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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Food for thought

I'm doing meh. Meh. Also I got Doom for the gameboy advance, good stuff!!

Current Mood: m. e. h.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

11:58:00 PM w.bloggar
Man... my w.bloggar blogger blogging tool brokeded itself and my will to blog decresead proportionately to the increased ease at which I was able to blog BEFORE this happened.

Mental note, look into text messaging your blog entries

So last night I was laying in bed, coulnd't sleep.. thinking of cool ideas and started to think back to my old BBS days and then I realized... I need to redesign my weblog! I love this design but it needs to incorporate more of *me* into it. I mean the pic of toby in the upper left corner is pretty sweet but I'm thinking of something more. Something that emphasizes the CELERITY in eh? Mabye not. I dunno. Some day.. mabye.

While I was googling around for inspiration I did find this though: BBSMates!-- its like ClassMates for BBS people! OMG! Heh. I saw a few cool things on there and registered my old board.. ahh .. memories.

BTW: video I put together for Chris' 21st birthday. WOOT!


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Sunday, February 22, 2004

First off we have an article discussing how those who voted for bush in 2004 are now considering crossing over and not voting for Bush. Either by not voting at all or by voting for the "other side." I know atleast one person who voted for bush last year who wishes dearly for a suitable alternative to him.

Secondly we have this.. and thats all I have to say about that.

And finally we have this incredibly scary report from the pentagon that the whitehouse is trying to keep secret, where the pentagon is now placing environmental disaster as the #1 threat to national security. Read an abridged version of the report as published by Fortune Magazine here-- it basically paints the picture that while the US appears to be prepared for this, we may face nuclear aggression from other countries who will no doubt place the blame for the climate change on us, us being huge SUV driving oil burning bitches.

That report truly scares me... The Fortune article came out before that guardian report about the pentagon's take on this and in that article they seem to say that the chances are small that this could happen, but past tendencies have shown rapid climate change occurring WITHOUT mankind making it happen. So it probably will happen.. it just a matter of time. The thing I worry about is whether Bush is man enough to take this report seriously and take action. If the Pentagon is taking it seriously, he better fucking take it seriously.. and if he doesn't that's strike three.

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Saturday, February 14, 2004

I just wanted to take a moment to bitch about something. disabling right click is stupid. IT DOES NOTHING. NO. THING.

You can't stop people from "stealing" your content by disabling right click... you can't stop them from viewing the source code of your webpage by disabling right click.. you can't stop people from downloading your images by disabling right click. The only thing you do is piss people off. Why am I right clicking? Well I use AvantBrowser and one of the "mouse gestures" is right click+left click = go back. So I see a page and do my mouse gesture and I get a popup "OMG NO WE ARE STOPPING YOU FROM STEALING OUR SHIT" ... well.. guess what bitches.. I ALREADY STOLE YOUR SHIT BECAUSE MY WEB BROWSER CACHES CONTENT FOOLS!! Its already on my harddrive... I don't even have to view the source and find the img src tag that tells me the path and filename of pictures that I want, I can just PRINT SCREEN and paste into photoshop, crop and I'm done.

That website I linked to LOOKED COOL for 2 seconds until I right clicked... then the professionalism, intrigue and coolness just evaporates.

UPDATE: Dan from WTF stopped by to set me straight about my rant on right clicking. My first thoughts are: Holy shit, people read this? Secondly after I calmed down from that post, I realized that your site still looked cool despite the right click disabling and finally thank you for reenabling it :) I understand what your saying and covering your ass by disabling right click isn't a bad idea actually when there's copyrighted content involved, atleast you can say "you tried." My rant was mostly aimed at people who actually think disabling right click DOES something and are generally shocked when they realize people can still steal images. I could tell from the content of your site that you knew better, but since you were the last site I visited that did that to me you got targeted :P

I'm also very glad he re-enabled right click because it made it a lot easier to start sending around this image bahhahahh WTF as Dan would say :P And speaking of-- Dan, Thanks for being a gentlemen about this and not dropping to my level heh.

Current Mood: I am the arm.

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Friday, February 13, 2004

I hate to say it, but I'm loving this new Unreal Tournament-- I mean I thought UT2003 was pretty interesting, but couldn't really get into it.. now they've thrown together vehicles and a bf1942 conquest style game mode and they've got themselves a winner!

Tidbit A explain this plz

Tidbit B If Unreal Tournament 2004 isn't your style, try this

Regarding Tidbit A-- I understand the idea of cutting taxes and funding and having to pick which programs to subtitle.. but.. it all seems so arbitrary and I think it should be something that should hear taxpayer's voices before deciding what to do and what not to do. Seriously though, NOT captioning Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has got to be a crime somewhere. I understand, budget is tight, we can only caption educational programs-- ok I can see them trying to justify that, but cutting out random programs and what some people would consider "innappropriate" programs? Hmmm. Bitches.

Current Mood: .. ok this isn't funny, BRING THE CAT BACK.. BRING THE CAT.. BACK

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

11:46:00 PM Abracapocus
One of my all time favorite cartoons is the one where bugs goes to Transylvania (musta taken a wrong turn at alberkirkie or whatever). Theres a vampire who offers him a place to stay and of course, tries to drink his blood. But bugs is too smart for the vampire and happens to read a book of magic just before the vampire comes to attack. What happens next defines hilarity: Bugs begins singing songs about the magic he learns just at the same time the vampire tries to attack--before long, bugs has the vampire turning into a bat, then into a person in midair only to fall comically to the ground or turn him into a bat when he's holding a heavy object above his head :) Of course the best is when bugs starts mixing the magic (ABRACAPOCUS) and turning the vampire into a half-bat half-human-- and of course he utters a magic phrase that turns the VAMPIRE into an UMPIRE! Hehe. My favorite quote "You wouldn't hit a bat with glasses would you???"

Knowing my fascination with personfied bats, this shouldn't come as a big suprise :) Anyone care to secure this for me?-- its only $900 for a original cel from the cartoon I'm talking about :) Signed by Chuck Jones himself!

Here's a fun weblink for ya- Nutri-Grain Madness!! - more here

By the way, I did end up blowing up the house-- we steam cleaned the master bedroom (after completly cleaning it out)-- And I bought a mop and mopped up the kitchen floor.

I found out a secret though-- mopping the floor isn't going to get out stains in the old worn out linoleum we have in the kitchen-- its really just for getting the dirt we CAN'T see off of it. Stick mophead in sink, squeeze out excess water, slap onto ground, move mophead around, soaking back up the water I smaked onto the ground, but the water now contains dirt-- squeeze out into second sink, rinse, repeat. Now I see why swiffers are popular! We have a swiffer wet-jet from a while ago and I always thought it wasn't very helpful because it didn't seem to do that much work. OH HOW WRONG WAS I!! Its alot easier then mopping, and it gets pretty much the same job done too with alot less water wasted or used. We need to get new kitchen flooring... yes.


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Thursday, February 05, 2004

10:59:00 PM What happens
Every once and my "omg omg omg" meter starts to register a higher level then normal. Most of you know me and when it comes to dealing with stuff I'm pretty laid back. No I know atleast 3 of you are going to point to that one incident where I ran around during the superbowl screaming OMG OMG OMG I SAW A BOOB and .. hey wait you don't use the comments just yet I'm not finished! Ok. Fine, but when you come back up here remember that I'm still mad at you. yes.

Did you know that FOX's "laugh out loud" sundays actually this whole time was supposed to be LOL SUNDAYS ? I love it! I thought that it might be that but haha it seems that they finally get it, they finally get the intarweb holy shit YES. I saw this while watching the latest episode of 24 on my friends DVR box (since mine failed to record the show.. motherfuckers)... anyways 24 owned yep LOL SUNDAYS

ANYWAYS so my point is that every once and a while my "omg omg omg" meter starts to read higher then normal and I start to let stuff get slack like.. weblog updates, putting dishes away, cleaning up paper towel rolls that my dogs have chewed up, putting away laundry, vacuuming, sweeping back portches.. the list goes fucking on and on and on. Once it starts to pile up, it becomes harder to even start doing anything because one is distracted by all the stuff TO DO that one never gets around to DOING anything. And then eventually you crack and do it all in one day. I hope this weekend brings that day, I hope.

SO that explains where I'VE been... but.. where have you been?!

I need some water.

Anyways heres some awesome stuff I saw: Janet Jackson Nipple Cupcakes... bon a' petit. And finally Do you know who Guns and Roses is? WATCH THE VIDEO ON THAT SITE. IT IS VERY FUNNY. YES.

Current Mood: omg wheres that one cat that used to show up here, you know the one.. THUNDER.. THUNDER.. THUNDERCAT... HO!
Current Music: LowerCase - Above It All

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