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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

8:39:00 AM One fish two fish..
Three fish blue fish.

You know, I once had a Betta fish... it was a wonderful fish. I can't remember what I named it, but if you read the incredible article I linked above about Betta fish and terrorism, you'll see that I'm not the only admirer of our fair fishy friends.

My fish, unfortunately, died of heat exposure at the ripe age of 1 years old. You see, he was left on a window sill by a certain ex-girlfriend of mine and well, she said that he seemed to be swimming around a whole lot more then usual so she thought he was happy to be in the sun! Oh nos! Well, there was nothing I could do for the guy when I got home from school after a full day of him being on the sill.. I had no idea it would hurt him either-- I tried to revive him-- his body trembled and shook randomly, giving me hope that he might pop back into this life-- every once in a while he actually seemed to come back, but then.. he would start floating upside down near the top. It wasn't soon after that his playmate, the ex's Betta fish, also died. Its fair to say that this playmate wasn't really a playmate for him so much as his arch-nemisis, and if you forgot to put up the card-board-seperator between their tanks they would stare at each other all day puffed up, ready to strike-- but damnit I think they were buds and when my fish went, so went the other.

Here's to you Betta fish:

Bud Light Presents: Real Fish of Genius
(real fish of genius)
Today we salute you, Mr. Betta Fish of the Seas
(Mr. Betta Fish of the Seas!)
You've given us hours of entertainment, while watching you puffed up to the twice your size, staring at yourself in a mirror!
(Lookout its another fiishh!)
Showing the world who'se boss, you'll stare down any fish sees you-- you'll show them whose king of your 4 inch square tank!
(Small ass tankkk!!!)
If it wasn't for you, many people would be without pets in their home-- but we've got you to scare the crap out of our beanie-babies!
(Scare them stuffed animals!)
So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light, little fishy. You know the way to make us smile, and scare the crap out of all the rest of the animals in the room
(Mr. Betta Fish of the Seeaasssss)

[Anheuser-Busch, Budweiser Beer, St. Louis, Missouri]

Yeah. Swim on buddies!

Current Mood: swimmy

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Monday, December 29, 2003

6:32:00 PM Headache...
Mabye its a tuma?? tuma.



Have a good holidaze thingy? Did the tooth fairy bring you what you wanted? I got what I wanted :) :) Yay me!.

Uhm. I just put a period.. after... an.. exclamation point. Uhm. yeah.


Bucs... suck. This year they got owned, 7 and 9 record. Last year we were 12 and 4, the year before that 9 and 7... and I *know* we've had worse season records (1983, 85, 86, for all 3 of those years we were 2 and 14 for instance..1991 3 and 13... the last time we had a losing season was in 96-- when we were 6 and 10.. although the year before that in 95 we were 7 and 9 like we are this year... Hmmm).

I know we'll do better next year, it'll be interesting to see. This time is one of those times where we didn't sell off the team, or players didn't run away for bigger money then we could offer-- we fought off the invaders at the gate only to have a losing season despite all that-- I blame it on injuries and then on management difficulties/morale-- the injuries brought losses, which started the vicious cycle. Now we've got to overcome that and do better next year.

I know. We'll do better. Next year.

Mood: beat

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Saturday, December 27, 2003

10:21:00 AM Oh
This is disgusting: Patriot Act II Passed. The ends to which they went to get this thing past is just sickening... fucking bastards. I mean seriously, don't HIDE THIS SHI, SHOW IT TO US, LET US TALK ABOUT IT.

Being able to add "riders" to bills and attach and hide bills within bills should be illegal. Just like naming bills, DON'T CALL IT THE PATRIOT ACT IF IT REALLY MEANS ASSRAPE THE CITIZENS AND ROLLBACK THE CONSTITUTION ACT. Sure I know that the word PATRIOT in that bill is an anacronym, but seriously who wants to to be the guy who votes AGAINST the Patriot act? Fuck.

Current Mood: iamgrizzled Current Music: Overlord - Hybrid Mix 4 - CD2

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Theres a fish... In.. the perculator!!

Woot woot! I got it, I got it.. Woot Woot! I got it I got it!@

Gimme a T.. gimme a W... yeah... IT IS MINE!

Second Season due out September/October 2004 in Australia. Can we say.. IMPORT? I don't care if I'll need a PAL to NTSC converter and a region free dvd player, IT'S COMING HERE BABY!! WOOT!! I think I'm gonna get my brother to borrow the tapes from the USF library for the second season episodes cos I'm sure the wife will want to see them :)

So what would you do: I see a guy turn a corner in a red car in my rear view mirror, he hits the curb-- one of his hub caps pops off and rolls onto the side of the road, he doesn't notice and keeps driving. Would you go back and get the hubcap for him and follow him home and give it to him at his driveway? But he thinks your following him for bad reasons and a high speed chase ensues? And also if you see a dog sitting in a yard, just.. sitting there, is it safe to assume that that dog belongs in that yard and that its not lost? So you don't end up trying to rescue it only to have the owners come running out screaming "DON'T STEAL MY DOG! THIEF!! THEIF!!" and then the guy that you just followed around comes barreling around the corner and screams "STOP FOLLOWING ME!!!"?

None of that actually happened, but well I mean I saw a dog in a yard and thought about what it was doing there and I did see a dood lose a hubcap... but I did nothing, because I'm.. I'm ______ .. what am I? Tell me in comments. WOOT.

Current Mood: hmmm? Current Music: Overlord - Hybrid Mix 4 - CD2

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Thursday, December 25, 2003

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

4:19:00 PM Sup
So today was.... short. Got up, went to work, office closed early.. beat on computers after the office closed and Baron abandoned me. Wife went to the mall to get peasants for friends. Then came home and began wrapping presents for CHRISTMAS EVE 2003. Yep.

Also talked to the neighbors.. man they kick ass, I'm happy to have good neighbors.. can't vouch for the people down the street a ways- they suck. But other then that life is good. My dog ate my loaf of bread. That sucked.


Current Mood: happy

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Monday, December 22, 2003

11:33:00 PM Nugget of the day.
Yep, here it is.. and yes yes, all white meat and all that:

Here is an INCREDIBLE resource showing the Differences Between The Movies And The Books of the Lord Of The Ring series. Sersiously awesome, everyone needs to gobble up some LoTR goodness :).

I'll be seeing RoTK not this weekend but the weekend after probably, or atleast the week after this because we're going with Dore who won't be in town till Monday of next week... DOH!

Until then I can hope that Santa brings me good stuff (Mario Kart.. Mario Kart MARIO KART!) heh.

Yep. I went to the airport today to drop off some late mail.. the line at the post office was INSANE. or.. as baron and I say it.. INANE. And some other LJ users say "INSEEM"... yeahp.. anyways like I was saying, it was INSANE and well I was slick cos I had 3 packages-- each one weighed less then the 16oz maximum for dropping packages in "blue mail bins"-- so I made my way to the place where people usually put letters into "the slot" and I found the "drawer" or whatever and put my packages in it and left in a few minutes flat! People probably were standing in that line for hours and I was like..SHAZAM! Yayyyyyy.

Saturn changed their service hours.. (Sonofa!) but I can still drop my car off-- its just that now I have to use a "dropbox" instead of a "service person" .. and stuff. Hmm I want to play a video game but.. too lazy to install anything and gamecube.. needs... must.... ok ok I'll play some windwaker mabye :)

Current Mood: happy

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Sunday, December 21, 2003

10:16:00 PM The real deal
ok OK ok. got some poloraid pictars for you to shake, finally :) And here's the writeup:

We got up to Minnesota after barely making our conneciton in Atlanta (delays due to a rain storm in Georgia), and we settled into our hotel room to discover WOOT! Ethernet in the hotel room!! yeehawww-- Once I made a quick blog update ate some pizza and unpacked it was time for bed.

Woke up on Sunday to get some preliminary work done-- this was the view from our hotel room, we had a 1st floor room. We got picked up and went to work straight away.. took a walk back to the hotel for lunch to eat at the hotel resteraunt, and then finished up the workday. Got back home with alot of "homework" to do but we decided to go out and see the TCF Holidazzle parade first. So we taxid downtown and found a skywalk perch to watch the parade from (downtown MInneapolis is ruled by skywalks). Here's some shots of the parade. The parade was cute :). Afterwards we bought me a cap at target because my ears were freezing, and took a walk to find something to eat. Along the way we passed by the famous Orpheum Theatre well we're not sure if it is THE orpheum.. but well, its one of them :). And then we ARRIVED at BLOCK E -- its kinda like Centry Ybor but.. Minneapolis style. It was cool :) We found a Chevy's Tex Mex which is just a different name for Rio Bravo. Unfortunately they've closed all the Rio's in Tampa so it was a treat to be able to eat at one up there.. well.. one.. with a different.. name. But anyways it kicked ass! Then we taxi'd home and we worked until the sun came up. Literally. I took a one hour nap and Tara caught a 3 or 4 hour nap.

I wokeup and went straight to Dunn Brothers coffee where I was greeted with a huge STRONG 20oz coffe and this great award the text bubble says "I ain't got time to read!" hahaha owned. Anyways we took our nights worth of work and went straight back to work. We knocked out that days worth of work, wen't home, had leftover lunch for dinner and then made a snowman.

Next day we wokeup, wen't straight back to work, kicked ass, finished and got on a plane and wen't home. MInneapolis is awesome, I highly recommend checking it out if you get the chance. The city life is top notch!!

Thats all for now, ooh check out the pictures dir for other pictures I didn't link to :). Goodnight!

Current Mood: happy

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Thursday, December 18, 2003

3:14:00 PM poloraid pictars
Hey guys I'm back :)

Sorry I haven't been updating that much, I suck :(

Anyways I've got some poloraid pictars for you guys to shake, so when I get em up I'll link to em! Yay!

Its cold, brrrrrr. I've been so busy lately, I haven't been able to intarweb as much as I used to, I hope I can get back into the swing of things.

Current Mood: dizzy
Current Music: crashed by car - glow projector

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Sunday, December 14, 2003

10:32:00 AM Saddam==Owned
Bahahahh AHAHAHHH OWNED!!! :P I'm so happy.. now if we can only find Osama.

I'm in Minnesota and I'm sitting in a beatiful hotel room with ETHERNET!! And also theres a nice king size bed, and a jacuuzi right next to it! :P. This hotel has a full on water park, an ice skating rink, full conference center, etc-- check out more of it here: Marriot Hotel at the Depot.

Anyways, going to get to werk, having pizza for breakfast and I'm taking lots of pictars! Seeya!

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Saturday, December 13, 2003

12:27:00 AM 717
Two little brown squishy things and one of those things with a piece of wood in it. You know what I'm talking about? You know how I looked over yonder, we'll yonder's my dog.. etc? Yeah do you? Mabye? Hrm.

We were talking about Garfield in Paradise the other day and I realized that some scenes from this and other Garfield movies make up some of the most frightening moments of my video watching experience-- like in Garfield's Halloween Adventure where Garfield and Odie end up dressing like pirates and end up, in their search for candy, on a deserted pirate island where a 100 year old cabin boy waits for the pirates to return for their treasure.. the part where the pirates show up at midnight and return for their treasure while odie and garfield hide in the cupboard has got to be the scariest thing ever-- its made me irrationally afraid of the midnight hour my entire life and I haven't even been on a deserted pirate island before! I mean, I suppose a bucs game might count but still!! And who could forget Garfield In The Rough where John takes Garfield and Odie camping but meanwhile theres an esacped panther on the loose.. and I've always had this irrational fear that if I leave one of my feet over the edge of the bed when I go to sleep that one of the "panthers" will attack them! Or mabye that was one of kittens I had when I was little... That scene where the panther attacks their campsite is like permanently ingrained into my memory and i still kinda get a *teeny* bit scared thinking about the music and the scene and the sound of the panther. And don't even get me started on gremlins-- man, the one I have keeps asking me to feed it after midnight, it like unplugs my alarm clock and messes with the lighting in my house to make it seem earlier then it is. WTF

I'm going to Minnesota tommorow! I should be reporting to you guys if work doesn't keep me 100% busy.. I'll have dialup at the very least, gonna try to shoot for the ethernet at the hotel if I can. woot!

Current Mood: happy
Current Music: 1 02Sasha - Paganini Traxx Zoe (timo maas mix)

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Thursday, December 11, 2003

12:36:00 AM HUPdate
Yeah! I updated WOOHOO!! Lets start the parade!!


Uhm so where was I? Well basically I've been hit from all sides at work-- they're sending me to Minneapolous on Saturday along with a brandnewOHSOHOT Apple PowerBook - a 12" with superdrive. YUM! Thats my concellation prize :)

Yep. Gonna hit up the mall of america while I'm up there-- I'll take pictures and post a full report-- my camera's got fresh batteries so expect something coool :). I'll have intarweb access so if I have time I'll post some entries up there.. but like I said I've been so busy I've been forgetting to update lately... on top of that I'm setting up windows server 2003 for another project, and I must say its also tres sexy.. good good product so far :).

So I'm sorry I haven't updated lately.. fortunately everyone ELSE has been though! Sleep time for now and then tommorow its windows server day for meee.

Current Mood: vedddy vedddy tired
Current Music: DJ Tiesto - Walhalla

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Saturday, December 06, 2003

3:06:00 PM Hmmmm.
Well, I cut into my driveway today with a diamoned tipped blade on a circular saw. It was great, it worked just like I hoped it would, it was easy to cut and the entire dog fence ordeal is nearly over :)

Just a quick note to bring you this story which casts doubt as to the veracity of the claims that the woman who got "trampled" at WalMart made. My story is still true tho and I'm sticking to it! In fact I just turned off the gamecube after playing a little windwaker, thanks to Baron.

Current Mood: happy

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Thursday, December 04, 2003

And now, eternity.

Be still now
I am with you,
I am deep within you;
You are at peace.
You cannot be harmed;
You will not suffer.
Breathe deeply,
Breathe in the healing love of the universe,
And breathe out the sickness which has taken you.
I am with you.

Have not betrayed your ideals
Your ideals betrayed you
What are you going to do?

Your eyes will not close
Your tongue barely speaks
But I can still feel you

I can still feel you
So come, come relax,
Grin, let the changes in
Come on, come relax
Let the laughter, let the laughter
Let the laughter begin

Relax, grin, let the changes in.

Time is done
The sun has gone
It's too late
Eternity has come.

Current Mood: peaceful
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2:34:00 AM maths
I love this. (you might want to right click and save target as.. its about 20mb). The way he holds the Jerry Gum or whatever is just so fucking ridiculously awesome. It made my day. Did you like it?

Current Mood: happy

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

3:33:00 PM Hawbit
So as I predicted we'll be seeing the hobbit soon enough as a prequel to Peter Jackson's wonderful Lord of The Rings movies. They are so awesome-- I'm so psyched to see ROTK!!!

Tonight I will pickup this memory card from buybest. And I will finally be able to save my game after finishing the Deku Tree level on Ocarina of time :P. Hoorj! Uhm. uhm uhm. Oo I ate at egg platter today with Tara and Baron, it was good stuff!

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Monday, December 01, 2003

6:30:00 PM 10,000 ?

Thats all I have to say about that mm kayyy?

Anyways I am now faced with the situation of playing gamecube or watching the adult swim my DVR hopefully captured last night. If I do play some GC I prolly won't get *too* into it, since Baron hasn't come through yet with a memory card for me. HOOK IT UP YO! :P

Had starbucks today at lunch just after eating a meal... wow, that fixed my afternoon-full-stomach-slump problem! But it did cost me $3. Hmm.

Current Mood: happy
Current Music: Philip Glass & David Bowie - Heroes (Aphex Twin Mix)

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