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Sunday, August 31, 2003

I'm sure this happens on blogdex often and the great people or person that brings it to us has to deal with this-- but... this site is abusing blogdex and other blog link indexes!!

Someone is trying to promote this site by putting links to it in the comments section of weblogs, not with the readers of the actual comments, but with search engines and sites like blogdex that index the links to other sites, just take a look at this comment as an example, here are some of the other victims. My site will probably show up on there too for linking to their site... if they haven't already posted a bogus spam-comment.

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Saturday, August 30, 2003

I love this video :) Its obvioulsy not for kids, but its cute though :)

If you want kidsafe, then try this fun little right-brain exercise.

I like this ranking the lie telling of presidents - George W. Bush is the winner heh. They selected the top 6 lies for the last 4 presidents.... I guess which 6 are subjective and perhaps that makes it even more subjective then it already is. Oh well its still interesting.

The LAN party went well, man I had a blast.. Mario Sunshine is awesome and so is SVENCOOP. Come good stuff right there!!

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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

11:40:00 PM Mars tonight?
Played some Gunbound with baron and pizaak recently, man that game is fun! Hope to get some good mulitplayer action soon in it.

Even if you buy it online artists still get screwed :( -- doh!@!

Turns out bush autographing the US flag was not illegal after all.. and not in a president-is-above-the-law way either

Ok... the gazillion times I've been to disney world, they didn't have this!? come on man! Thats pretty slick.. how long till we get Trex's?!

This is pretty funny heh.

Important stuff here - this website has saved many of the broadcasts that happened during september 11th-- I just rewatched the same video I was watching when the second plane hit... I remember being so confused, and when I realized that the plane we saw enter the picture actually hit the second tower I knew we were under attack. Never forget.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

You know you're in the future when parallel parking can occur automatically, and I'm not talking about this kind of parallel parking either.

You know you're in the future when it only costs $15.50 to get corporate secrets

You know you're in the future when there is a .XXX domain

You know you're in the future when gay myths are finally dispelled

And finally, you really know you're in the future when you can buy the Anna Kournikova Molded Multiway Sports Bra from! Just look how excited CEO Jeff Bezos is about this! Hooray beer!


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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Thursday, August 21, 2003

And neither am I. My good friend Teachergirl has setup herself a rant machine - click it here for great justice!
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8:51:00 PM Oh yeah.
I see you. I see all of you! On my instant messenger when you come and visit me.. Please comment, why are you here? Are you just checking me out cos my blog showed up in a latest updated blog list? Are you a long time reader? Or is the blogtraffic bot that I mentioned in a previous post just making up IPs and IMing me :)

If I see any traffic after this post from the blogtraffic monitor I'm going to hope that when I return here I see a comment from someone :) Gonna take out the garbage now, see who has posted when I come back.

Tag-- your it!

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So I think I'm going to get one of these - so I can test myself to see if I'm safe to drive yet... its the best thing since sliced bread... I don't want to drive if I'm over the legal limit, and I don't want to have to guess so this is the only true way to go. Well, except just not to drink when I'm going to be driving later. Hmm.

I'm sorry but I think this picture is just too cute! The poor guy tries so hard, you can tell that he's a nice guy and that he is trying to show that he does love everyone. I think the man has a good heart, but I would love to see someone who can take the office and rise above the political fray and actually *get stuff done* without playing politics. Perhaps Bush can do it, I dunno.. One thing that scares me about Bush is the religious aspect of the guy, I don't to see mandatory prayer in schools, ten commandments on the walls type of stuff-- religion has a place, but the government's job is not to put it there for us. I abhor this above all other things I think.. I resent the idea in fact. I feel like one of the pink dudes running around trying to escape the grey dudes.

Watch this for a while - this is how I feel right now.. trying to evolve, but in the end I find myself stuck in a loop.. on your screen with your mouse clicking my links. Fucker stop doing it! DON'T CLICK HERE did you? DID YOU?! I FUCKING TOLD YOU NOT TO NOW STOP CLICKING MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Yeah. Sorry if you clicked that link. But I told you not to, now I've goatse'd you.


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A wonderful article on political theory that I think is a step in the right direction here at my favoritly titled website Eject! Eject! Eject!
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1:23:00 AM Freddy vs Jason 2
Well.. guess what... Dark Horizons Reports:
Freddy vs. Jason 2: Well one rumour has been shot down before it even began. Last week the first fanboy talk sprung up about "Evil Dead" hero Ash appearing in a potential sequel - now that talk has just been scrapped (and in style) by the man himself. 'Richter' has the scoop: "I recently had an e-mail talk with Mr. Bruce Campbell about rumors flying around revolving his possible involvment in a sequal to Freddy v Jason, which is being called Freddy v Jason v Evil Dead. This rumor is not true, but his exact words were,"If you believe that, I've got some ocean front property outside of Phoenix you might be interested in..."
OH WELL. feh.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

9:15:00 PM Qrime
Ahhh.. so I'm on the phone with AT&T because when I switched plans from GSM to TDMA, becuase the GSM sucked and noone could get in touch with me, apparently they charged me an "activation fee" even though I already had an account that was activated!

On top of that I lost 100 promotional anytime minutes, in addition to having to purchase a whole other phone.. this would just add insult to injury to have to spend money on something I already had!

Trying to check out BF1942 0.39K... but I haven't found the time.. just unpacked from my trip to Tallahassee, woohoo! I'm gaining some weight.. ok, not alot, but enough to scare me.. (read 3 or 4 pounds)... this means that my pants feel tight on me around the waste-- suddenly unbuttoning my pants at the end of the day feels good... I gotta start using my 40lb standard set of freeweights and keep up my pace of walking nightly with my dogs and drinking light beer and not supersizing my happy meals. Yeah.

  • Peeing Mexians?
  • HotorNot does California
  • Add Boiling Water - and more
  • I'm receiving instant messages every time you come here

    The BaroLog Project is shaping up very nicely! Needless to say its inspired me to do better quality updates. Its amazing what happens when there is some, buthomestarcanwinthestupidCOMPETITION. :)

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  • Wednesday, August 13, 2003

    Holy fark! Dark Horizons is reporting that New Line is thinking about making a Freddy vs Jason that features our hero from the Army of Darkness/Evil Dead series!!!
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    1:16:00 AM Cubic Zirconium
    This incredible article about manufactured diamonds and how they will revolutionize the semiconductor (electronic) world just blows me away. I think this poster at /. summed it up best - now i'll have to make sure the cpu is really a diamond before i can overclock it. bahhaha.

    Here is a present for you.. some funnier shit if that wasn't good enough for ya.

    Beer Commercial #1
    Beer Commercial #2
    Beer Commercial #2

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    12:52:00 AM I want it... now?
    I'm feeeeeeling it man right heah.

    Comedy Gold?

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    Tuesday, August 12, 2003

    Saturday, August 09, 2003

    11:31:00 AM 30 to 60 days..
    People are reporting that we plan to take North Korea in 30 to 60 days... from now... BUT they are misreading the quote-- We judge that the U.S. and South Korea could defeat North Korea decisively in 30 to 60 days with such a strategy was the original quote, and then the wire story that every newspaper is carrying turned it into "A senior Pentagon adviser has given details of a war strategy for invading North Korea and toppling its regime within 30 to 60 days" and then the fucking internet, including turned it into "Pentagon plans to take out North Korea in 30 to 60 days"!! WTF. :)
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    Friday, August 08, 2003

    WTF. Come on man... How a Bush-promoted Christian prison program fakes success by massaging data. ... thats kindof a catchy headline-- what its really about is this faith based prison program that cooked its numbers to look succesfull.. is this a product of the reported intense pressures by Bush on his agencies to return info and data that he wants or is this just someone who is desperate to spread the lords word, even if it doesn't actually do what its intended to do.

    If the prisoners volunteer to do it then whatever.. "InnerChange program manager Jerry Wilger says he doesn't know much about research, but he doesn't think it's fair to count the performance of the people who dropped out of his program against him" because why? heh. Well it sucks that this happened, but I think on the whole the program doesn't mean any harm.

    In other news... "If Schwarzenegger doesn't renounce Waldheim in a highly public way, he can forget about ever becoming governor of California." - from an interesting article from Slate... I think its like one of those things you know? You know a guy, your friends with a guy, he turns out to be a killer, but you are so nice that you can't see that in them, and you remain friends with them... yeah... well, its different for Ahhnold... I'm sure this will become a bigger issue soon...

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    12:09:00 AM Tickle them!!
    I dare you to tickle your senses with this cute 20 question test.. I got 12/20.. what about you?
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    Thursday, August 07, 2003

    I don't like this: hair raising op-ed, which features this quote:
    And even if you aren't bothered by an administration that systematically misleads the public, you ought to be worried about the decisions of an administration that systematically misleads itself. A leader who is told only what he wants to hear is all too likely to make bad decisions about the economy, the environment and beyond.
    Lets see here... iraq plutonium gate... now this and the countless other similar things. WTF. ?
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    Wednesday, August 06, 2003

    9:51:00 PM Barolog.
    Ladie's and gentleman, the most important weblog... EVER... has been born.

    I give you...



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    Tuesday, August 05, 2003

    There is this paper that has been published that is being called a Ground-breaking work in understanding of time... amongst other things, it basically is a proof of a new idea, apparently, that you cannot ever have an "instant" in physics-- as the apple travels through the air, and you measure it's height at 6.0 seconds you are not actually measuring its height at 6.0 seconds, but rather, you are taking a measurement of its location somewhere between 5.9 and 6.0 seconds as he proves that time can always be broken into smaller measurements, just like distance-- you say thats exactly 1" inch? Out to how many decimal places? If you go out enough its not exactly 1-- just like with time, you will always have a "range" wrapped around your location measurement, this is heisenburgs uncertainty principal on a HUGE scale --- and pretty much flips alot of things on their collective ears. Comments?
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