I need to tuck in... but I still feel like I haven't gotten much done, ate a bunch of donuts, beat Unreal 2, played around on the "backup shack server", tried to watch Eraserhead (But my copy is not wide screen, therefore I must get a DVD), watched some more of the Ronnie Dobbs Movie and some Aqua Teen Hunger Force (by far the most entertaining thing besides beating Unreal 2 I've done all day).

Yay. At some point I'll add the OMFG CLICK HERE TO ADD COMMENTS link. I think I'll make it say that too. Damnit.

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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Valentines Day...
Argh.. Tara wants to pop black heads out of my nose. I don't want her to do it, but I let her-- conditionally! Basically I want the ability to say "No" and have her drop it right then and there if I say "yes" without a fight every now and then.

It's not that I like to say no, its more like... doing that to my nose can be PAINFUL.. when I say "Yes" I typically give her a few chances to do it without hurting me.. "Ok 2 hurts" and then if it hurts too much for me twice then its over, even if she didn't get to pop the blackhead.

Yes, this is disgusting.. but whatever, its life and biology and shit.. yay.

11:07PM and I still need to shave. Everything else looks good for a second day in a row of meeting my goals. I had a bit of Sprite with my McDonald's meal but thats a consequence of going to McDonalds... I need to pay my bills and remember that I am getting up at 7am to go downtown and file for a homestead exemption.. I have no idea why they make you physically go to the Property Appraisers office to do this but whatever, its worth it!

Goodnight for now.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I am the mole.
Wow it was Fredirique! I guess we should all expect more from women named Fred.

In other news, I had a very succesful day on my project. This is 1 day down, 29 more to go and then I get some NEW MEMORY for the computer! Yay.

Helped Chris troubleshoot his go program and got Tara a big mac at McDonalds as a late night snack. Gotta go! Goodnight!

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For some reason I decided to start this again.. my brother kept talking about wanting to start one, so I hope this inspires him.

Walter's Weblog v2.0 WITH COMMENTING. (commenting coming soon).

I have a few places to checkout before I'm done: Woohoo! Just a few little tweaks (bring the old logo back and put it at the top) and we'll be back up and running.

I originally started a new blog up on Crimson Blog then upon searching for remote comment systems noticed that the Blogger people had created blogspace and I could use my old blogger interface again! Woohoo! In any case, here's the 2 entries that you missed:
Monday, February 10, 2003

This is it. The beginning.

It is happening. Again. It is happening. Again. (sound of record skipping)

posted by celerityfm - 6:14 pm


Wednesday, February 12, 2003 If you are reading this you know that it is too late for me to be writing this because I am on a quest..


I'm talking about meeting some goals:
  • Not getting "stuck on the computer" past midnight on weeknights
  • Not drinking sodas at work or at home (trying to heal my sensitive teeth)
  • Shaving every day
  • Trying to cut down on picking my face and my nose around Tara / in public
I currently sit here on the computer at 1:17am with a 4 or 5 day old beard and the idea of drinking a soda sounds great, even though that would require me driving to a 24 hour walgreens 5 minutes up the road. Oh and putting on clothes. But I bet they'd understand.

Ok goodnight. Man I'm going to have to get used to pressing the enter key only once to go between lines. Oh and this Crimson thing kicks so much ass. I hope my brother starts up a blog soon so I can link to his. Wish I could have comments for each entry like on livejournal-- but oh well, this will do.

Goodnight for real! (DAMNIT hit enter twice AGAIN).

posted by celerityfm - 1:14 am
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