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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Yes it goes on and on my friend, some people started burying it not knowing what it was, and they'll never stop bury-ing it no matter what because...


Yesh, For 3 days now I've been working on a containment system for Kyler, the magic dog that can jump 6 foot fences-- we've had to resort to shock therapy, so we're busy burying a cable that will transmit a signal that a reciever worn on her collar will pickup when she nears the buried cable, it will make a beeping sound and then if she gets closer it'll make a little shock. With proper training this can be very effective. First, you have to set it up. So far we've got the back yard run buried and we've got one side of the front yard done, next weekend I'm going to use a diamond tipped masonry saw blade to cut a channel in the driveway and then we'll move it back around the front and meet up in the side yard in the back. We're done for the day and I'm gonna take a shower and reward myself with some Olive Garden. Yum!

Barocon was fun, I'd say the suprise hit of the night was Mario Golf. Thats some gooood shit right there. Heh, we defintely broke in my new Gamecube.. its weird to read about the woman who was trampeld at the walmart sale who was there to get a $29 DVD player at a different walmart sale that I was at... the people that we're at the one I was at were really nice and courteous.. then again, I wans't at the front of the line so who knows what that was like. My favorite line "Wal-Mart officials called later Friday [while she was at the hospital] to ask about her sister, and the store apologized and offered to put a DVD player on hold for her." Which is sortof sweet and sortof weird. Like she's ever going to set foot in a walmart again. Not that Walmart is 100% at fault here, but this part is the part that irked me: "when the siren blared at 6 a.m. Friday announcing the start to the post-Thanksgiving sale, the 41-year-old was knocked to the ground by the frenzy of shoppers behind her. " A Siren!? WTF!! Just be like, ok the store is now open, and open the doors.. don't INDUCE pandemonium! Arghh. Oh well. I'm going to gorge myself on breadsticks and zinfandel, come home and watch Iron Giant or the last coupla episodes of Queer As Folk and call it a night.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Current Mood: DOBERMINJABBIN! DIG DIBBIT DIG DIBBIT! Fox you're becoming more like your father!
Current Music: Garbage - 3 Only Happy When It Rains

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Friday, November 28, 2003

7:26:00 AM Gamecube==Acquired
The line wrapped all the way around to the back of the walmart... but, we still managed to get a Gamecube for $20 off. Its cute, its little and it even came with a teeny tiny cd wallet for all of its teeny tiny little game cdroms. Woot. :P I'm gonna go play some zelda-- too bad I don't have a memory card or else I'd start getting into it seriously... Baron is selling me his old memory card for $5 ^_^ ... but I want to get into the Ocarina Of Time-- get to the lake where you go fishing and play that all day-- that part owns.

Walmart was insane, but we came, we saw, we got. * C O N S U M E R ' D *

OH ohh omg.. I saw Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time on Chris' computer today, needless to say I am speechless-- the game looks beautiful and Prince Of Persia still kicks ass!!

Current Mood: still drinking coffee
Current Music: Antiloop - Purpose In Life

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Thursday, November 27, 2003

1:15:00 PM Nugget for the day
Man.. happy holiday. :) I'm getting my gamecube tommorow but is already selling the bundle at the reduced price of $79.44. Plus shipping though. Hence, in order to get instant-gratification and a cheaper buy I'm going to walmart at 6am tommorow because I'm crazy.

Anyways, here's your nugget for the day. All I can say is WTF and uhm.. damn, speaking of nuggets, McDonald's new nuggets are fricking amazing-- I am seriously considering writing a letter to them to tell them that what they've done with their nuggets is wonderful! I've never tasted a better nugget before.

Oh and I gotta give props to Bush for going to Baghdad and having thanksgiving dinner with the troops there-- that takes balls.

Current Mood: nuggets

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

9:44:00 PM Sup
Just wanted to say hello :)


Current Mood: happy

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Monday, November 24, 2003

Bucs! They are winning! this is an interesting perspective from the very conservative religious side. Hrmm! Ahh well. I've been speaking of Mario Kart owning me, but now I must profes, KOTOR owns me. In fact, I think I'm gonna go play that right now :P

I gave a cop a coke tonight.. it was funny, I was drinking a beer and the guy was in uniform and I brought him a coke, but like I wasn't gonna pour it I gave it to him in the can with a glass with ice so he'd know it wasn't spiked or something.. it was funny. I didn't see the jets for the flyover for the game tho, we missed them :(. GO BUCS!

Current Mood: drunk

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Sunday, November 23, 2003

2:15:00 PM The cat n the splat
Well my brother reports that the movie=teh suck :(. HRMPH. Well.. oh well. heh. Anyways installing Star Wars KOTOR and some new nvidia drivers tht should make my Deus Ex demo play bettar. And by play bettar I mean like, stop showing me funky colors instead of the normal kind. I'm blasting Outkast- Hey Ya on repeat. Why does that song own so much? Whats funny is that song actually has like a kinda sad message to it, yet its upbeat-- well Andre says that we don't want to hear him we just want to dance.. so I guess thats just what they give us. Gonna play some more mario kart.. last night Chris and I unlocked and beat every single possible thing in the game, we got 4 new karts, 2 new characters, a new batlte mode track a new congratulations screen and a new start screen. WOOT.

I'm hoping the Deus Ex demo isn't as bad as they say it is. I really really loved Deus Ex 1... it was incredible. But I can already tell from my limited experience with the demo that its not looking good. WTF :(. Oh well. Many people blame it on having been "dumbed down" for console players.. yet they spooge over KOTOR which.. well, was a console game that shows up on the PC. I guess mabye if its a PC game first and then goes to console it gets mutilated somehow, but starting out on the console and then going to PC its ok. Like, Enter The Matrix-- that game.. seriously, sucks on the PC. But on the console I'd imagine that its pretty fat :). Speaking of consoles.. this time next week I should have myself a gamecube! KOTOR is 52% complete.. we'll see, WE'LL SEE.

I'm not much of an RPG guy, but I guess if I can play deus ex then I can handle KOTOR. Although with KOTOR there is no aiming, its more like you tell your guy what to do to the opposing team.. and hope that well you kick their ass. And (on disk 3 now of KOTOR) the way you aim better is by increasing your accuracy skill. Hmm. Well I'm hoping that the storyline alone will make it worth playing. We'll see.


Current Mood: blargh
Current Music: Robert Miles - One & One [David Morales]

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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Heh played some more Mario Kart, this time 3 player :). Its pretty cool cos in 3 player mode you can either play free for all or 2 on 1-- which is really neat in coop mode and all. Even as I speak Chris and Baron are beating the all circuit cup on 150cc. Going to see the Cat n The Hat tonight should be cool. Also been listening to that outkast song that has invaded the nation's conciousness.. or whatever they say these days.

So when you see this comic do you think its slamming Islam? See the crescent moons? OMG ISLAMIC RELIGION FEATURES CRESCENT MOONS... see the word SLAM in an "I" shape? I + SLAM = ISLAM OMG ITS A CONSPIRACY. Yeah right people, chill out. I know the BC guy isn't the #1 hero of the comic world but this time your wrong about him and all the hatorarde you think he's been drinking.

Uh oh cat in the hat doesn't look good on rotten tomatoes. Man its getting pwned actually. Holy crapabales. I'll give you the full report about how much it sucks or not. Yeah. So how was your day?

Current Mood: claws out
Current Music: Power Source - Goaway

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Friday, November 21, 2003

Heh. So I got a new computar at werk :).. Well.. not a new one, but one of the associates left and I got his computer. My old computer I got in September 2001, a P3 1ghz-- now I'm up to a P4 1.8ghz. Yay! Anyways, I've been setting up this computer and migrating stuff from my old one and I was installing Wordperfect (the sucky program that it is). Well, I installed it and it told me to reboot (so one of its annoying TSR programs could get loaded.. only for me to disable it).. and well I told it to start to reboot and then a few moments later I hear a loud POP! sound (I even heard the exclamation mark too) and I took cover. I thought one of the power supplies on one of the 5 computers in my office went. Well, after crawling out from under the desk, turning off the fire alarm and changing my underwear I discovered that all of my babies were functioning properly... and the computers too. And then, I ejected the wordperfect disk. ::CRUNCUZNINGINCLZCUNRCUHNGHC:: It had disentegrated, nay exploded in the cdrom drive! AIEEE!!!

So what did I do? I did like any normal consumer and took out the cdrom drive, took it apart, shook out all the parts, recruited a coworker to put the cd back together and took pictures of it! This one is my favorite. I dunno what happened! I guess this piece broke off... it was funny cos we were putting the CD back together and Baron found that piece and was like uhm... that doesn't look like its part of a cd! The mystery was solved! Or something. Anyone else out there have any exploding CD stories?

Yep. Uhm uhm.. uhm. Not much else to report except I want to chime in on this whole Michael Jackson thing... come on man-- give the guy a break-- he hasn't even been arrainged yet except most people have already convicted him in their minds. If he's guilty then the man will be punished. If he's not guilty then he'll still have to deal with everyone hating on him. But he's used to it from the previous controversy.. everyone assumes that because he paid the kid not to testify against him that the kid had something to say that would have caused Michael to go to jail.. how do you know that mabye the parents were forcing the kid to go through this, forcing the kid to say things that didn't happen, things that make the kid upset-- and that Michael actually paid them so that they would leave the kid alone? So that the kid wouldn't have to go through with the lie and all the trauma associated with that? What if? The point is you don't know-- leave him alone and let the man dance and sing. Either that or let him dance and sing with the Blues Brothers in jail. Whatdyathink?

Current Mood: sploding computars

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Thursday, November 20, 2003

A short entry!!

Mario Kart owns me.. played for a long while tonight.. dood.. multiplayer is really intense!

I miss my bat!

Current Mood: miss
Current Music: BT - Dreaming (dj tiesto remix)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

11:34:00 PM Double Dash
Man... I dug deep into some Mario Kart: Double Dash tonight with Chris... thats some kick ass gaming right there! Its like.. just like mario kart 64 but better! "Just like the last one only better".. where have we heard that before? Unf. Man seriously, MKDD has got to be one of my favorite titles on the GC. I mean, SRR looks really cool and I love playing SMB2-- MG is hot, and so is M2K4... SSBM I like, and TLOZWW is also a great game... of course who could forget VJ and FZGX is an attractive title. Shi, MP and MS are cool too but I'm really looking forward to M128. Or whatever the hell they are gonna call it.


Anyways. 24 was ssoooo farking hot tonight arklejalkdsfjl;asdjflkj. Like seriously, can it get ANYMORE TWISTED? .. altho I'm beginning to see a harry potter like pattern of.. omg Jack's doing shi that makes him look like he's against everyone...atleast its similar in that way to last season.. a la Harry Potter's mistake of NEVER FUCKING TELLING DUMBLEDORE WHEN STRANGE SHIT HAPPENS I mean SERIOUSLY he nevar tells dumbledore and like.. what happens? CRASY SHI and then dumbledores all like.. you shoulda said something to me Harry and then Harry's like.. oh shi. And then what happens next year?! He thinks.. hmm mabye I should tell dumbledore about this... but nah he'd think I'm silly. Its like fucking inspector gadget with penny and brain. Every single time.. EVERY single time its the same damn plot. And they ALWAYS forget to take Penny's watch.. ohh they got her computer book.. but woah there goes her watch and she's got brain rescuing her and they're contacting the cheif. Doktur is none the wiser. I've never even seen the last episode where you supposedly actually see his face. And don't even get me started on the movie and its bastard child sequel. Although I've never seen either of them.

Time for some lynx.

  • First up-- remember all those iTunes you scammed and stole and spread and now your feeling the comedown? do this it'll make you feel all cheery and dancy again!

  • As if I didn't need to tell you this, and this is technically old news but Walmart is STILL evil. I think I'd rank them above Microsoft.. because with Microsoft everyone knows their evil-- with Walmart they've managed to keep some level of "family friendly"ness about them, some kind of conservative image that makes people feel like Walmart is doing gods work... gods work of... crushing small businesses to death!!

  • Gay Marriage is back in the public eye again... oh no not in my eye!. See my quick summary of this is thus: Most people misunderstand this issue. Somehow they think that this means that their church now has to allow gay marriages. Uhm... what? What were you thinking? No. This has nothing to do with your church... what this has to do with is affording the same protections that any other like minded couple of opposite sex can receive from the government upon the signing of a contract aka marriage certificate. Government serves the purpose of providing financial protections and benefits to partnered individuals while the church serves the purpose of providing spiritual benefits to partnered individuals. Gays can already get married in "the church"-- maybe not your church but their are plenty of christian churches, jewish temples, whatever that provide for this. While some would argue that the governments role in marriage is intimately linked with the church's marriage rites-- I disagree. They are separate, as separate as church is from state. SO-- some people are pissed that its called a marriage-- as far as the governments concerned call it whatever you want-- a civil union, a homosexual debaucherous devils union of hell, etc-- I'm just saying man don't fucking stand in the way of love-- it'll own your ass.. and I'm serious... When person X is hospitalized and person Y can't visit with person X after "visiting hours" because person Y doesn't have the proper protections afforded by the government because they are of the same sex-- bad shit happens. Its benefits like that that gay couples are after... again they can already get married! They just want to be able to properly care for those who they love.

  • Thought provoking article of the day - here we have a sortof superficial investigation into how politics works similar to spam... basically the author breaks it down that in america there are really only a small handful of voters who are truly "undecided" and that those are the voters that actually elect the president given that these undecided voters as a whole have the capability of swinging the election one way or the other in close races or even some not so close races. He then basically says that everyone from top to bottom in the political and press machine knows this and therefore every single message uttered from a canidate/handler/etc's mouth is aimed at that small percentage-- **we don't care what they have to say-- they are spamming millions to reach a small percentage** the entire political machine is based on this scheme and just like spam its been working thus far. Its a witty read and their is a bonus in the end where he points out why this is all stupid and that its going to have to change somehow.

  • Followup to the Onion article about when your mom finds your weblog :P

  • Thoughts on weblog comment spam and now a new type of weblog spam. I broke the story about weblog comment spam in August and now they even have a utility to fight it!. Hoorj beer.

    Blargh. I rambled on too much about the ghey marriage thing. All I'm trying to say is that as a libertarian minded individual it just doesn't add up to restrict rights based on sexual preference. Go figure. And the whole walmart thing? I'm a slave to walmart's stores.. I mean.. damn I hate shopping there sometimes, but man.. that $79 gamecube is going to own. And uhm.. uhm... The whole voting spam thing? Thats some cool shi.. I like his take and uhm, want to subscribe to his newsletter or something.


    Current Mood: chatty bitch!
    Current Music: Dj Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World (Lp Version)

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  • Monday, November 17, 2003

    And if you play that song...



    Ok. That was yesterdays update.. what can I say, I was uhm... there was some uhm. yeah. FUCKING BUCS!

    I have a new toy. I made some play-doh shapes for you guys with it. Try to figure out who each one is for!

  • You suck Mr. Big Bird!
  • Your dog--well all of them are nice!
  • English school is almost over
  • Hello from the west side
  • Homestarrunner and Strongbad
  • Hey Isaac what the fuck are you doing tonight?

    My god, Alliyah song in my head now. Thank god for kazaa. IT CAME THROUGH IN THE CLUTCH. We can break it off and try again? WTF IS THAT SHI? WHAT IS SHE SAYING OMG.


    Let me just take (woah there I go with the shift key.. that lasted all of five seconds)-- let me just take a moment to say how much I love spamassassin. The ninjas are doing their thing. Let me give you an example of how it assasinates some spam here:

    X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 2.60 (1.212-2003-09-23-exp)
    	*  0.5 X_MSMAIL_PRIORITY_HIGH Sent with 'X-Msmail-Priority' set to high
    	*  1.3 X_PRIORITY_HIGH Sent with 'X-Priority' set to high
    	*  5.4 BAYES_99 BODY: Bayesian spam probability is 99 to 100%
    	*      [score: 1.0000]
    	*  0.6 HTML_FONT_INVISIBLE BODY: HTML font color is same as background
    	*  0.1 HTML_FONTCOLOR_UNKNOWN BODY: HTML font color is unknown to us
    	*  0.1 HTML_50_60 BODY: Message is 50% to 60% HTML
    	*  0.3 MIME_HTML_ONLY BODY: Message only has text/html MIME parts
    	*  0.1 HTML_MESSAGE BODY: HTML included in message
    	*  1.4 HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_06 BODY: HTML: images with 400-600 bytes of words
    	*  0.1 HTML_TITLE_EMPTY BODY: HTML title contains no text
    	*  0.7 RCVD_IN_DSBL RBL: Received via a relay in
    	*      []
    	*  1.5 RCVD_IN_BL_SPAMCOP_NET RBL: Received via a relay in
    	*      [Blocked - see ]
    	*  3.0 FORGED_MUA_EUDORA Forged mail pretending to be from Eudora
    	*  1.6 MISSING_MIMEOLE Message has X-MSMail-Priority, but no X-MimeOLE
    	*  1.1 MIME_HTML_ONLY_MULTI Multipart message only has text/html MIME parts
    	*  0.1 MISSING_OUTLOOK_NAME Message looks like Outlook, but isn't
    X-Spam-Status: Yes, hits=18.0 required=5.0
    X-Spam-Level: *****************
    See? Thats all the evil shit it noticed in one simple spam message about a "cable filter".. that says it will let you recieve all the movies that you order with your remote control. And I'm like, can't I already do that? And then I notice the gaping hole with blood coming out in the middle of the email's forehead and Ii'm all like SPAMINATED! Yeahhhhh.

    Man even baron didn't update, what is this world coming too?

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: Aliyah - Try Again

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  • Saturday, November 15, 2003

    Arr mother in law calls at 8:30 this morning. WTF. Guess she thinks Tara is still doing her voluneteering at the SPCA in the morning-- negativeee- she had to move her schedule to the mid to late afternoon and we were supposed to sleep in today. GUESS NOT :)

    Speaking of mothers, what if your mom found your weblog/journal?

    David Lynch named best director of "the current era". I <3 David Lynch.

    It would be cool if Starbucks had one of these webpages for their wireless hotspots.

    are you the question answerer that i can ank anything and get a true answer from?

    Have fun with this money map of political campaign contributions. Be sure to click on the "money map" graphic so you can see the other money maps. Good stuff.

    OWNED!! no go far far away and never come back.

    Dump your T-Online stock now!

    Finally a way to pirate itunes music.. and they said it was secure.. pshaw. ATTN OVRLORD.

    And finally, your moment of zen

    Current Mood: sleepy

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    12:04:00 AM Starbuck
    This post goes out to all my homies who are doing good opening night shows-- congratulations!!!

    Well, we went to the japanese steakhouse and did a date thing, it was cute :) I love the steak at this one place we go to-- good stuff! Then we hitailed it to master and commandAr which was a good long yarn-- the fight scenes were top notch and I really enjoyed the movie. You can wait for the DVD though methinks. Then we caught some starbucks afterwards-- my god they must put something addicting in their coffee because it tastes better every time! This time we had Chris in tow and he became absorbed in the T-Mobile hotspot informationals.. I told him he shoulda brought his ibook so I coulda posted to my weblog from the starbucks.. omg. kill me now.

    Anyways, besides being Starbuck's bitch (does this have anything to do with the dead body they found outside the starbucks across the street) and installing SPAMASSASSIN omg omg omg, <3 <3 <3!! Look at the ninjas, LOOK AT THEM. I'm trying to pull up the statistics to tell you how much its done, but I have 125 messages in my work folder full of alerts telling me it found spam. Ok I got some stats- Since 4PM today we've got 795 incoming messages, 168 marked as spam. 21% not bad. I read somewhere that 50% of all email is spam so I guess we're ahead of the curve.

    Anyways its sleep time. Goodnight ewe. If anyone wants to play desert wombat with me tommorow afternoon give me a hollar. I'll have a new headset and need to try out roger wilco, tho thats not a requirement.

    Current Mood: starbucks

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    Thursday, November 13, 2003

    11:23:00 PM Tonights update
    I'm back!

    I went out with Baron and played some pool, and drank a pitcher of beer. It was good times. We tied 4 games to 4 in nine ball and then ran off for some of the good billsear. I drank most of the pitcher, needless to say.. Baron tipped with a $2 bill. It was coool.

    Haven't much to update except to suggest that you peruse the blog links on the left-- I'd say that every one of those links is worth a look, I love em all and you should too!

    My brother saw Blue Man Group on Tuesday... so did Michael from work-- man, they both just said the show was beyond words. I want to be speechless too-- So I'm going to see them next time they are in town. Apparently the star wars clone wars cartoon has been continuing this whole time despite me thinking it only comes on Friday. So go there and watch the latest episodes! HI ESS!!!!!

    Hmm. Comment ze womment. Yes I'm feeling the beer here.

    Current Mood: drunk

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    Wednesday, November 12, 2003

    1:05:00 PM Crime Seen
    Yes. We had 3 cakes.. COUNT EM 3 cakes at the office today. YUM. I had a sliver of the triple chocolate cake. It made me not want to eat lunch. My tummy says foo-- so does the 2 sprites I drank. Drink sodas with a straw, it's bettar for you.


    I had 2 mountain dew items yesterday-- 1 small mt. dew from blimpies, a XL Cruiser Cup mountain dew from Taco Bell and then today I had 2 cans of sprite. All through a straw tho so I think its ok. But I didn't bring my boost with me to work so what was I to do for sustenance while I settled in for the day? Hmm.

    Speaking of blimpies-- I walked right past the spot where today an "intense odor" was detected just outside of the starbucks across the street from my office. heh. No seriously, upon investigating the strong odor this morning they found it came from a 1988 silver volvo with sarasota county licence plates. Parked in the parking lot viewable from the east side of the office from the fifth floor. I heard about it and we took a look to see this scene right out of CSI or something. We turned on the TV and saw images from a chopper overhead. It was cool to see the chopper feed at the same time as what we were seeing out the window. I called my Dad and he said that there was a body found in the car, wrapped in fabric. We noticed that some sort of liquid was coming out from underneath the car and a puddle was forming. I snapped some pics of it through the binoculars. Was it Blood? Here are some more pics. I couldn't gawk for long so I took off, but apparently a tow truck showed up later and towed away the car and the body-- the people who saw that also said when the tow truck turned the corner they saw the body shift in the back seat-- gross! More information here. Yep.

    So uhm.. how's your day going? GAMECUBE COMING. GAMECUBE COMING. GAMECUBE COMING! Beat Seiklus last night. That was a wonderful game-- a free download.. get it and have fun! Gonna play some desert wombat tonight with baron. 24 owned last night. Again. Also-- Podathan give us a blue man group report ok!?!?

    Current Mood: There's a fish.. in the percolator!
    Current Music: Dj Tiesto at dance department [19 - jul-2003] ( - 24 Hours a day the finest in electronical music - Tuned For Life !)

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    Tuesday, November 11, 2003

    7:06:00 PM Gamecube
    Yep I'm getting one. Lets just leave it at that, shall we?

    ANYWAYS. So like... man.. ok I can't keep a lid on it: Gamecube's with Zelda Demo Disk for $79.44 at Wal-Mart. Omgomgomg. The demo disk comes with the first 2 zelda's on the NES and the 2 zelda's on the N64 (But not the zelda on the SNES or any of the game boy versions). Plus a demo of windwaker and a cute little history of zelda video thingy. I've just been strategizing on how to get this deal though. Its only going to be available from 6am to 11am on black friday.. you know, the day after thanksgiving. ANNNDD to top it off, Wal-Mart isn't 24 hours near thanksgiving-- so I'm going to join the massive throng of ppl outside walmart wanting to buy sale priced stuff before it sells out. I've been thinking: should I just buy it now and do the 30 day sale gauruntee? Do I really want ot be waiting in line at the customer service deparment for 3 hours? Should I do the whole layaway game-- put it on layaway to gauruntee it'll be there when I want it during the sale? But then.. then I have to be in line with layaway people. Hmm. What about making other stores pricematch walmart's sale? Could be done... but Wal-Mart will be open first so I should try them first. Thats what I'm gonna do. Anyone wanna go with me? Baron? Pilzizak? I know you want a GC now at this price.. come on I know you'll be in town--lets dew it!

    Harum. Pizaak was actually the first guy I knew with an N64.... back then he was actually about the size of an N64 :P Heh. I remember watching him play mario 64-- the snow level-- watching them do the slide races with the giant penguin over and over again. Man those were the good old days.

    So work was cool today :).

    Uhm.. did I mention I'm getting a gamecube? Gearing up for the computar show this weekend too oh damn which reminds me-- I've gotta reserve a uhaul for sunday. Ok off I go! comment about my gamecube lust plz k thx.

    Current Mood: Excited!
    Current Music: Future Sound Of London - Accelerator - 02 - Stolen Documents

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    Monday, November 10, 2003

    I am hoppy. I made a fun little animated gif for SMBz banner funtyme project of his. I wanted to have one of strongbad's boxing gloves fly across the screen but I got lazy. JA?

    T33chergurl updated again, and so did pizaak. GOOD JARB GUYS. KEEP THE UPDATES FLOWING. Yep. Hey pizaak, whats the update on your video card there? And thanks for the Mr. Lif mp3 hookup-- heh, that tekken3 thing was pretty crazy after all heh. Glad Gator growl was fun-- did you participate in the ORANGE... BLUEEEEE!! chant thing? That's always good stuff. Was the "cane crew dancing troupe" on hand to bang their canes and dance around like crazy? And *HIGH FIVE* for leaving during Sugar Crap. Ya. I bet you weren't the only one.

    So uhm. I played some Desert Combat with baron last night-- man the new version is TITE!! Also progressed to what I expect to be the last few levels of Tron 2.0. That some good shi right there. I also burned my throat on some coffee from Barnes and Nobles.. I got them back by reading a book and not buying it. What? What book was it? Ahh this book of course. I actually just finished reading the complete guide to the chronology which I got from the library. All of those books are quality entertainment... revenge, or whatever suits you at the time. Ahhh.

    I had my date with Billy Blanks and my weight actually went up slightly from the last time I measured. I've heard of this before. I think I may need to bust out my diet analysis program and see whatsup. I dunno, I like my physique but I just don't want it to change-- I'm fighting it. I HAVE THE BOXING GLOVE. Had fun at work today, made some good changes to the system and even talked to a dood from this company who was looking to learn a bit about this product. I'm not expert in the field but I've dealt with that product before and I gave him a healthy heaping of what I thought of it. I think their gonna buy it. Not like they have a choice, there isn't that many CRM products that integrate with Groupwise out there these days.

    So aside from discovering coffee I like at Barnes n Noble (although the CaraMocha Borders is my favorite above all!), creating an animated gif and watching the banned family guy episode I've done nothing to prepare myself for the bag of carrots I'm about to eat and the TV I'm about to watch. Ooooooo... you got DOWNLOADED! ... Brace yourself fooool!

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    Sunday, November 09, 2003

    Gotta love this story out of South Carolina. Its a little Bob Hope but I just now bothered to clickit and what I didn't know was that there was a video to go along with it. Good stuff. Basically police conducted a raid with weapons drawn in a high school hallway. What a great way to go about bidness. In my day they didn't raid the high schools but instead raided the hangouts.

    Going on the roof today. Got my roof patch stuff ready to go.. I hope it stays as cool as it is now cos its going to suck if it gets too hot while we're up there. BUCS GAME though-- atleast I can look forward to drinking some billsears and watching CAROLINA get what they deserve for their fucking high school raid shenanigans. Or however you spell that shit.

    I need to secure a U-haul for next weekend-- we're getting Tara's old bedroom furniture for the second bedroom.. of course that second bedroom needs the carpet pulled up and replaced, and the wall tore open/new window installed. BUT WE ARE GETTING IT REGARDLESS :). Thats fine, better now then nevar.


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    Saturday, November 08, 2003

    I'm going to eat papa johns tonight. CAN YOU FEEL IT? Yeah. Speaking of pizza, in Britney's new song "The Zone" I swear she keeps talking about being in the "p'zone" and I'm all like.. damn I'm hungry.

    MOON CATTLE ROCK. I'm back. I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long. I'm a slacker like that... had to drive up to Jacksonville yesterday and it kicked my ass-- atleast my servar at work didn't crash itself again. It was good like that. I'm trying to get Jon and Jen to hangout with me and Tara tonight. Doubtful, but we'll see what I can pull off. COME OVER AND HANGOUT FOOLIOS. WE HAVE PIZZA AND MOVIE AND ALKY-HOLL. YOU WANT SOME. YES.? ?. holy shit he just called my cellphone woah. Ok he said that Jen is busy so he can't report what their plans are so.. THINGS STILL HANG IN THE BALANCE. Oh and that moon cattle rock thing? that was a reference.. albeit one that only makese sense to me.. a reference to Rent. Think about it.

    Yeah so Express Micro PC says that I can take my CD Burnar to the next COMPUTAR SHOW AND SALE. Its $6 plus $5 parking.. anyone want to go with me? I've got a $1 off admission coupon so it'd bring admission down to $5 plus we could split parking. The show isn't something to behold so much as to shop, although they usually have 1 or 2 cool displays. Yep. I was "found" the other night- my good friend Indi reached out and touched me.. after like, what 5, 6 years? Thanks for finding me-- you've entertained me with your refusals to test the rice. We need to mingle our dogs-- my dogs are incredibly dog friendly, Toby, the little one, does agility and has actually won ribbons in obedience competition-- Kyler, the big one, has taken dog classes but we haven't run her in a competition yet. JA

    So I saw Matrix Revolutions-- so far the reaction has been mixed. Personally I'm like.. I can't not like it, its Matrix. I suppose if I saw it standalone and didn't care about the matrix universe I might have been more like, uhm.. DARK CITY'D and stuff (you know, how the trailer for the movie is like, 100000000000000000000 times better then the original), but actually I found revolutions to be fun and exciting. I was on the edge of my seat.. well, I was curled up in a ball and was peaking over my arms in excitement. SPOILERS: (highlight/crtl+a to see them) I'm pretty sure the reason this movie wasn't as good as it could have been was because the scenes that took place In the matrix just had no umph to them. Although I did like the Trinity gun to head of french-guy scene. That was hot. Did you see those nipples? Unf. The real-life portion of the movie was awesome, altho sortof cheesy at times, but I loved the Zion fight scene, and Niobe's flying part was just wonderful. Plus the face of the matrix and all that.. just pwnage. But the inside-the-matrix-stuff just wasn't as good. /SPOILERS ... Man if you haven't seen The Animatrix you're really missing out. Enter The Matrix also had some important storyline stuff. Like they talked about Ghost being the best gunner and Niobe being a bad ass pilot and make a reference to some big achievement she had that I won't reveal (for it is TEH SPOILER)-- all that stuff happened in Enter The Matrix. Animatrix has some good stuff to and puts alot of what you see in perspective. I am excited about the comic books and look forward to star-wars style fiction books coming out.

    Speaking of Star Wars-- where the hell is that star wars cartoon series thingy? I looked for it on my DVR to record and couldn't find it.. Didn't baron say it was going to premiere this weekend? Oh shi, google says it came out on Friday haha. DOH Well you can download the first episode here: THIS LINK RIGHT THUR. Woah just watched it. Goose bumps subsiding. Ahh. Good shit. I'm glad it was available online :). Its cool cos they even have a "commentary mode". Good stuff. Oops theres the cellphone!

    Negative ghostrider, the pattern is full. Oh well :P I'M STILL GOING TO EAT PIZZA.

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    Tuesday, November 04, 2003

    1:14:00 PM waterbutt
    HAH! Blockbuster coffed up the $4.06 and hooked it up. I dunno it was weird, they were like "Uhm.. we show Solaris as being turned in at 2PM.. but we gave you a break on that one.. and then there was a drop box pickup at 5PM for Queer as Folk disk 6" and then I'm like..." but I was in at 12PM renting a video -- thats when I turned both of those in.. and the clerck even told me I was in on time and everything.. couldn't there have been some sort of mixup, sounds kinda weird to me-- I would have gone into the store 3 times instead of just once.." etc. So he was like well if your sure then I'll take it off. So then they did take it off. Man. I read on that one site I linked to earlier that this woman has them sign her reciept each time she brings it in because they are so bad at beeping it in on time. I guess the moral to the story is just not to wait till the last minute. Hrmph.

    So now I'm waiting for my roofer to call me... well, he isn't my roofer yet but I'd like to hire him-- problem is we have problems getting together. So we'll see if I actually get to have him take a look at the house today or not. My monopoly pieces have not netted me any prizes yet. I am going to peel some more today.

    SOoo o .. o... uhm. FOOSBALL and uhm. uhm... more of ascii cat, I already found your christmas present NWS, and also uhm... also... nothing. yeah. thats it.

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    Monday, November 03, 2003

    11:23:00 PM Hexxagon
    urgh. passed 160lbs on my shitty scale(tm). THIS MEANS TAE BO IN THE MORNING. Gotta set a goal for myself.. gotta set a goal.. what do you get the guy who has everything? Hmm.. external USB hard drive would be nice.. so would a DV camera.. or digital camera with zoom.. sluggy freelance merchandise? Homestarrunner stuff? Adult swim stuff? holy shit I love Aqua Teen Hunger Force.. hell all of the shows on adult swim really.. hmm. what to get what to get. (checks amazon wishlist) gameboy sp, dvd burrner, UPS, twin peaks dvds, segway... computer speakers... hrm. I would like a working fucking CD Burner but NOOO SOME STUPID ASS COMPUTER COMPANY IS IGNORING ME. BECOME WRAITH

    Yeah that movie owned too btw. Especially William Shatner's stunning parody on the MTV movie awards. Stunning as in, set phasers to stun.

    So leave me some comments about what I should get as a reward for dropping back into the high 140s/low 150s hmm. Gamecube, xbox? bah. Bucs tickets? Hmm. GPS? haha a real scale? New PDA? Hmm a laptop? Mabye like the new ibook my brother is getting? Except.. not a fucking mac? hmm. Something sleek and sexy-- with wifi, that I could bring with me to borders with a too-long sleeved shirt that my fingers barely poke from, blogging with my caramocha. Fuck I'd just take a caramocha actually, those are damn good. Hmm a shitload of movie passes that would be cool.. I love going to the movies.. hmm... Real MP3 player? Wow I'm really warming up to the movie passes idea.. speaking of which... PURCHASE CONFIRMED - Matrix Revolutions tickets ARE MINE MUHAHAHHAHAHAH

    So shi I dunno... I guess my motivation is to be able to put on my old pants and not feel squeezed into them.. yep.

    SO my trip was awesome.. I'd post pictures but I'm too lazy... heh. yeah.. me. But uhm.. werk is good.. and speaking of werk I'm about to WERK BLOCKBUSTER. They sent me a notice saying that I owed a late fee from a video I turned in late.. but uhm according to Tara we turned in *2* videos at the same time-- yet I only have a late fee for one of them.. could it be a.... BLOCKBUSTER CONSPIRACY!!!?? yeah. I think it is.. fuckers. Wait till I stick it to em. Man I've been a customer of theirs before they were even a glint in Viacom's eye. I'll get you my pretty.. I'LL SHOW YOU A GLINT IN YOUR EYE! ... not carrying fucking Real Genius and shit.. what kind of a movie store are you!? I'd expect no La Blue Girl but this? THIS?!

    Yep. Anyways I've rambled on long enough for you guys.. I've got a date with billy blanks at 7am.. DOUBLE TIME!

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