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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Ok just got done charting out the directions and everything is packed and ready to go. Extra hour is gonna come in handy tonight!! SLEEP TIME.

When I get back there better be like... some comments.... or something. I'll miss you guys heh. I don't know what I'm gonna do without my daily fix of everyone's lives through their weblogs and LJs. I guess I'll just have to make up entries and post imaginary comments in my head. HMM. Seeya soon.

Current Mood: up late

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Friday, October 24, 2003

In what has to rank up in the Top 10 of my computer crash experience, the server at my office that runs our intraweb and other applications had a total hard drive failure. OF COURSE It happened today, the day I took off to travel to Jacksonville. And OF COURSE I had already redirected the monitoring software to our Network Administrator SO I had no idea what was going on when he called me at 9 and told me there was a problem. I was powerless as I was already half way to Gainesville on 75. BUT he stepped up and saved the day, figured out what was wrong, had a replacement hard drive delivered in less then 3 hours (go compaq), calmed the users down, reinstalled windows 2000 and started the restoring of the backup tapes just as I arrived back into town. What a guy! :) Of course you all know him as the lovely Grengore :).

Needless to say I'm still here-- the tape restore job is taking a LITTLE longer then I thought-- its nearing its 2nd hour now but its "99%" complete! Yeah heh. sure. (hits kvm switch) YEP its stilll going! Hopefully ::crosses fingers really hard::hoipe fulyl it eill hbe ll.. damnit its hard to type with cross fingers heh. Hopefully it will be all better when the tape restore is done and I won't have to do ANY reinstalling of SQL server or configuring of IIS or.. both.. or anything. I can just recover what needs to be recovered and email the users with a cheery "woot its fixed" and go eat some Fred Flemings BBQ mm mmmmmm. (Not that I actually get any BBQ.. I just get chicken fingers, french fries and a beer... HEY HEY YOU STOP HECKLING ME IN THE COMMENTS heh).

So I'm still glowing from hedwig :). SHEILOR I SHALL DEFINETLY CHECK OUT THE MOOOVISEZZ K???? And that CD sounds ultra-hot too :). It seems our dear friend SMBZ has put up a comments system for his weblog -- get ont here and heckle him, he deserves some comment love too :) I think everyone who runs these things (read: all of you who read this.. for the most part) enjoys comments. So I'm glad you guys comment :). HOLY SHIT ITS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

full report. when I get back. I swear.

Current Music: DJ AJG - DI Black Label (One Mix) (D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D - European Trance, Techno, Hi-NRG... we can't define it!)

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

10:56:00 PM The Origin of Love
Just got back from Hedwig! :) Ahh thank you Sheila for inspiring me to go see it!!! Tara loved it, the guy who played Schlatko (Jeff Barnes) wen't to middle school with her hehe so we met up with him afterwards and I got to tell him that the production was pure pwnage.

It was so awesome! We are totally going to see the movie now! ::furiously downloads soundtrack:: Listening to Angry Inch right now heh. My favorite had to be The Origin of Love-- it was beautiful. Of course the whole thing was just over the top bad ass. It was slightly tamer then I was expecting which was a good thing as now I can force everyone to go see it and not worry about them feeling too uncomfortable and such heheh. My theories on it are (highlight or press control+a to see the spoilers/theories)

  • There is the obvious alter-ego situation, which I think I'd already read in a few places.. that Hedwig was Tommy's alter-ego.

  • Then there is my favorite version: that after Hedwig and Tommy found each other they actually became one again as in the Origin of Love story.

  • Then there is the WAY out one that popped into my head, that Yitzak really is Hedwig, and Hedwig is actually Tommy-- Hedwig was repressing her gender and trying to be a man, despite her obvious.. uhm.. femine qualities.. but since the botched gender change she was unable to fully accept her womanhood so she tried to be a man aka Yitzak. Tommy who through his repressed sexuality had serious issues of his own and felt the most comfortable being a female and after meeting and falling in love with Yitzak and hearing his/her story, which deeply disturbed him, he broke out of his gender, stole Hedwig's story and cross dressed and became Hedwig-- the very same who was accusing him of stealing her music/etc and using it for his own. He went on to do this while Hedwig continued to repress herself and try more and more to be like a man-- who went through even greater issues after she saw Tommy appropriate her entire life and even name! We see what she feels, going through the stages of dealing with such a betrayal, and then in the end she forgives Tommy and Tommy and her reach equilibrium and can return back to their "natural states"-- Tommy the male and Hedwig the female...

    OK OK That last one could use ALOT of work-- I will explore it further if anyone thinks its worth it.. hell I'm not going to even go back over it and proofread it I'm just too excited :) But do you see what I'm saying? AM I MAKING ANY SENSE!?!! Anyways... I loved it.. I fucking loved it.

    Current Mood: Inspired
    Current Music: Hedwig - Midnight Radio

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  • Or something. FUCKING GATOR AUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Motherfucking Gator is suing people who say Gator is spyware. And they have had a succesful suit or two. I mean, FUCK that PIECE OF SHIT SOFTWARE is COMPLETELY WORTHLESS AND HORRIBLE. I have to say though that technically its NOT spyware since it also pops up ADS. So.. its adware.. AND spyware. Fuckers.

    The worst part is that my office advertises through Overture, who uses Gator's "GAIN" software to deliver ads (amongst other places like MSN and Yahoo)-- and WE are indirectly SUPPORTING THEIR DISGUSTING COMPANY. Seeerioussllyyyyyyy. I mean, its one thing to install a program and see the "Install gator software?" checkbox... but most of the time this software is installed with one of those stupid fucking popup windows that ask you if you want to install a program/etc. Its totall misleading crap. Fuck spyware and FUCK YOU GATOR. DIE.

    Also in other news... speaking of asshole annoying software pieces of shit diediedie-- X10 files for Bankruptcy (nelson)HAH-HAH(/nelson) .. guess all those cameras I bought didn't help them.. hmm.. do you think their bankruptcy declaration has anything to do with the super wide distribution of pop-up stoppers OR.. or... the the $4.3 million dollars X10 has to pay up because they lost a lawsuit over patent infringement on guess what.. POP UP WINDOWS bahahaha. well.. popunder windows. You know. heh. Even still you knew it was going to have to do with pop-up windows.. right?! :P BaroWorld's forums seem to be picking up, pizak posted a funny jailbait test on there-- I highly recommend checking it out, its deh COMEDY GOLD YEAH.

    Of course you know that next week I won't be updating as I'll be on vacation-- hopefully you can get your fix from one of the Walter's Weblog affiliate sites on the left side there under Links... also.. GO FISH! DIE YANKEES!

    Current Mood: DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Current Music: MJ Morning Show

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    Wednesday, October 22, 2003

    Damnit where did my toothpaste go? I used to have toothpaste in this office but its nowhere to be found. Damnit all of you will suffer then.. :breathes into keyboard: -- can you smell what the rock is cooking!? EH?!

    Uh huh. SO. Tara got a fatty-bo-batty Motorola v60i and I'm all like.. hmm I want a flip phone. But-- my Nokia 3360 fits in my pocket so nicely and a flip phone would have to go on my belt and I'm just not ready for that kind of commitment. I used to sling my palm pilot on my belt as well as an old qualcomm qcp-2035a.. but when I got my 3360.. actually a 3595 at first but I switched to the 3360 because AT&T's GSM service sucks.. well most GSM service sucks right now.. but anyways-- I used to walk around with a batman utility belt, baron can attest to this. Fuck what was I saying before? oh yeah

    Tara got herself a new phone, and its cool. When we were picking it up last night at Fed-Ex (thanks AT&T for forgetting our damn SUITE NUMBER fuckers..), the hyperactive fed-ex lady gave us movie passes to a sneak preview of Radio at 7:30! So we ran outta there and made it to the mall, grabbed a seat, some pizza, a hotdog, a drink and ate-through-the previews in time to see the movie. It was a cool movie! :) Not something I would be like, OMG SEE IT IN THE THEATARS PPLZZZ, but something worth checking out if you want to see a "feel-good" movie. (movie-guy-voice) Cuba Gooding Jr. stars in the feel good movie of the year... Radio(/movie-guy-voice). Yeah. I teared a few times and laughed a whole lot a few other times. One thing that was weird tho was that the movie theater was packed, I mean, PACKED with white trash. It was as if a tornado had whipped through a trailer park and deposited it in the theatre. So needless to say it smelled. (movie-guy-voice) Cuba Gooding Jr. stars in the smell bad movie of the year...(/movie-guy-voice). So needless to say I wasn't suprised to see Wild 98.7 and UPN 44 ads up everywhere. Of course, I am an active purveyor of UPN 44 (omg a full hour of friends, 70s show, frasier, simpsons daily) and Wild 98.7 (omg a full schedule of hip-hop and club music) so I can't talk. But I was ALSO not suprised when the promoter for the event walked into the theatre and made everyone quite down before the previews began and lectured us on being quiet during the movie and keeping cellphones off and moving crying babies outside the movie theatre-- or else... HE WOULD REMOVE US!! (movie-guy-voice) Cuba Gooding Jr. stars in the I'LL FUCKING KICK YOUR ASS OUT OF THE THEATRE IF YOU DON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP movie of the year...

    Yeah so vacation starts soon.. tonight I'm going to be working late on a video deposition-- having to edit out the stuff struck down by the court. If I was smart I would have asked for the raw tapes NOW so I could atleast import them into the editing system now and when I got the signal I could just edit out whatever, flip em back to tape and call it a night--.. but NOOoOooo I'm gonna have to do it all when they get back from court. Bah. Baron is gonna help me though so we'll knock it out! Or not, doh poor guy just IM'd me and said he's feeling sick. FEEL BETTAR BARON! Heh.

    Thinking about setting up a message board on that way you guys can have a static place to harass me in, instead of using the comments section.. which.. only about a THIRD of you guys have done! I DEMAND COMMENTS FOO. :) oh wait.. my bad (/movie-guy-voice) haha that musta been funny to hear me talk like that the whole time. I can do a good movie guy voice, I swear... uhm.. sortof atleast kinda. Now I'm going to go read all of your weblogs :) SEE.. UH!

    Current Mood: reading your life story
    Current Music: Statyk - The Funky Side (D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D - DJ MIXES - non-stop DJ sets featuring various forms of techno & trance!)

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    Tuesday, October 21, 2003

    3:35:00 PM Split pea soup
    Heh. Just listening to all the bud light commericals from this site-- yes its old, but damn its funny. Got PHP and Microsoft SQL Server to talk to each other (it was so farking easy its not even funny)-- but it just boggles the mind to think that two arch enemies can hold hands so nicely. I am rewting for the marlins.

    Yeah. ANYWAYS I'm very excited to see we have laurgasms throwing down in the comments section-- astutly observing the epedermii on display. Man thats what this website is for! Heh. So I went to the mall today, it was fun.. I work across the street from a mall so I can sneak over there on my lunch hour.. we shopped for jeans... none fit :( But we did get some McDonalds so that made up for it-- everything was good-- it was not a bad McDonalds experience, which I'm always afraid of happening.

    SO baron is sick (get better man) and wetard is starting its going to be a mecca for somethingawful forum goons and b& shackers. Also, SMBZ get ur comments fixored man.. plz? I have this urgent need to read everyone's weblogs and comment on whatever the hell they are writing. But when I visit somone's weblog or LJ and don't see a comments option I want to comment EVEN MORE! OMG. Yeah. So since SMB doesn't have comments up I'm just going to go ahead and write my comments here.. because I'm just that kinda guy:

    Testing this new blog Posted by: joe / 4:52 PM
    Comment by Walter: A single feminine ox efficiently wrote to your nose on an airplane.

    Testing again Posted by: joe / 4:54 PM
    Comment by Walter: Yeah, Sudie, same with blind people. Braille? Have ou ever seen anyone who wasn't blind reading with braille? How will blind people ever learn to see if we keep catering to them? ... Don't even get me started on wheelchairs.


    Current Mood: manic
    Current Music: SO36 - Freedom (D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D - Chillout - ambient psy chillout, check out our trippy flavors!)

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    Monday, October 20, 2003

    Heh. You might have noticed the latest feature on der site here-- over there.. on the left... see it? SEE IT!?! WHAT?? YOU CAN'T ARE YOU BLIND OR SOMETHING?! heh. Yeah.

    So if you want to be one of my latest victims then you'll need to leave a comment-- thats where the cookie is set where I can track you. Watch your every move... ... yeah. SO ANYWAYS. This is the last week of werk before my vacation to Tenn UH See. I just want to go up there and do nothin. I fully expect to see a shitload of comments here when I get back. Not that I won't be posting between now and then.. no your not going to be THAT lucky heh. I had a fun weekend-- wen't dancing at a club called bricktown54.. it is a 23 and up club, and if you ever go to a club where they require you to be atleast 23 years old then you bettar be prepared to see 70 year olds grinding on the dance floor. I fucking shit you not- there WERE 70 YEAR OLDS GRINDNG ON THE DANCE FLOOR. Right next to a bunch of people my age and someone who decided to have their wedding reception there! Haha. Insane.

    Anyways it was an 80s club, which pwns, they had a DJ who actually *mixed* the songs AND to top it all off they had the world series game up on a wide screen TV near the dance floor- best way to watch the game, dancing to good 80s dance music, being entertained by the bar staff (who had special dances to certain songs), having drinks brought to you and watching the game while breakin a sweat. Good stuff. PLUS the marlins won that night! woot!

    Got a suprise in store Thurs night for the wife... some of you know what it is, but she doesn't yet. Don't spizoilt that shit in the comments cos she haunts the site.. watchoutnowoooooo. But I'll post a full report on Friday about it. It promises to be fun and stuff. Thats one of my dogs btw, up in the upper left hand corner in case you didn't know. I would put the other one up there but she's too big to fit ;)... I have to update that with a new picture soon. *thinks*... Sunday was also neat, we went and visited Tara's Aunt, Grandmother and Aunt from NY who was visiting. While they are all cool peeps they smoke like chimneys and for the first time in a long time my eyes burned afterwards from all the smoke. When we have teh babies we won't be letting anyone near who is lighting up, so I won't have to worry about burning eyes then atleast!

    So I've started to warm back up to the shack... I dunno I'm kinda like.. afraid to post there now.. Its like when you've tasted freedom you don't want to go back... on stoofoo I can just totally be obnoxious and noone gives a shit. I've decided to try to sort my posts-- offtopic stuff goes on StooFoo and game/computar related posts goes on der shack. Disgusting pictures and racism goes on squabble... love ya clay.

    Ahh well. SUPAR MONKAY BALLZ' weblog was born the other day-- check it out here: here and as always be sure to visit the other websites in the Walter's Weblog affiliate network. Especially Baron's forums.

    Current Mood: watching j00
    Current Music: DJ Ken - Guru - In The Middle Of Blizzard 2012 (D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D - Chillout - ambient psy chillout, check out our trippy flavors!)

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    Friday, October 17, 2003

    6:47:00 PM Funnay Storeeezzzz
    Man I can't make this log all about my life.. its gotta have links damnit links!

  • Put 9 12 year olds in a room with an atari and see what happens
  • Yankees lose! The paper says so, so it must be true!
  • Computar comedy gold
  • Help computers takeover the world

    Current Mood: amused
    Current Music: 03 - Melrob - Incessant Sound

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  • Ahh this is going to pwn! Can you see it now?

    celerityfm - tune in ... to me

    Or something like that.. its not like it matters, the fm has nothing to do with radio or tuning. I dunno I think I might just leave it as, point it to walter's weblog and call it a day. And who is this Walter guy anyways!?

    I dunno I kinda want to use the domain name and my 1 and 1 webspace (my god they own.. do you have your free 500mb yet?!?!)-- use 1and1 for my weblog, pictars and creative outlet. I want to do kinda like baron with his BaroWorld -- have forums and stuff. I've already turned this weblog into a weird live journal ripoff/chatterboard what with the addition of mood and music (which I might add, the music is automatically added through a cool winamp plugin).. the mood I've made a simple tool for selecting the image and automatically generating the HTML code.. plus I'm using this great tool called w.bloggar which makes it so that I can post with 2 clicks from my system tray. very helpful-- leads to more posts, which is what you, the viewer, demands! Oh and with the new comments system-- showing the comments directly on the page-- my weblog posts are more like comments for you to reply too.

    Squabble is back. I don't know what to think about that.. I've kinda adopted StooFoo as my new home now that Shacknews has redesigned and feels more like a gaming news site and less and less about the comments and chat. Fuck isn't that the point of that site anyways? I got my informatives and my glory, now I'm ready to chill out and bitch about the red sox with my online pals at StooFoo. But noo squabble comes back-- whats gonna happen to stoofoo? I dunno. I hope it stays pupular and we all get to hold hands and sing songs all the day long.

    I don't want to leave shacknews tho.. I just... damn looking at the site just gives me a headache, and its no coincidence that I warm to stoofoo because stoofoo looks like the shack used to look like. God damn I need to stop bitching. I'm sure you love reading about that. Fuck, here's my cool mood icon and obscure listening to so you can think I'm ereet. gogogo f7f7.

    Current Mood: werking
    Current Music: funkymuskrat - higher up (D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D - Chillout - ambient psy chillout, check out our trippy flavors!)

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    8:31:00 AM Mornig

    Its magical up time :). Why don't I feel so magical? ughh. I'll just throw on my sunglasses and get to work where I can cower in my office. How is your day going?

    Current Mood: faking it
    Current Music: Nine Inch Nails - Big Man With A Gun

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    Thursday, October 16, 2003

    So I put in a new comment system and I've moved the site over to my just debating on a domain name now. The new comments system makes it so comments actually show up on the main page-- so you don't have to click in order to read them. I'm hoping this encourages some more participation on YOUR part ;)

    Yeahp. So I wrote a huge email to a friend who I was supposed to have emailed a month ago, and even spoke on the phone to another friend whom I haven't spoken with in a long time, so I feel like I'm doing good in the "catchup with old friends department." She's going to halloween horror nights and wanted me to come -- haha! I really wanna hangout with her tho so I'm gonna figure something out.

    What do you think of these mood thingies? I like em heh. The cat owns! Stoofoo continues to evolve... st0ld talked about a site redesign a la the shack, and then said something about the traffic that he gets to the site-- around 600 unique IPs in the past 24 hours. Thats pretty good actually, but it makes me feel realll good about my office's website's numbers :) :) :).

    It was so cold last night and our air conditioner in our house hasn't run for like 36 hours now. PWNAGE!!!! Keep it coming man, I wanna have to wear a jacket to work and long sleeves when I go to the store. Can we make it happen? Plz? PLZ?

    Preparing for a vacation to Tennessee.. home of Antilles_Prime and his friend wfireman the dood who can't keep his wallet in his pants to save his life. And by that I mean he loses it all the fucking time! Heh. I'm a little anxious about it because the person whom I'm working with seems to have trouble calling me back... its already paid for tho with the CC.. if they try anything tho we'll be taking those charges off right away. No worries :). For the curious this is the place I'm going to: The Ironmountain Inn. We can even bring our dogs with us!

    Also I'm working on getting the roof fixed at my house. I call the roofer guy last Wednesday, he says he'll call me Thurs or Fri and we'll get together. Monday rolls around, so I call and leave a message, he calls me back on Tuesday and I don't call him till yesterday and he says he'll call me today. Did he call? no. He fixed my parents roof aok without any complaints from them.. if we do end up going with him I hope he doesn't keep this communication breakdown crap going.

    Cracking knuckles is owning me... my middle finger wants a crack, but I can't get it to go... its like, addicting like... crack... yeah. I gotta stop.

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Current Music: Chilled Out Euphoria - Mixed by Solar Stone (Disc 2) (D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D - Chillout - ambient psy chillout, check out our trippy flavors!)

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    Wednesday, October 15, 2003

    psssst mr. sleepy I see you ;)
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    11:31:00 PM The curse continues.
    sonofabish. Atleast the Red Sox have a chance still! GO BOSOX!! :)

    Current Mood: blarg
    Current Music: WMC 2001 Part 3

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    11:18:00 PM Cubs?!
    I hope you can see this because I'm doing it as hard as I have ever done it before/inignock

    Current Mood: anxious
    Current Music: WMC 2001 Part 3

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    3:14:00 PM Redesigneded

    Yeahp. I got inspired by the way live journals are laid out and also by the shack's redesign. I'm busting out mood icons and shi. This is my favorite icon collection-- I call it "hot cat." At one point (like 3 years ago) I had redesigned the entire weblog around these icons but that design never saw the light of day. I like my current design tho ^_^.

    WEATHER==THE WIN! Man it was like 65degrees out today.. Tara and I strolled across the street to blimpies and purposefully stayed in the sunlight in order to enjoy the heat+breeze goodness. I felt toasty in my shoes! ... anyways here goes:

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: Woob - On Earth (Big Mix)

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    Tuesday, October 14, 2003

    10:47:00 PM Faaan interference
    This'll be interesting later

    Anyways had a good day today.. got a little more oriented with Stoofoo and a little less oriented with the new shack :(

    To those of us who have recently goatse'd their mothers I feel for ya man. I feel for ya.

    Permalink - Blogger Backlinks - Technorati -
    I'm still basking in the fun-ness of Halloween Horror Nights from Saturday. I met so many wonderful people in such a short time-- it was like good people overload!

    I also saw a really nice movie... its not Kill Bill but its still a cute idea... if you can forgive Keanu Reeve's acting-- and just call it a Guilty Pleasure, Sweet November is worth a cuddling-under-the-blankets-look.

    So how about we just combine this with this? ROBOTIC MONKEYS SOLDIERS OF DOOOOOOM!!!!!1111

    Yeah. I'm working on moving this site over to a slightly more complex php nuke portal or something along those lines-- our comments system is too spammable and not threaded-- theres no place for the rest of me!

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    Saturday, October 11, 2003

    11:44:00 AM BUSH EVIL
    Heh-- check out this funny North Korean propoganda video dubbed Fucking USA-- while your at it, gaze into this beautiful picture of Galaxy M104 and wonder if similar songs are being written about other countries on planets within that Galaxy.

    Also it says that I'm rated Mother Teresa .. that can't be a bad thing!

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    Tuesday, October 07, 2003

    8:21:00 PM Hate

    Ahh that phelps guy... what a winner. I bet he's gay and can't admit it. fucker.

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    Saturday, October 04, 2003

    11:22:00 AM Eh? EH?
    I really want to do this but since its gonna be on a weekday I'm going to have to say NO. :) I'm hoping they do something similar for Episode 3.

    Here is your thought for the day... no wait wait.. THATS NOT IT! OMG. I meant.. uh.. THIS is your thought for the day. heh.

    And finally... If eating frenchfries is wrong I don't wanna be right!

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    Wednesday, October 01, 2003

    6:31:00 PM Plame jane.
    And now they are calling it Plamegate ... this website offers a refreshing look at knocking down the spin that is put up from the bush camp.

    God damn I hate spin.. hate it so much.. fuckers.

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    And award you $1,000,000!! Woohoo!!

    I wonder how that works.. I mean.. obviously the winning cans must be transmitting some kindof signal so if they are then we should be able to track em!

    Unless its more like, the winning can doesn't do anything until its activated-- like when it is opened-- but then they'll be a delay between when the opening happens and when the prize is given away.. what if they are drinking it in a stadium and toss the can afterwards?

    I guess the can will have to tell them they've won and to wait for the coke prize patrol to give them their prize.. hmmm..

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