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Sunday, March 28, 2004

12:55:00 PM DiMAGE

Reading this sad and chilling account of life in Iraq: "The procrustean application of spurious information gathered by intelligence officers who cannot speak Arabic and are not familiar with Iraqi, Arab or Muslim culture is creating enemies instead of eliminating them." sums it up. They are fucked over there. f.u.c.k.e.d. There is so much misinformation and mistrust and religious fevor all mixed into one big powerder keg thats inside yet another larger powder keg thats inside yet an even larger powder keg ad infinitum where an inner powder keg explodes and by effect cause the outer powder keg to explode causing its outer powder keg.... The problem, first off, is that you had Saddam ruling with an iron fist, but there were not explosions daily, there were not massacres that anyone could see- comparatively speaking, *right now* it seems that life was better under Saddam. Which is insane! The hope is that things will get better after a time of chaos after his removal. The problem is that you've got rival factions fighting for power and both of them blame the americans and "the jews" for every explosion they inflict on one another. The faction with the greatest number of people (the Shi'ite) (as does the Sunnis, the minority) wants to setup a theocracy. Now all you non-muslims think about this, and think about why *I* detest all mixture of church and state-- I'm afraid of the implications it will have down the road and want to protect from it occurring. Because while Christianity is the religion that currently flirts with mixing with state, imagine if it was a religion you *don't* agree with and that you are generally afraid of? Not to say I'm afraid of Islam, I'm just suggesting a hypothetical religion. Or say it was Islam??

Enough about that.. I guess... I mean... isn't that the problem? We can all just think for a few minutes about Iraq and then move on instead of thinking of real solutions? I dunno. One thing for sure is that I agree with the author of this article-- we need our troops to speak arabic and we need to earn the Iraqis trust if we are going to do *any* good over there.

Now theres a few themes that have run through my blog as of late-- Iraq, Bush, Walmart sucking, RIAA bullshit, etc.. so I'm trying to touch on all of them here and introduce another angle that I have to admit, I haven't really paid enough attention to. See if you can figure out that angle at leave me a comment at the end. Thats right, the words WHAT YOU SAY are actually a link for COMMENTS. WHICH YOU CAN FEEL FREE TO USE AT ANY TIME!! I want to be like INDI and have like, 6 or 7 comments per article. Not like.. well, Wetard who never updates :( So.. heres the rest of the story:

Now we've dissed Walmart in the past, so now its time to focus on another, similar, company.. *for doing the opposite*! CostCo is being criticized for treating its employees TOO WELL! Yeah thats right, some investment companies are saying but we won't name any names.. *COUGH*deutschebank*COUGH*... now Costco may be guilty of some of Walmart's other despicable acts, but its nice to see someone being SO GOOD that they are somehow criticized for it :)

For those of you who dislike the RIAA how about this one-- it seems like Congress is on their side and really appreciates all those civil suits they are filing so much that they want to make it so the Government can do the same thing, FOR THEM. Lets send them a special message in November, shall we?

Speaking of congress.. this whole Richard Clarke is important. I mean *really* important as this article points out:

It threatens the fundamental platform of the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign: that you are safer with them than you are with the Democrats.
Indeed... and it doesn't make me feel better to know that many of Clarke's allegations have been proven truthful by the White House's own admissions! If you read that article and pay close attention to the facts that are not in dispute, you will quickly begin to feel less safe under this administration.

Whats about the alternative? Kerry's in the news in the latest issue of Time being criticized by a Vatican Official, with an interesting review of how is Catholicism versus his political ideals place him, and how he compares to that other Catholic JFK from Boston.

Now for some fun stuff-- first off check out this amazing weblog about a newborn-- the key here is that they've got TELEMETRY! And cute pictures. That or witty commentary, not sure which. heh.

Also, check out this coool idea: community audiobooking. Heh. Basically everyone reads a chapter and then compiles it into an audio book for you to download and listen to on your ipod while your on the subway or something. Coolness.

Next up, a note about picking your nose and eating it. Apparently it gives your immune system a boost?! Atleast according to a lung specialist in Innsbrook. I'm not entirely sure where Innsbrook is (probably England), but I'm sure that I picked my nose when I was little and I'm sure that I ate it, and I'm also sure that I got sick. Probably from eating it. The idea now makes me gag, but back then it was addicting. So addicting that when I visited the local weeping icon at a greek orthodox church in elementary school and had the opportunity to cross myself with oil from a candle that had mixed with the "miracle tears", I asked god to help me with that addiction. Well, it worked!

And finally, 100 movies that deserve more love-- an interesting list that I plan to try out with my local blockbuster. Or my local KAZAA. OOOHHHH IN YOUR FACE CONGRESS! heh.

Current Mood: The weeked is moving too quickly

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

So whatsup wzup wzup wzup WHASSUP IN BLOGGVILE TOOOONIGHT????!??!!!!!!!!??... ????? ?!!!!!! ?????... ?


So as I write this I've got some great folks from Andy-OnCall shopping at home depot, getting parts for work to be done on the house.. we've got a roof leak to fix, new gutter system to install, new soffit to install, new facia, and a post for my porch. Course I'm not actually doing all this, I'm just here for support :). I mean I've fixed roof leaks and installed facia and stuff, but of the leaks on the roof I tried to fix, I wans't able to squash this one in particular, and the whole gutter system needs to be redone because the water is exiting the roof in a manner that its dripping back under the house and damaging the soffit/facia/rafter tails. Which they are also going to repair/replace.

Only problem is, the Soffit blocks them from seeing which ones are bad! Oh well.

Wonder how long it'll take?

Current Mood: Its saturnday, you *know* I'm in a good mood!

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

To do this ... mannnnn that woulda sucked if that happened and screwed up MY wedding. Although one would think a ceremony could be performed but the priest would have to later sign a civil certificate.. am I rite?

Hmm o wai comedy: Speaking of gay marriage what about PETAPHILIA? Attention must be paid before "The Lord Is My Shepherd" takes on a romantic ring. bahahah!


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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

10:17:00 PM Interesting
Saw this and it made me write a blog link: toothing. Hmm!

Current Mood: So that's why Chris got a bluetooth phone, hah!

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Has it always been this way? I read all this stuff and feel like our country could fall apart at any moment.. the glue that keeps it together is somehow getting weaker then it's ever been before. But I know that we've been through worse times, despite all of this:

First up, we've got the ridiculous bill to "allow Congress to reverse the judgments of the United States Supreme Court" (read the full bill here).

Not gonna pass.. but still, the idea that its even being PROPOSED drives me insane. This funny post sums up the reason why this bill appears on the radar at all. That link is from Metafilter-- which should be part of your daily read if its not already. Good shit!

Ugh.. so lets move on to other things here... IRAQ. First up we've got this damning video clip of Rumsfeld basically lying on National Television and the advertisement to go with it. PWNED.

Speaking of deception, checkout this incredibly useful tool: The next time you get a public official trying to say something about Iraq, run what they say through this iraq deception quotation database and see what they've said in the past. For instance if the producers of that show had used it when interviewing rumsfeld they may have come up with this page showing the exact quote. Hmmm. As far as Rumsfeld, as some have said, this is all you need to know about him. :P

Now lets move on to Spain. :(. So sad :(. It turns out that Al Queda was behind the thing all along and that the Spanish Government tried to cover it up in order to save their butts in the election as this informative but take-with-a-grain-of-salt letter from a Spainard shows. Fuckers.

Speaking of fuckers, look at this then look at this. Its so pointless I'm not even gonna bother to summarize it for you, but since I didn't bother I won't mind if you don't bother to click the links. Basically someone tries to blame Kerry for 9/11 because he didn't do a good enough job getting a warning about Logan airport enough attention.

And finally speaking of can be fired simply for being gay its official. I mean it kinda makes sense.. gays aren't a protected civil class so its probably legal to do so. Whats interesting is that by this guy making it official policy in the Federal Government, its only a matter of time until someone IS fired and a lawsuit IS filed. I mean, seriously, you shouldn't fire someone just because you don't like their sexual orientation, assuming its not impeding their ability to do the job then what the hell? If anything the FIRER should be fired for putting your own personal issues ahead of the bottom line.

Yeah. Oh well will be interesting to see that one boil over like the whole gay marriage thing. Which I will remind you, again, that NO government, local state or federal, will care or do anything to anyone performing any RELIGIOUS ceremony involving gays, but nonreligious ceremonies? ILLEGAL!.. atleast in NY. Strange! Fucked up, weird. I *kinda* see it, I guess since they don't draw a distinction between nonreligious marriages and civil marriages therefore saying its a nonreligious marriage when its not really is akin to saying its a civil marriage when its not, therefore your lying about being married which is a crime there. Also, this article on gay marriage points out that perhaps theres more to this gay marriage thing then I thought, including "the possibility that churches could be stripped of their tax-exempt status -- for refusing to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies" ... I wonder if churches refuse to perform interracial marriages if they would lose their tax-exempt status.. atleast there is one case where (as quote in the article), "The Supreme Court in 1983 refused to restore the university's tax-exempt status, citing the fact that Bob Jones maintained a ban on interracial dating. The university changed the policy in 2000." So uhm... wow... I'm not for that... I don't want to *force* church's to allow same sex marriages. I think that if it is allowed provisions need to be made to protect religious freedom.

Ahh man... so fucking complicated.

Current Mood: long journal entry. :( Do you guys appreciate the long ones or should I stick with short ones..?

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Friday, March 12, 2004

8:41:00 PM More fuel.
First off we've got another controversial bush ad campaign and its equally funny parody (scroll down).

Next up we've got this excellent, excellent webpage of quotes from our fearless leaders and then some. Really funny ironic quotes like this one:

"I said on my program, if, if the Americans go in and overthrow Saddam Hussein and it's clean, he has nothing, I will apologize to the nation, and I will not trust the Bush administration again."

- Bill O'Reilly, on ABC's Good Morning America, 03-18-03

Next we got this very interesting article/book excerpt from the book House of Bush, House of Saud (that you'll have to watch a short ad for, but its worth it, trust me)--
According to the same source, a young female member of the bin Laden family was the sole passenger on the first leg of the flight, from Los Angeles to Orlando. In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, boarding any airplane was cause for anxiety. But now that the name Osama bin Laden had become synonymous with mass murder, boarding a plane with his family members was another story entirely. To avoid unnecessary dramas, the flight's operators made certain that the cockpit crew was briefed about who the passengers were -- the bin Ladens -- and the highly sensitive nature of their mission.

However, they neglected to brief the flight attendants.

On the flight from Los Angeles, the bin Laden girl began talking to an attendant about the horrid events of 9/11. "I feel so bad about it," she said.

"Well, it's not your fault," replied the attendant, who had no idea who the passenger really was.

"Yeah," said the passenger. "But he was my brother."

"The flight attendant just lost it," the source said.

DOH!! ... The article basically indicates that the Saudis simultaneously wined and dined us, and got really close to bush's family and administration (over many many years), yet they knew about an attack coming up and were cooperating with the taliban and al-queda (however it spelled damnit). We let some people who could have given us important information, who should have been spending time rotting in Camp X-ray instead of flying home in planes described like this one:
[the plane] had a master bedroom suite furnished with a large upholstered double bed, a couch, night stand and credenza. Its master bathroom had a gold-plated sink, double illuminated mirrors and a bidet. There were brass, gold and crystal fixtures. The main lounge had a 52-inch projection TV.
Augh, we let them slip through our fingers... that whole experience is best described at the end of the article:
"What happened on Sept. 11 was a horrific crime," says John Martin, a former official in the Criminal Division of the Justice Department. "It was an act of war. And the answer is no, this is not any way to go about investigating it."

And finally, its back.. your moment of zen!

Current Mood: For fire ^^^ :)

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

First off.. this just scares me- "The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party"... well its been obvious whats going on, but the way this site spells it all out just scares me to death. Keeping America from becoming a Church State is worth fighting for. I hate that a country of so many different types is being strangled by these people.

Secondly and probably more importantly, this incredible article details, from the inside, the chicanery, the truth twisting, the manipulation of data and the worst part: branding those who disagreed with the administration as traitors. We see alot of media about the faulty intelligence, but this article basically says that the administration said damn the torpedos, full speed ahead. Here's a selection from the article:

Now we are told by our president and neoconservative mouthpieces that our sons and daughters, husbands and wives are in Iraq fighting for freedom, for liberty, for justice and American values. This cost is not borne by the children of Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld and Cheney. Bush's daughters do not pay this price. We are told that intelligence has failed America, and that President Bush is determined to get to the bottom of it. Yet not a single neoconservative appointee has lost his job, and no high official of principle in the administration has formally resigned because of this ill-planned and ill-conceived war and poorly implemented occupation of Iraq.
Now don't get me wrong, Saddam needed to go and I think the world is better off without him.. but please oh please don't lie to us to get it done... if thats the case then... well.. we probably won't know till many many years later. Iran-Contra anyone?

Ugh.. its safe to say that the whole religious right agenda disturbs me more then the possibilty of bush lying/etc, but they both leave me with more resolve as time moves towards November.

Finally I ask you this... remember this picture of Fonda and Kerry? The real one, not the fake one... you know what? Up until this point I always thought Kerry was the guy immediately behind Fonda, with the beard and long hair... HAH! Doh!!! He's actually in the upper left corner, a few rows back. SONOFA!

Current Mood: I'll show you WMD!
Current Music: Orbital - Open Mind (Remix)

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Join me if you will, in viewing the new look of google: Google XP. Thats right, I've dubbed this 4 month old beta test of Google's new look Google XP because it resembles so closely the Silver XP Theme. If you want to make the phrase a reality to describe its new look when it debuts, start linking to that page I gave you and link the text Google XP to it, then we'll have ourselves a phrase we can call our very own. Your grandkids will say "Ma/Pa, when did the phrase Google XP come from?" and you can say well, I participated in a google bombing campaign to make that word popular to describe the way google looks today! Thats right, YOU can make a difference!


Whatdowegotherewhatdowegothere DEAR STRONGBAD

  • Haxx0ring super mario brothers
  • How news travels on the intarweb
  • How Bush defeated McCain in 2000

    That about wraps er up here... ttyl

    Current Mood: I want to go get a car wash but the urge to sit around and do nothing overwhelms me.

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  • Tuesday, March 09, 2004

    6:48:00 PM Puzzle Pirate
    I'd like to welcome the latest blogster to the fold: CAPTAIN MIKE!! Welcome to the insane world of blarging. Blawging... *clears throat* BLOGGING.


    Camera is away! - accodring to UPS it is garunteed by the end of the day Friday. So we'll see what happens next.

    I thought this was pretty cool. As is this

    Current Mood: 9800SE!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Monday, March 08, 2004

    8:26:00 PM Wut you say?

    So I've been sucking at the updates lately... I guess its just a general blarg. But perhaps its a lieutenant blarg or something.

    I've got this cool video of a guy "street climbing" for ya, and this amazing pictorial of chernobyl.

    Good stuff.

    I'm gonna go brush my teeth and walk the dog. OH oh oh. I almost forgot. Hate me now becauseeee I GOTS ME A FATTY BO BATTY DIGITAL CAMERA woot! My boss gave me a Minolta DiMage 7. 5 megapixels of awesomeness. FEEL IT! As soon as I get it fixored :(. See the thing is, he gave it to me cos its broken. BUT THATS OK. heh. I took it apart and I can see that a few of the pins on the compactflash slot need to be replaced.. so I'm sending it to them for an estimate.


    Also I had a really really good time at Disneyworld! I didn't mention it but I went and met up with some of the port st. lucie crew. They did an awesome awesome swing show! pics here. GO GO GO!!

    Current Mood: Teeth. Brush. NOW.

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    Wednesday, March 03, 2004

    11:10:00 PM Sup
    Man... blargh. Worked till 10:15PM tonight. Sucks. Oh well.

    Saw this article suggesting Clinton should be the VP ticket for Kerry... I'm kinda meh on that.. i don't want all those clinton-haters to start disliking kerry because of that. I would like Kerry to remain as untainted as possible. I'm thinking about going to see him speak in Tampa.. getting excited about this guy a little bit. As I see it though between these Bush and Kerry there probably won't be much difference but, Kerry will atleast openly investigate all of the stuff that I've been bringing up-- 9-11 screwups, Iraq WMD screwups, Afghanistan!?!, etc.

    This pisses me off-- the attitude of the school superintendent really really fires me up. bitch

    Oh and... DOGSTER.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Current Mood: Wut? Metriod!!!!
    Current Music: Stemage - Metroid Metal - Ridley

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