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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Back and forth..
My brothers weblog has a cool post on it that I wanted to respond to in his comments for his post but the comment was too long, its limited to 400 characters (It's BackBlog's fault).

So I'm posting it here. Yep.

#1 and #2.. I must say that Iraq started the war when they invaded Kuwait... after they invaded Kuwait there was a strict set of standards put in place to keep them from becoming militarily able to do the same again, since then they've failed to meet those standards and we have attacked them in response with tomahawk cruise missiles (under Clinton), they still haven't met the standards in the 12 years since the "gulf war" and Bush is basically saying is it going to take another 12 years to get them to finally change their ways or should we just go in there and do it for them? How many people will die by Saddams hands before he decides to stop attacking his own people, not to mention he is a hostile regime and certainly is capable if not has aided terrorists against us. Those are pretty strong reasons I think..

#3- Great point, this is by far the best thing I've seen brought up about the way Bush has handled things.

#4- Yeah Jeb is pretty much an asshole when it comes to education, remember the whole "I've got devious plans" thing regarding what he would do to schools if the class size amendment passed? He has a BAD attitude about the voters and taxes and schools and he needs to get in check. His school choice program and the FCAT haven't done SHIT to help schools, I would say they are no better off then they were before he was elected and its a shame he was reelected-- the passing of the class size amendment is a testament to how bad schools are and the way he is doing things is fucked. Tara's school teacher experience has taught us thus: The Parents are the #1 problem-- their attitude about Schools as a "glorified day care" for their children ruins good kids opportunities to learn and creates an environment where classrooms turn to shit, size of the class doesn't matter if the kids are kicking each others asses and interrupting the teacher, throwing away homework/etc-- if the parents stepped in and straightened their kids up, blammo- you've got a better classroom. Of course, the parents can't take care of their kids because they have to work 10 jobs because the man is keeping them down.. etc.

Otherwise good job... I would rather not put any american and Iraqi lives at risk to end Saddam's reign, but he has to go, its been too long and he is too much of a risk all around to everyone to let it go on... I still don't understand why it takes so much manpower on our part-- we have robots and shit, just send em in there and tear it up!

OHHhhh.. and ieSpell OWNS YOU. Perfect spell checker for this kinda thing.. you can just right click ur post and choose check spelling and its done and you don't look like a fewl! heh.

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