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Thursday, April 29, 2004

And then crashes



And its not like I care.. except for one.. teeeny.. tiny little thing. the system tray

Can ANYONE recommend TO ME a cool utility that keeps all the stuff in the system tray even AFTER Explorer crashes? Plz!?

Tomorrow I head out to Palm Beach Gardens for a wedding rehersal and wedding on Saturday. I'm going to be reading stuff in the wedding, along with Tara. It will be interesting!

Current Mood: What no links? OMG
Current Music: Lucy Pearl - Dance Tonight

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

12:32:00 AM Horses.
Just a quick note to drop this great website in on ya: Hah! Unfortunately its still being written, but keep your eye on this space and I'll let ya know when its finally ready for prime time. Its got atleast one compelling article on there detailing Kerry's shortfalls and why they don't matter, according to the author.

Very interesting.. seems to be from the Anybody But Bush camp.

I am getting a cold sore. AIEEE!!!!!

Current Mood: Lip. OMG ENERGY LIGHT!!!!
Current Music: Acid Port - Acid Leads the Way (Part 2)

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Sunday, April 25, 2004


Yep! Had a great time! Don't have the pictures uploaded yet, but I'll post a few of the goodens. Pretty much broke even on the gambling tip, which is always a good thing! Saw the hoover damn, danced atop the Rio hotel and casino, met Penn and Teller and generally had a great time! It was wonderful to have friends in Vegas-- going on my own I would have never experienced half of the things we did, due to their local knowledge of the area. Great stuff!

First, comedy- We've got the story of the crackhead and the sparkplugs and the Anti-Panti which makes it easier for women to go commando. Woot!

Now Science- Here's a great Hubble anniversary article complete with stunning photography and now, fat is not so wack?- an interesting article replete with insane quote:

The single most noxious line of argument in the literature about obesity is that black and Hispanic girls and women need to be "sensitised" to the "fact" that they have inappropriately positive feelings about their bodies. Readers may suspect this is a bad joke: I wish it were. One University of Arizona study found that, while only 10% of the white teenage girls surveyed were happy with their bodies, 70% of the black teenage girls were happy with theirs (the black girls weighed more, on average, than the white girls).
Now Politics- Kerry caught in a lie?, Bush gets smacked down for double speak, and then some.

Finally Art- Eric Bogle, Meet Gary Trudeau and Darby Conley (be sure to listen to the song and the next one if your not familar with them)

Art... and.. Sadness.

Current Mood: ... /Paranoid Android

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004


I'm below average for "my country" at 18 acres. The US's average is 24. What about you?

And yes, its forreal.


I mean shi I feel like I'm doing pretty damn good if I'm below average.

Iraq is getting more and more insane both here and overseas. Please lets finish this up, tie it up nice and hand it over to the people who live there and have them run shit right. Please?

Thats it... going to Las Vegas on Wednesday night! Gonna bring a laptop and my camera.. perhaps I'll write a report.. buttt.. maybe it'll be like last time and I'll actually update while on the road! Eh? would that be cool? EH?!? ANSWER ME!!

Final thought for the night wonderful primer and then some for budding photographists... heh.. photographists. THANKS INDI!!!

Current Mood: What the hell.... its 1:27am :(
Current Music: Prana - Alien Pets

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Thursday, April 15, 2004


Been watching Band of Brothers-- good shi yo! We've been DVRing it on History Channel. I highly recommend it!

Got a permanent retainer removed that was kinda broken... one of the bonds had broken off.. and now they give me one of these cool removable clear over the tooth ones. My previous one was a tiny metal bar that was permanently seated behind my bottom teeth. I'll miss playing with it. I remember that I wanted a retainer so bad in elementary school that I fashioned a paperclip into one and stuck it in my mouth and pretended I had one. If I had known how much they can hurt I wouldn't have wanted it so bad! And now you don't even get to show off how cool you look cos they are practically invisible! Not that I'm complaining, nowadays I'd rather not be sporting one you can see :). Sides, I'm only supposed to wear it night, but I've been wearing it during the day too so my teeth can get used to it AND STOP FRICKING HURTING AIEEEE!

Bah. Tampa Tribune writes article that causes internet stir over possible taxing of LANs. Yeah, like thats gonna happen. Speaking of paper, check out what this one Baltimore paper wrote about IP Relay Scams.. thats right, those crazy nigerians have begun to move beyond email and have started abusing services for the deaf! Obviously they have NO compassion. I was pretty suprised to find out that almost anyone can login to these IP relay sites and have someone say anything you want to whomevers on the other line and have them relay it back to you in text over the web. FO FREE. I mean, shi you already pay for it anyways in taxes. Thats a pretty neat phone trick.. but not as cool as this one:

Now your cellphone can identify what song is playing on the radio on demand! For only $.99 for AT&T customers. First call is free (can't wait to try it... for that one, free time). If you can't find it by typing the lyrics into Google, and the wonderful service also fails you, then perhaps next time you can throw down a whole dollar to know what the name of the song is so you can go steal it off of the intarweb. Now what would be COOOL.. would be if you used that service and then they were like, shi you already spent the $.99 do you want it to be ready for you next time you login to iTunes? That would kick ass. I can almost hear the RIAA execs smelling the money now.


Finally, 95 kilboytes puts 4 floppy disk DOOM to shame. TO SHAME. heh. Of course, its riding on top of a SHITLOAD of existing code (DirectX), but still, I am absolutely amazed. It doesn't run at full FPS on my computer, but its still fascinating none the less.

Current Mood: My teeth. they hurt. sucks.
Current Music: Beepr & BMi - Sound Of The Beeper [Beep Mix]

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

A guide, indeed. I recommend skimming it... its tongue in cheek sort of with a serious bend. I agree with his take.. of course it emphasizes the Q&A section afterwards and not Bush's statement that he made before he opened it up for questions. You can read a whole transcript for yourself if you'd like. Here is a scary analysis of a few of his comments. It shines a very bright light on the nasty spin that I hate from all politicians. A scary light though. I believe, it is tinted red.

Theres weirdness on the other side too. Not sure what this is about... wonder if they'll call it "painting gate". Best line on there though is "You found the dripping Botox syringe!" bahahah!

Here's a good followup article on the whole subservient chicken thing. And here's a followup on the bad advertisement thing from yesterday. You get to see the actual ad now. Woah this whole UPDATE thing is reminding me of Unsolved Mysteries. As they made new episodes sometimes they would revisit a story from a previous episode.. my brothers and I would watch that show all the time and when we heard Robert Stack exclaim "UPDATE!" we would snap to serious attention.. no more fucking around, beating on each other and goofing off, it was time to see if what we had speculated and imagined happened to the story came true. Good stuff, that show. Weird how its on lifetime now. I wonder what that means...

And now for some fun!

  • do you recognize these?
  • The future is now!
  • What happens when you can control caller ID
  • And finally, woahhh

    Current Mood:Its too late :( booo :(

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  • Tuesday, April 13, 2004

    10:04:00 PM Bush interrupts 24
    Its ok though.. I'll get to watch in on Sunday. Further I think its important that Bush comes out and says something. Its really, really, really bad. It might get better. But its probably going to get worse. Man I can't believe Bush is actually doing a FULL press conference in the middle of prime time! This doesn't happen.. usually we just get him with a prepared statement. Now he is baring it all, and I appreciate that. Some of these reporters have some balls though- I couldn't get up there and ask those questions. Of course some people will say that they aren't being tough ENOUGH. I'm watching as I type this.. wow its amazing to hear the photographers go crazy when they think they are about to get a good shot... Bush responds to a questoin regarding the 9/11 commission, if he felt any responsibility for 9/11... and he had to clarify a quote that someone said, and then started to talk about how he greived and got kinda choked up, and suddenly you heard like a BILLION cameras clicking it was like almost camera applause. Thats it.

    Camera Applause. When you do something that the camera likes, you get camera.. applause. Camera Applause. I MADE IT UP, GOOGLE SHOWS I AM THE WINNAR.

    Yeah. "Noone in our government could imagine flying airplanes into buildings... on such a massive scale" - but they certainly have imagined it! (see previous entries).. and I think the worst thing about this whole Iraq thing is Bush landing on the aircraft carrier and basically declaring victory. He should never have done that. We haven't won yet. We're getting there. But we haven't.

    First off EXTREME POLITICS OMG heh... wut? Seriously? Bah. I almost wanna go find one of those magazines to see the ad... seriously innappropriate guys. Jeeeeeeez

    Queer eye for the PDB guy-- PDB redesign :P

    Gopher!? anyone else besides me remember that? Anyone? anyone? :( anyone. booo. It was just like teh web except everyone was saying it was like, for archives and shi. I dunno.. I remember hitting up a shell account over a terminal program and using gopher and thinking it was cool. But then came lynx, the text web browser, and then Mosaic and SLIP and PPP accounts and SLIRP and TIA. Anyone?

    Good interpretation of the current state of copyright/trademark affairs... :(

    Weird Al is the man, his poor parents passed away in a tragic accident involving carbon monoxide. Yet he finds the strength to continue touring, both for himself and for his fans. Poor Al :( I wonder what his parents were like? I'm sure they were just wonderful people. Had to be to raise such a neat guy.

    And now, we turn to Iraq. As Bush discusses the future where a democratically elected Iraqi president will meet with a democratically elected US president. I would like to see that day. I hope it comes sooner rather then later. So lets start out late, interesting artilce on life saving robots in Iraq.. and by life saving I mean, bombs go off on them, and not on our troops. Here's a video.

    Dispickable hijinks in Iraq. Totally inappropriate. Sick :(.

    And speaking of sick - Ashcroft did not take the Al Queda threat seriously methinks. This man needs to be remove from office. He has pissed on too many things for me not to take notice, and people were yelling and screaming about him being nominated wayyy before 9/11. Bush, if you get reelected, please, please, lets see a new attorney general ok?

    And finally, one of the first things that has come out of Iraq that can affect you and me. Famous Iraqi blogger's mom teaches us to speak Arabic.

    They just asked Bush that previous to 9/11 he always joked that his biggest mistake was trading Sammy Sosa (Bush previously owned the Texas Rangers). The reporter said, after all of this now, what would you say your biggest mistake was. Bush laughed and said he'd wished he'd been given that question in advance.. basically he suggested its a question that you have to think about deeply before giving a meaningful answer. He glossed over 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq and said that he was confident that he made the right decisions, but he says he's sure he made mistakes, but that he doesn't have an answer right now. What do YOU think has been Bush's biggest mistake? I would say that it was probably not building a big enough international coalition for Iraq.

    Current Mood: eh.

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    So I decided to be Wikipedia editor for a day! It was cool! Ok ok, I didn't do much except update a wikipedia entry for one of my favorite websites (shacknews) that was just taking its first baby steps on its way to the ocean. Seagulls had already started picking at it and I had to act!


    Now lets see what that paragraph looks like when I wikify it:

    So I decided to be Wikipedia editor for a day! It was cool! Ok ok, I didn't do much except update a wikipedia article for one of my favorite websites (Shacknews) that was just taking its first baby steps on its way to the ocean. Seagulls had already started picking at it and I had to act!

    Woah, thats pretty cool :) Also I wanted to share a few pictures I took of the Orange and Blue game. You can find them here. Included are some exterior shots of my old dorm! Bonus! :)

    Current Mood: What its already 2004??? Why didn't someone tell me!! DOH!

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    Sunday, April 11, 2004

    4:56:00 PM 'Tween update
    Getting owned, bahahahhaha!! (No, I didn't know he was gay either)

    Second, bad bad bush :( Inappropriate man. Not to say that Kerry hasn't gone there with inappropriate jokes as well atleast according to Drudge.

    And finally, I was just reviewing this interesting roundup and photos from an anti-war protest and I noticed something about Rachel Corrie-- someone had a tshirt with her name on it. So naturally I had to find out who she was/etc... turns out she was protesting the demolition of Palestinian homes by Israeli forces and she was run over and killed by a bulldozer she was trying to block as a human shield.

    Now, it is fair to say that there is much debate over whether the homes she was trying to protect should have been demolished or not. And it is definitely fair to say that she foolishly put herself in harms way. And there are conflicting reports as to whether she fell down behind a pile of dirt and the driver couldn't see her on the ground when he ran over her or whether he ran over her where she stood. But I have gone through the pain of finding
  • A mainstream US media report
  • A view from one side
  • And a view from the other side.

    All very sad. It happened over a year ago, how did I miss that?

    Current Mood: enough.

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  • 2:13:00 AM The smoking gun ?
    This, is insanity. I first reported that I started to feel good about Condi's testimony and that it was looking good for Bush.. I even started to like her. The transcript of her comments was the warm blanket I'd been hoping to find that I could snuggle under and feel good about Bush protecting us if he is reeelcted. But then when people started analyzing what she was saying, it turns out Condi told alot of half-truths, and now we have this huge bombshell: a recently declassified memo that Bush received a month before 9/11. Here's an interesting New York Times piece on the memo, covering all angles and an interesting commentary where the author says that Bush will not dare use 9/11 imagery again in his ad campaigns, as he has done in the past, in light of all this.

    Bush has got alot of 'splaining to do... in the memo, ominously titled "Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US" it says, and I quote, "Bin Ladin told followers he wanted to retaliate in Washington" (emphasis mine). It even suggests that Bin Ladin wanted to hijack US aircraft, but it suggested "to gain the release of [a prisoner]"... (atleast the first page of the briefing that we have seen does not suggest using planes as a missile). BUT, threats of aircraft being used as missiles had already occured under Bush's watch 4 months before 9/11, 3 months before the memo came out. I mean, I'm not saying that they KNEW that 9/11 was gonna happen, I'm just saying they should NOT be saying that they didn't know Bin Ladin was going to attack us inside the US, and that they didn't know planes could be used as missiles! Read the memo for yourself if you'd like-- I previously linked to it above.

    I wish I had some bad news to report about Kerry to match all of this, but all I could dig up was this. Just FYI, I don't TRY to dig up bad news about Bush or Kerry (except in this instance for Kerry news)-- generally my daily reading tends to pop things up like this all on its lonesome, like with this latest bombshell- I was confronted with it on the right-wing stalwart The Drudge Report , which has huge coverage of it on the front page. Suffice to say this isn't a left-wing conspiracy.

    Current Mood: starting to grrrr.

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    Saturday, April 10, 2004

    Yeapp... waiting for some laundry to get dun. Going to Gainesville tomorrow with the camera, meeting up with wetard and my good friend Leslie. GONNA KICK IT OLD SCHOOOOL!

    Speaking of Old School: Rappers Delight.. Easter Style hehe, cute!

    WTF IS THIS update

    And finally Las Vegas insanity-- heh. Just to get myself in the mood for the trip I'm taking to Vegas at the end of the month. I don't think I'll be going quite that far in the gabling realm, however. If I do anything it'll be a slot or two.. unless my local friends want to go play some blackjack, I'd like to try that once.

    Current Mood: Vegas Baby!

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    Friday, April 09, 2004

    2:22:00 AM Condimergency
    **DOH** I started this entry around 8, my usual time.. and then ended up having to run out to visit my sister-in-law who just went to the hospital for stomach pains and such :(. She had a spinal tap, THOSE ARE PAINFUL, BE WARNED. They told her it wouldn't hurt. Bullshit. It does! Ouch! Turns out none of the tests they ran had any results.. like, 14 hours with all negatives. Fuck :( ... here's what I was originally writing:

    So I from the Latest Victims that I've picked up a daily readership for the last coupla days. Good stuff! Keep it up! :)

    I haven't finished reading this, but Condilezza Rice's testimony is very interesting! It makes me feel better about the whole thing regarding Bush, thats for sure. But... then I read this and its making me not feel as good... fuckkkk. They're not out of the woods yet. We'll really just have to wait for the commision's findings to be published-- thats the bottom line.

    Also- WTF IS THIS to quote Wetard.

    Current Mood: flecks of paint on my ebil flindas.

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    Wednesday, April 07, 2004

    Here they are without further ado... some of my favorite pics that I took so far (click em to see larger versions).

    I cropped one or two of the pics and ran a few through a program that converted from the native colour space of the DiMage into regular compute colour space. whatever that is exactly heh. Anyways you can also browse the images directory to see the full, unbridled fury of the 5 megapixel camera. heh.

    Comments, criticism? My experience with photography began with my parents 35mm SLR cameras that they kept in a really cool suitcase thingy. Didn't take any pics with them, just messed around with them. And up until now I've only had my hands on point-n-shoot cameras. I'm going up to the orange and blue game on Saturday and I'm bringing the camera. Maybe I'll post more pics if you guys like these ones!!

    Current Mood: picalicious!

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    Tuesday, April 06, 2004

    8:41:00 PM Sup y'all
    Just getting excited for another episode of 24.. aka JBPH.

    I'm loving, LOVING my Minolta DiMage 7. I'm gonna pick some of my favorite shots that I've taken so far (over 1,187 shots in 1.3 gigabytes of space.. yes, I'm insane..I just hold down the button and let it take shot after shot of a scene I'm interested in, so that I can be sure I got atleast ONE good shot :).. I haven't gone through and deleted dupes yet.)

    That'll be up soon. Meanwhile I found this very interesting, this to be funny and this to be funny haha. Yes. funny. haha.

    Current Mood: WHY YOU THROW CHIP?

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