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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

10:55:00 PM Vanatta
Here's a toy for you to play with-- the Smoking Gun 2003 legal document of the year -- a very interesting primer on the "f word" in legal terms!

Goatse in the skyyy with diamonds... Goatse in the sky...

This website ends really interestingly find the easter eggs

Finally a rational explanation for all the Iraq craziness

A Dog eating catfish??

This 7 year old sounds like me, probably reacting badly to the loch ness monster being disproved and finally malinator, for all your spam needs -- go ahead and try it - I'm only going to put this email here and see if any spam comes my way :)


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4:28:00 PM The Nothing
[14:48:37] isaak: dood wtf cafeinated soap
[14:48:51] isaak: that just sounds retarded
[14:48:52] walter: woah!
[14:48:55] walter: sounds delicious!
[14:48:58] isaak: (Link:
[14:49:47] walter: I will eat some of it after I finish this delicious gourmet limestone rock!
[14:49:50] walter: Mmmm
[14:49:56] isaak: hah
[14:50:08] walter: (the rock eater continues to chew and munch on the limestone rocks.. pieces begin to fall on the snail man and bat dood)
[14:50:19] walter: Bat Dude: WTF your rocks are falling on my bat!
[14:50:30] isaak: hahahah
[14:50:31] walter: Snail Man: Yeah, rocks have nothing to do with snails!
[14:50:39] isaak: falcor!
[14:50:39] walter: Rock Biter: The Nothing!
[14:51:13] walter: (the rock biters toungue is extending to pronounce the TH in the word nothing SO MUCH that it extends far enough to consume batman and robin and everyone else in the scene.)
[14:51:18] walter: Rock Biter: OMG first post!
[14:51:20] walter: the end.
[14:51:30] isaak: hahah
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Monday, July 28, 2003

Some of the examples listed on the agency's Web site include the assassination of Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat and a missile attack by North Korea. Bidders would profit if the events for which they hold futures occur. Which website? this website -- yeah the one that looks retro even though it was made this year? Yeah. That one.

Damn this is like the Hollywood Stock Exchange on crack or something, wtf! Oh well... what a crazzyyy idea.. funded by tax dollars and stuff.. Hoorah.

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First off, an interesting webpge- Physics inside a Microwave Oven. - where they do things like, put an unopened package of pop-tarts inside a microwave oven, induce plasma balls with peeled grapes(!) and other such insanity. Cool stuff. Don't try this at home.

Next up, we have the incredible Operation Slaps slaps game webpage! I hated slaps so much, but wow this game is fun to play. Mabye I'll play it with a friend and actually enjoy myself for once.. my hands hurt just thinking about it :).

And now, to quote the great Pete Abrams: And thats it. I'm going back to bed.

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Sunday, July 27, 2003

Gotta love this pic of Bush busting out a sharpee and marking up an American flag.. what does he do with it you ask? I think he wrote in the white stripes portion of the flag something like "PWNED!" over and over again.
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Saturday, July 26, 2003

One more thing before we roll the clock over to "sunday" - check out this map of gravity on earth... how cool is that eh?
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Another one for you-- this guy developed a barcode reader that acts as a geiger counter, going off when the barcode is associated with a company that has a bad environmental record or bad corporate ethics-- theycame up with the numbers by correlating several online bardcode databases with a pollution database and a corporate ethics database. Some very cool stuff there.
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This is bad ass, Mailinator- Its like flicking a booger -- at spam. Basically just makeup an address and then any messages sent to it will automatically start being accepted and you can check it by simply typing in your madeup username. Just be sure to pick something unique or else you might not be able to get that confirmation code to post on your cheeky forums that you've been lurking in for a while now.

Yeah.... ...

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6:16:00 PM Fishy
Man.. nothing can sum up this wonderful game I was just playing like this quote does: "I love fishy, it's more addictive then smoking." - I got 12,156 points can you do better?

Comedy Gold of the day- I made a parody of this ad. You can view my post about it here. Goodnight.

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Friday, July 25, 2003

8:00:00 PM GeoURL
Added a fun little new button to the left in the toolbar... click it and see if you can determine what its doing.

First, this story where County elections officials brush aside any comparisons to Florida, "Fly Boy" (poor thing) continues to suffer so strange, so sad :( - and finally an interesting article about Bush and how he is doing things not so along the "conservative ideals" party line or whatever.

I like that the author points out that the Bush used the United Nations to justify a war, despite the fact that one of the tenants of American Conservativism is "Preserve U.S. sovereignty and freedom of action by marginalizing the United Nations." This just shows you Bush will use whatever it takes to get what he wants done, even if it means being a hypocrite. The article goes on to point out many other strange occurances that aren't in line with American Conservatism. I was particularly suprised that they suggested that Bush approved of the Supreme Court decision upholding racial preferences. I'd like to see the references for that.

Ahh well.

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Saturday, July 19, 2003


This just in-- this outfit called Judicial Watch has finally recovered documents they requested in April of 2001-- these documents from March of 2001 contain a map of Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals, as well as 2 charts detailing Iraqi oil and gas projects, and “Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.”

Put this together with the back-peddling statements of the bush administration regarding the original intentions of the war... "For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction (as justification for invading Iraq) because it was the one reason everyone could agree on."

And the ridiculous amount of evidence pointing to lies about evidence concerning the WMD issue, multiplied by the most recent Uranium Flap coupled with the mysterious death of a key figure in the whole thing plus-

No WMD has been found! All of this adds up to what.. to what? Some fucking bullshit is what: Many months before September 11th, in fact, just a few months after Bush was sworn in as President, papers were drafted concerning Iraq's oil fields and what to do with them.. Bush and Cheney, bastard children of the oil industry, wring their hands over possible ways to get at these beautiful oil reserves.. oil reserves of which campaign dollars from 2000 were given by oil companies to get and won't be there in 2004 if the children don't fulfill their promises. But what would it be? How could they invade Iraq? Surely they needed a strong enough reason to garner support for such an action... but what to do, what to do...

Then September 11th happened, and on the same day Bush and Cheney began planning the invasion of Iraq-- there is evidence and admissions of this such thing although the news is so old I can't find it readily on google. But first they needed to conquer Afghanistan in order to serve a direct response before the more confusing, "preemptive, indirect" response of Iraq.

But when they turned their sights on Iraq, they found resistance, so they decided "For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction (as justification for invading Iraq) because it was the one reason everyone could agree on." They decided on WMD because they knew that the people would support them. But, their just wasn't enough evidence, so they pressured the CIA, they pressured the British, they pressured everyone to find something, anything.. even if it meant stretching the truth-- or... forging documents... to be able to build a case to be able to invade Iraq and fulfill the plans that they made in March 2001. And they did. And now this war has eclipsed the death toll of the 1991 Gulf War. More soldiers have been killed in this war then in the last battle of Iraq. They continue to be attacked even today.

I'm glad we liberated the people of Iraq... they needed new leadership.. Saddam had to go no doubt. But please.. don't lie to us about the reasons... Clinton lied about having sexual relations with Monica... this is much worse.

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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Had a great party at Malio's steak house tonight for our friend and coworker Amanda-- who is going away to law school in California.

Sorry to report that our cohorts Jen and Audrey will not be joining us at the office.. but its for the best I'm sure-- there is something better for them out there I'm sure of it.

Metallica... what the hell. SUING over the use of the E and F chords, "people have grown to associate E, F with our music," Lars Ulrich was quoted as saying.. I'm listening to Unfaith's newest song, "Let Me Become Me," featured on their website (, wtf? no .com??) ... and I can't see how anyone would mistake this shit for metallica.. wtf?

Ahh well. To offset that lameness, take a look at this bad ass site, TooL making crows -- thats right, Tools have advanced and are now modifying crows in order to help get their food. err... yeah... Crows... tools.. you know what I mean. Just watch the damn movie and be amazed.

I swear to god I made this up before they did.. although my version was "people bingo"- but it still very fun to play, especially at malls. To offse this, we have this wonderful story. I wonder how the install an AC unit in a tent exactly.. hmmmmm.

And now.. your moment of zen.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

As a followup to my last post, this is a good read.
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When George W. Bush ran for president, one of his big selling points was responsibility. Americans were tired of Bill Clinton's fudges and legalisms. They were tired of hearing that the latest falsehood was part of a larger truth, or that it was OK because the president had attributed it to somebody else, or that the country should "move on." Bush promised to end all that. He promised an "era of responsibility" in which leaders and citizens would no longer "blame somebody else."

Why isn't he doing it now? What? With what?-- with the whole UraniumGate thing. Here - First they say its the CIA's fault, then they say its the state of the union speechwriters' fault, then they say well.. britain said it so it must have been ok, then they say its part of a larger truth, now they are saying "its time to move on."

I don't think so. This article does quite a nice job explaining why things are all farked up. If Bush had just said "ok, this was a mistake" then we would have forgotten about it long ago-- instead of denying and denying, denying and denying and having those denials torn to shreds and have more denials to refute the refuting of the original denials and then THOSE get torn apart and suddenly all we are doing is talking about the latest denial and refuting of that denial and we don't even know what we were talking about in the first place which was that we had some faulty intelligence that was used as a part of a program to rally the country behind the war-- the question being why did this happen?

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Monday, July 14, 2003

Remember yesterday.. or.. last blogday or whatever, where I talked about Authoritarians and everything and how Bush is an authoritarian and everything right? Well. Then I see this today and I have a pitt in my stomach because of it:

This story may scare you ... I can only hope that the title of the story suggests that he is only trying to be extreme to make a point.

I mean.. theres no way this could go on, could it? Elections have to be held.. constants are what keeps things from breaking-- if say the laws of physics, which are held constant, were to stop operating for a second, we'd fly apart and dissapate into a million pieces for fun or, turn into a sandwhich mabye. But as I sit here swishing my flouride perscribed mouthwash for sensitive teeth I swear that I hope to never see the day of cancelled, or 'postponed' elections.

Damnit last years were so freaky.. could this spell the beginning of the end for the USA as we know it? Was 1984 really supposed to be 2004?

I'll write about any dreams related to this tommorow. Hopefully I'll only have the good kinds tonight.

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Friday, July 11, 2003

3:06:00 AM Concellation prize.
Well. As a concellation prize for the serious entry below, here is a non-serious... "funny" entry.

The RIAA's new music video "Sue All The World" sung to the tune of We Are The World.

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Yep. Watched The Breakfast Club at this cute little thing where they have outdoor movies every Thursday night. That was fun, we brought one of our dogs and hope to bring them both next time.

Everyone is required to watch these music videos and critiques.

CBS news reports Bush "knew Iraq info was false." Hmmm.

Its time for some political banter on this weblog, its not enough to just post witty comments, its time for me to explain something here:

Republicans. They are trying to have their cake and eat it too. First before you read this, take the political compass test - it will hopefully help you understand where you stand, left wing, right wing, etc. But before I go on, I must express the idea of politics in 2 dimensions, not just left and right but up and down as well and there is even politics in 3 dimensions - please check out that link for a better primer on the whole left, right, up, down thing too. But I'm gonna try to explain it as best as I can.

That political test you took right? Did you take it? Good. The test puts you on a graph where the horizontal axis represents where you fit on the "liberal / conservative spectrum" and the vertical axis represents where you fit on the "libertarian/authoritarian" spectrum with libertarian on the south end of the graph and conservative on the east end of the graph. Bear in mind, that people flip the top and bottom (libertarian/authoritarian) all the time while leaving the left and the right well.. left and right!

My score was dead center between liberal and conservative and just about half way south towards libertarian. My wife's score was also towards the libertarian (about half way between mine and "center" but she was a third of the way towards the conservative side of the graph.

A word about what this means. The defining difference between liberals and conservatives is change. "Liberal" could be redefined as supporting new progress, while "conservative" means someone who opposed change, and those who want to change things yet only back to the way they were instead of supporting progressive change are reactionaries, left or right depending on circumstance.

Now one could probably define their entire political ideal around this idea. But there comes the idea of the top and bottom areas, politics in two dimensions-- libertarian and authoritarian. The extreme libertarian is anarchy, no rules, nothing nada your free do whatever seeya later. The extreme authoritarian is the opposite-- 1984 but more extreme, everything down to the last is under control of the government.

When you put these all together we being to use the graph to express how we feel about control over your PERSONAL BEHAVIOR/ matters that could not be measured in dollars versus matters that COULD be measured in dollars. Thus left and right / liberal/conservative have been connected to decisions having to do with MONEY while libertarian/authoritarian have to do with decisions having to do with PERSONAL BEHAVIOR.

Now. Thinking that, I'm in the middle when it comes to monetary freedom-- I think there should be taxes, and I think businesses should be regulated on some level, but I think there should be restrictions on all of this, as there is now.

The one thing I am not in the middle on is personal behavior regulation-- I am for more personal freedom and less governmental intervention.

Tara on the other hand, feels that monetarily there should be more freedom, but she does feel that there should be some kind of rules regarding monetary issues, which is why she is closer to the middle.

But, like me, she is south on the chart, she wants there to be more personal freedom then centrists would want.

Now comes the challenge. There are really only 2 political parties in the united states, mostly due to our "Majority/Plurality" political system, see this site for more details. Anyways we have the Democrats, who tend to better represent liberal interests, and Republicans who tend to represent conservative interests.

Here is the major problem here: We are only given 2 parties to choose from, but we have politics in 2 and even 3 dimensions.

So this means 1 party is going to have to represent alot of things! Lets take a look at the graph again- On the 2 dimensional graph, George Bush falls in the upper right area, he is Conservative monetarily and he is more Authoritarian! If you took the political compass test the show you a graph and where he and others fall on it. He is as far up towards Authoritarian as I am down towards Libertarian. This is why I cannot vote for George Bush. But what about Tara? She's closer to George when it comes to the conservative side, but she is almost opposite of him when it comes to Authoritarian/Libertarian. Is she going to vote for him in 2004? Who knows, but I'm willing to bet she probably will.

Why? Well, first theres the democrats and the whole liberal stigma that goes along with that. They want to tax, some want to socialize things, fear of giving too many rights to people and they'll be suing companies out of existence, affirmative action type regulations on businesses, etc. They are simply too far left for her right leaning opinions. For me, I'm centrist so I could go either way. But here is the key for me: Republicans want to have their cake and eat it too- they stand for moral authority over things, they want to restrict personal rights while giving more monetary rights. Who does this benefit the most? Businesses. They don't have personal rights because they are, well, businesses! Corporations don't have any rights by law, so there is nothing to restrict-- they only live monetarily so they want to support people who will restrict their monetary rights the least. Businesses don't vote, however, so they have to spend money to get people to vote for them- and since businesses tend to be more monetarily empowered then the individual, their candidates tend to get more monetary assistance then the others.

So your stuck with the lesser of two evils... is it the democrats who want to regulate businesses more but at the same time protect personal liberties to a fault? Or is it the Republicans who tend to want to apply laissez faire economics to businesses and people but at the same time restrict personal liberties TO THEIR LIKING. Its not an across the board personal liberties restriction, its what businesses want to restrict: caps on lawsuits, not letting people reverse engineer technologies, extreme changes to copyright law (DMCA, etc), what religion wants to restrict: sodomy, abortion, gay rights/marriage, etc., and finally what the justice department wants to restrict: freedom to encrypt data, restrictions on personal liberties like the PATRIOT ACT, etc.

My question is, if you are a conservative monetarily, but want the government to take a hike when it comes to what goes on in your personal life, what do you do? Do you vote for the Libertarian party and just hope that they maybe get a seat or something? Do you vote for republicans and hope that they don't pass more stuff like the PATRIOT ACT, DMCA, etc? Or do you vote for the democrats and get taxed more, see more unfair programs enacted and companies possibly go out of business due to frivolous lawsuits among other things, yet retain personal freedom?

I don't know. But. I'll be fucking damned if I ever vote for an authoritarian republican like Bush. Having their cake and eating it too at the expense of my personal freedom, can kiss my ass. So now we learn that Bush has deceived us in trying to go to war against Iraq? Am I upset about this.. sortof.. was Iraq a problem that needed fixing, definitely. Do I hope that this will help oust Bush from office in 2004? Definitely.

Please comment. :)

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

9:15:00 PM McWireless
This Article makes me want to get an extra value meal super sized so badly! Heh. 802.11b with your 50gs of cholesterol. WOOT.
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Uhm holy crap... heh I wonder if it looks like that in the movie too?
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Sunday, July 06, 2003

1:08:00 AM Matchstick Rockets
Hmm.. do you think that these actually work? It seems like a bad ass concept, and I'd like to try it sometime. Heh.

Also... buy one of these for your perpetually single friend, they will think you are the greatest!

Tommorow I see T3. WOOT! I picked up the official "prequel" comic book, the first issue and read it today-- man thats cool shit, reminds me of the old Terminator Comics - although I'm not sure if the ones it that link are the ones I'm thinking of. I just remember they delved heavily into the future portion of the terminator universe-- the part that interested me the most. Man those were cool. Fortunately the T3 prequel book is set in the future as well. So many Matrix connections here. Ahh well.

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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Here is a website that talks about a book that discusses what life might be like in the year 2000-- in 1950. Is it realistic? Hmm I don't think so.

Yeah. Working on The Ball 2: Reloaded.. but my computer keeps crashing. I think my memory isn't happy :(

I dunno. Ahh well.. I'm totally digging this 3 day weekend though.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

9:31:00 PM Squabble
Heh.. listening to this funny mp3 recording of an interview with some characters from the shack.

I found a better browser then MyIE2!! Its called Avant Browser and it owns beyond all ownage other browsers. Just download it, its freeeeeee.

No more Sidewinder Products from Microsoft :(. I love my Sidewinder 3d Pro Plus joystick (aka Sidewinder Precision Pro without USB) and Sidewinder Gamepad. I really don't know what else I would have purchased. Oh well-- hopefully they will sell it off to Logitech and they can merge and have beautiful joystick and gamepad babies. Yeah.

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