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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Read this and then tell me what you think.


Current Mood: FYARWORKS
Current Music: Paul Oakenfold - live mix Miami

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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Bowling for columbine renders slowly

I will watch it.

Redoing the Deer Hunter scene with this gun would be quite teh funnay. no?


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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

9:53:00 PM MoveOn
Do you think airing this ad would show a poltiical bias by the TV station airing the ad? during the superbowl? Hmm mabye. But what if another ad was being run by "the other side"? Well this is the case, yet CBS refuses to air the ad citing poltical bias. I'm not sure about you, but I think that airing an ad by the whitehouse, yet not airing this ad actually *adds up* to bias. Either don't air the whitehouse ad, or air this one too-- you can't have your cake...

Current Mood: I WANT TO EAT IT and yes, its still paul oakenfold.
Current Music: Paul Oakenfold Goa Mix Silver - Paul Oakenfold Goa Mix Silver -

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

8:39:00 PM Made my day
This is special-- I mean.. I don't care if you don't agree with whatever or whoever.. but the fact that these guys got to perform for The Pope and that he seemed to be visibly enjoying himself, that they were able to entertain the man is just too cute :). I dunno mabye its just me.

Current Mood: whats that you say?
Current Music: Paul Oakenfold Goa Mix Silver - Paul Oakenfold Goa Mix Silver -

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Monday, January 26, 2004

My wife pointed out something today that I failed to notice in yesterday's article about Wal-Mart. In it there was a link to the full Washington Post story on Wal-Mart's latest efforts to improve it's public image.

If you read between the lines, amongst other things, the article seems to suggest a link between:

  • Wal-Mart getting busted for having illegals in October, then
  • Wal-Mart increasing its campaign contributions from being the 71st of the top 100 in 2002, to the #2 highest contributor in November
  • Now Bush proposes immigration reform in December!


    Wal-Mart officials, who initially responded to the raids [on illegals] only with pledges of cooperation, now say President Bush's recent proposal to grant legal status to undocumented immigrants shows the issue should be one of policy debate, not criminal prosecution
    So what your saying is, Wal-Mart gets caught with their pants down, contributes a bunch of money, then suddenly the laws are being proposed to change, and now Wal-Mart is saying "Hey guys we were right!"

    Hmm.. is it true? Maybe. But it seems awfully too coincidental. Emphasis on awful.

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  • Sunday, January 25, 2004

    They are starting to strike back at all the criticism being thrown at them.. what if it wasn't locking workers in the store, or strangling suppliers and forcing them to move overseas or screwing citizens out of jobs by hiring illegals or being stupid bastards or lowering prices to destroy the competition and then raising them back up afterwards amongst other things. Fuckers. I hope we kill them off-- from what I understand walmart thinks its the future-- that everything will be sold through walmart ultimately and that since their way is the best way other businesses will crumble trying to compete.

    Not if we can help it. I shop at Target instead of Walmart, shouldn't you?

    This is also very interesting - Top 10 Media-Fed Myths debunked by ABC-- amongst them "Republicans shrink the government" when actually "for more than 75 years, no Republican administration has cut the size of government. Since George W. Bush became president, government spending has risen nearly 25 percent. And the spending increase isn't just tied to the war on terrorism."

    And finally... Sir Bill Gates?

    Current Mood: FRENCH FRIES!!!
    Current Music: Paul Oakenfold Goa Mix Silver - Paul Oakenfold Goa Mix Silver -

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    Saturday, January 24, 2004

    10:42:00 AM Hey Ya Charlie Brown!

    Good stuff there, good stuff.

    So I'm currently baking bread. Thats right. ME. I'm the breadmaker heh.

    Also, recording twinpeaks tapes onto VCD. I have the season 1 dvd but like.. the season 2 tapes just don't compare in the quality :(. Oh well, hoping season 2 comes out on DVD someday.

    For now... we.. weekend!

    Current Mood: CHEFMASTER!!!!!!

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    Thursday, January 22, 2004

    My vote cancels out yours


    Current Mood: wootikens/ WUT ANOTHER NON ICON MOOD/ and baron's gamecube is borked. fuck.

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    Wednesday, January 21, 2004


    Thats it.

    Yep. Baron said "gamecube=dead" and he hasn't responded since. I hope everything is OK OVER IN BAROLAND.

    Current Mood: image source equals somecatpicture dot JIFF

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    Tuesday, January 20, 2004

    Is.... is...

    The last starfighter is dead!


    Ahh. so uhm. GAMECUBE LINUX anyone? oh so hot. I'm excited :)

    Uhm. Uhm. Thats it. I feel that I've gained *some* direction when it comes to the issues that surround the '04 elections. But as an all important Florida voter I'm still not 100% decided. Which I suppose is a good thing. But I still get to vote in the democratic primaries and well its gonna count for *something* so I better get my thinking cap on. I like what Kerry said "Patriot Act needs to be reformed"- "Rollback tax cuts for the rich and put that money into medicare," that kinda stuff. But I'm still not convinced. And I *know* that Dean guy doesn't have my vote at this point, he's all too scary.

    Here's a song they just produced: Howard Dean the Scream Machine. This from actual sounds and utterances he made last night during a speech he made during the end of the Iowa caucuses. Craziness!

    Thats it for now. Going to try to beat baron's scores at MARIO KART YES. YES.


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    Monday, January 19, 2004

    12:27:00 PM I love it.

    Mars Animation but this time with music! :)

    So good!

    Current Mood: Mario Kart?

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    Sunday, January 18, 2004

    Not that I have any issues with the employees of Wal-Mart, its just everything else they stand for. Fuckers.

    Anyways here's the latest shocker-- apparently in some non-24-hour stores, they LOCK-IN the night workers to "protect them from people breaking into the store" or if they leave the store to take a smoke break or something from the "violent elements of the neighborhood." First off, I do not see at all how simply LOCKING THE DOORS is going to keep the criminal element out! I don't understand it, like.. oh no I can't just break the glass on the glass doors or, ram em with my car or whatever. Its really to keep the employees from stealing shit and to keep them from taking breaks and getting away from work. Which ultimately adds up to people dying because the paramedics can't get in, and stuff like that (this actually happened). Fuckers. I shop at Target now for all my Wal-Mart shopping trips.. and while Target may be guilty of the same practicies I know they aren't the #1 violator, and for that Wal-Mart I say fuck you! :)


    Kevin Smith's next flick's trailer is online now. The flick: Jersey Girl. Jennifer Lopez is in the movie with Ben Affleck. Gigli part 2? Why so? Well. WHERE IS JAY AND SILENT BOB? NEI THEY ARE NO LONGER IN THE MOOVIES. I guess after Jay and Silent Bob strike back Kevin Smith was all.. well, I guess we don't need them anymore, shit they got their own movie! And well I agree, its too much at this point. But like.. atleast a cameo? Plz? I mean the movie looks cute, granted, and I did take note of how they downplayed J Lo's role in the whole thing. But still, seriously. Liv Tyler? I guess so. I dunno. I will see it eventually to pay respect to the MAN Kevin Smith. But I can't think about it right now. No. I cannot.

    So uhm. Uhm. Uhm. Yeah. WOOT. I beat this wonderful game Beyond Good and Evil-- a seriously wonderfully awesome beautiful SWEET game that I recommend everyone checkout!


    Current Mood: woot!

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    Saturday, January 17, 2004

    12:14:00 PM Obitrice
    This car OWNS. Seriously, this is awesome.



    Current Mood: Beyond Good and Evil

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    Friday, January 16, 2004

    Thursday, January 15, 2004

    Surveys have been done that say Americans are overwhelmingly against gay marriage. Well, the same surveys show that they also overwhelmingly object to discrimination against gays. These seem to be opposite facts, but they're not. "Marriage" is about sex. When you say "gay marriage," it becomes about gay sex, and approving of gay marriage becomes implicitly about approving of gay sex. And while a lot of Americans don't approve of gay sex, that doesn't mean they want to discriminate against gay people. Perfectly rational position. Framed in that way, the issue of gay marriage will get a lot of negative reaction. But what if you make the issue "freedom to marry," or even better, "the right to marry"? That's a whole different story. Very few people would say they did not support the right to marry who you choose.

    More here on how framing and language can OWN J00. A very interesting read and quite educational.

    Current Mood: bad taste in my mouf

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    Goodnight, moonlight ladies
    Rockabye sweet baby james
    Deep greens and blues
    are the colors that I choose
    Wait wait thats not the correct order. Lemme check with my extended brainoogle thingy.. leesseee
    There is a young cowboy he lives on the range
    His horse and his cattle are his only companions
    He works in the saddle and he sleeps in the canyons
    Waiting for summer, his pastures to change

    And as the moon rises he sits by his fire
    Thinking about women and glasses of beer
    And closing his eyes as the doggies retire
    He sings out a song which is soft but itís clear
    As if maybe someone could hear

    Goodnight you moonlight ladies
    Rockabye sweet baby james
    Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose
    Wonít you let me go down in my dreams
    And rockabye sweet baby james

    Now the first of december was covered with snow
    And so was the turnpike from stockbridge to boston
    Lord, the berkshires seemed dream-like on account of that frosting
    With ten miles behind me and ten thousand more to go

    Thereís a song that they sing when they take to the highway
    A song that they sing when they take to the sea
    A song that they sing of their home in the sky
    Maybe you can believe it if it helps you to sleep
    But singing works just fine for me


    My dad used to sing that to me when it was bedtime when I was little. I guess I'm thinking about it now because I've been up all night .. working I'm still *at* work-- people are coming in having just slept and woken up and I'm like, still wearing the same clothes from yesterday.

    Woot! DVD is done burning, I'm outta here!

    Current Mood: need sleeeep

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    Tuesday, January 13, 2004

    I love this "* 1 terabyte = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. Once formatted, the actual available storage capacity varies depending on operating environment." ... how long till we start buying harddrives with that disclamer? Well for $1,200 they are selling a 1TB EXTERNAL hard drive! Woot! The LaCie bigger disk

    This is an interesting story, more background here. Its funny cos my wife was playing Yahoo's "PileUp" game and I was all "Hey this kid got suspended for 3 days for sending out a computer message" and she's all "what"? and I'm all "here I'll show you".. and then well.. the computer message popped up on her screen, causing her to screw up in the game. Needless to say I'm now suspsended for 3 days as well. heh

    That story reminds me of my computer days in high school.. I gotta give props to them, it trained me well-- the rudimentary programming skills I picked up the several BASIC classes I took over the years have really kicked in help out at work often... (Apple II BASIC in 2nd grade, another Apple BASIC class in 6th grade, TRS80 Basic in 8th grade and finally MSDOS QBASIC in 10th grade) Although I had a few stints in C++ as extracurricular classes and a PASCAL class in 11th grade so it wasn't ALL BASIC. Heh. Well, the computer labs I was using in 10th and 11th grade were running NETWARE 3 and probably 4 (which, sadly, is still used on our mail server at the office)--anyways there was a very similar NET SEND command and I remember messing around with it in my class-- I think once or twice I sent out a message to the whole class, as did my fellow class mates messing around. But instead of suspsending us our teacher said ok very funny, and quickly disabled the ability to send on the network. If the teachers in this story I linked wanted to disable NET SEND from receiving on all the computers on their network it wouldn't be as easy :P Thanks Microsoft. Anyways those were fun days.. I remember one day after school we snuck into the "auxillary computer lab" on the 2nd floor of the school, and we installed descent and played 8 player. That was fucking awesome. Before we had a network at my parents house, we were only doing dialup and kali internet games.. so playing networked descent was fucking unreal. I'll always have a special place in my heart for networked gaming-- I mean, internet gaming is fun and all, but it simply does not satisfy the way networked gaming does.. I mean, it gets to the point now where we network our fucking gamecubes-- thats how good networked gaming is.

    Oh yeah and about sneaking into the computer lab after school-- we got caught too.. and well, the teacher just asked us to delete the files off the hard drives and to not do it again! What a great teacher! This, despite the fact that we broke the batch sequence that started up netware on the computers in order to get to the dos prompt to run descent. Man, we were leet haxx0rs back then. WOOT.

    Thought for the day.

    Current Mood: high flyar

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    Monday, January 12, 2004

    7:14:00 PM Sluggy.. Freelance?
    So this is how they end up - the slugs hanging by a metre of slime, with their sexual organs entwined in this strange embrace
    Taken from this interesting pictorial of slugs mating.

    I had no idea!

    Also, who could forget, LIMECAT.

    I once saw an intersting cartoon that documented the different sexual matings of animals.. it was quite funny, it was at some obscure film festival at the Tampa Theatre. God bless the Tampa Theatre, I need to patronize it more often. Its just.. so ... well, its not as convenient as one would like and I really don't like having to deal with beggars on the way there/way back. It got to the point where I used to keep change in my pocket for them. Tara has an interesting story about this as well. Comment about it won't you please dear? Ahh she is home. YAY!

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: The American Analog Set - 10 - Slow Company

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    Sunday, January 11, 2004


    I think the NFL should make a donation to fix this: NFL Bans Playoff Game Telecast for Charity

    Go packers! Mabye?

    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: Daft Punk - Veridis Quo

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    8:32:00 AM SP EEE D
    Woot, my one of my favorite card games flashisized. Anyone else remeber it? I got 2094 points and up to level 3 before I gave up for the moment. WHATABOUT U EH?

    Today marks Mario Kart Party 2-- going to try to get some insane mario kart action going on heah.


    Current Mood: happy
    Current Music: Kelis - Milk Shake

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    Friday, January 09, 2004

    Sunday, January 04, 2004

    9:30:00 PM Flappy New Year!
    Hey Guys, just wanted to wish all of you out there in radio land a happy new year :). May this year be kind to each of you.

    I think this article is a metaphor. Its about a kid who manages to crawl up the drop chute of a stuffed animal claw game-- you see, he wanted the toys so bad that he wished he could have them all-- but you see what happened when he got his wish? He was trapped *inside the game*-- The article's worth a click, theres a great pic of the kid inside the machine :).

    I think thats a lesson we should all think about-- yes.

    nerdlevel++; Managed to play **8 PLAYER MARIO KART** on Saturday night, and get pretty toasted at the same time. I gotta say that I had some of the most fun I've ever had playing a video game that night-- I was laughing so hard and just enjoying the hell outta myself with my brothers, Isaak, Baron, Tara, Jen and Jackie. When we played 8 player mode we played 8 players we played coop with 2 to a Kart-- at one point we played 6 karts 1v1v1v1v1v1 which was so crazy its not even funny. We had 3 gamecubes, 1 46" widescreen tv, and 2 17" vga monitors all in one room (you can some pics here more here). One thing I gotta say about Mario Kart:Double Dash is that I wish the multiplayer was more complete-- for instance, we had 3 gamecubes and 8 people-- so we put 4 players on the bigscreen and the other 2 pairs on the remaining 2 gamecubes. Only problem was that since there were only 2 players on each gamecube there could only be a maximum of 2 karts per cube entered into the game! So that meant that those playing on the 46" screen would have to play coop or we would have to only use 2 cubes if we all wanted ot have a kart. Thats annoying.. but beyond that I think Mario Kart:DD is one of my favorite games evar for multiplayer :).

    We also played 1080 Avalanche multiplayer, and that was fun-- it only has racing mode for multiplayer, which was a disappointment since we wanted something to mix it up a little-- a non racing game woulda been nice. Plus we passed up kirby's air ride for it, and now we kinda wish we had that instead :P

    Also we played Pacman VS with 3 wavebirds and a gameboy advanced sp-- let me tell you, that was wonderfully good! Basically the gameboy advanced screen shows the regular packman board, while the 3 wavebird players look at the tv and play the "ghosts" in the game, they chase after the pacman guy-- but the ghosts can't see the whole board, they can only see around them in the immediate vicinity-- so you have to work together to get pacman and if you get pacman you switch controllers and go from there. Its wildly fun!

    Also played 4 player Madden 2004-- me and Jon vs Baron and Isaak. I basically let Jon guide the team to victory-- he called the plays and told me what to do-- which helped me make some awesome plays! It was fun. We beat them like, 23 to 10 I think. Yep.

    OK Thats it for now, going to play some prince of persia sands of time-- what a great game!

    Current Mood: happy

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