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Thursday, August 26, 2004

11:29:00 PM flickr

A Picture Share!
Originally uploaded by celerityfm.
Well dzam. BuzzNet (my moblog provider of sorts) just unveiled their new look and upgraded everyone's accounts and now they are SLOOWWWW. :(.

So I'm trying out FLICKR. Flickr is much more then a photoblog.. its a whole new way of sharing pictures :) Check it out for yourself... anyways here's a pic of an artifact that resides in my office :)

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

1:51:00 AM Fair and Balanced.
Lets start this out about by talking about Kerry. I'm watching him on The Daily Show right now, awesome stuff, I gotta say its cool to see a presidential candidate on there, I would LOVE to see Bush on there too. Woah just noticed that Kerry is wearing the Lance Armstrong yellow bracelets. Here, I grabbed a screenshot for ya. Heheh the Daily Show with him was very good. Too short, but hey what do you expect from a 30 minute show? While he looked great on the show I think he's not been looking so good lately-- that last link I just gave ya details the missteps his campaign has been making and I think they've really been screwing up. Will be interesting to see what they do to recover. And speaking of that here's a video from FOX News (more on them later), that belittles one of Kerry's purple hearts as well as give a great and well, honestly a pretty balanced review of all the hubbub. The FNC report is done sortof in a Christian Science Monitor style, looking at themselves as well as the other networks' coverage. NOTE: The Christian Science monitor is doing some of the best journalism on the 'net, FOXNews is, to put it midly, not.. and yes I did watch the anti-foxnews documentary Outfoxed tonight. But that video I linked to you I feel did a pretty good job at showing you that sometimes FOXNews can do atleast what appears to be honest journalism sometimes. Hey I bet even the disgusting and evil Washington Times publishes something that isn't trash every now and then too!

But I did see Outfoxed-- let me tell you a few things about it-- first off I believe its an important social commentary on the role of the media in today's society and most importantly it uses FOXNews Channel as an example of the dangers of tossing jouranlistic ethics and integrity out the window, as they have clearly done. I firmly believe that the media is and should act as the 4th branch of the United States government, from FoxNews Channel (FNC) all the way down to my weblog. Our purpose is to bring balance. Without all of us working to bring that balance things can get out of control, as they have begun to do with FNC. FNC, instead of questioning the government they've become a mouthpiece for the government, literally. The film demonstrates that FNC takes what the President and his staff are saying and they basically repeat it word for word, as directed by memos sent by FNC Chief John Moody. When the President or his staff say something FNC and other places should be saying "So and so says XYZ" instead of just saying XYZ without a source. Then the pundits (who don't pretend to be journalists) start repeating what FNC is saying, rinsing the entire thing through an "echo chamber" where the repeating of the same ideas by multiple sources gives it a feeling of authenticity and validity that a sourced quotation doesn't have. This leads to incredible misperceptions about the state of the world by those who are in the direct path of this propoganda machine. Propoganda being information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause. FNC has an agenda, is blatant about promoting the agenda and simultaneously claims to NOT be promoting an agenda with the slogan "fair and balanced" and features like the no spin zone. The only thing "fair" about FNC is that it was not "fair" before how "conservative voices" were being silenced by the "liberal media" and the only thing "balanced" about it is that it is a "balance' to the rest of the, percieved "liberal", media. Which is exactly what conservative viewers of FOXNews feel they are getting when they watch it: It's an alternative to "liberal" media while at the same time a validation of their own beliefs. Conservative FNC viewers must be thinking "If FNC is Fair and Balanced and this is the stuff they are saying, then I must be right!" For conservatives, watching FNC is really just mental masturbation, and you know what they say about masturbation-- it makes you go blind...

Now here is a quote I like, taken from the "What Liberal Media?" website I linked earlier:

The fact that conservatives howl so much louder and more effectively than liberals [about bias in the media] is one significant reason that big media is always on its guard for “liberal” bias but gives conservative bias a free pass.
However, as Outfoxed points out, the other networks have begun "foxifying" themselves in response. They too have gone for more editorializing and therefore "mouthpiecing" of the news, MSNBC & CNBC especially. If FNC succeeds in turning our "liberal media" into "conservative media" then will the opposite effect happen (as described above) occur? God help us if that ever happens though, the whole POINT of the media as I believe it to be is for it to be there to describe the irregularities and abuses of government to the people from which change would occur. That word change goes hand in hand with the true idea of liberalism-- it has nothing to do with a political stance because here it is a philosphy instead. Liberalism has everything to do with not taking the government at face value and constantly examining it, turning it over and shining light on it in order to prevent abuse and promote improvement. People with a liberal philsophy are responsible for the changes we saw in the 60s but they never escaped that label, and now the label refers to people who want to take things even FARTHER then they went in the 60s. In America it is no longer a reference to the idea of questioning our government and improving it. But certain conservatives love that the terms liberal and liberalism are completely confused and perverted now. They want to obtain power and by design don't want you to question, tinker and change. And since the media is liberal (in the philosphical sense) by design, suddenly the media doing its job of being "liberal" is a bad thing because of this perversion.

So the media can either play a very important role in improving the government in this manner or they can follow FNC's lead. But don't be fooled, FNC doesn't open the door to the echo chamber for just anyone, no no- the treatment they give Bush would never have been given to Clinton, and wasn't-- This started during the 2000 election in their favoring of Bush-- while networks were letting people go who had smaller conflicts of issues, the chief political correspondant for FNC's wife was running part of Bush's campaign, and how can we ever forget Bush's cousin being at the controls at FOX when he (and therefore FOX) made the first call that Bush had won Florida when in fact he had not? In the documentary, one of the people being interviewed said they believed that FNC calling Bush for Florida had a larger impact then any other recount or event that occured afterwards in securing Bush the presidency. In fact, after it was all over, the head of FNC apologized publicly (the video of this was featured in Outfoxed) and said that FNC failed FNC's viewers by putting Bush's cousin in charge of such an importand decision and simultaneously making a call when there was no call to make since it was really "too close to call." He said "it wouldn't happen again". Why don't I believe him? :P

So you see, FNC's "Fair and Balanced" slogan apparently doesn't apply to this special treatment of the President either-- they'lll only regurgitate for a conservative President or more accurately, for one that Rupert Murdoch approves of. Despite all of this you may have still watched the FOXNEWS video I linked above about Kerry. If you did, I bet you saw an ad for FNC's coverage of the Republican National Convention and how it'll be "no-spin" coverage. Well, "for once we believe them."

Here's your reward for reading this far:

  • Tricks of the trades- an excellent article with all sorts of interesting and USEFUL tidbits
  • New Nintendo controller revealed heh
  • Stanley cup lost, then found. DOH!
  • Blair witch project 3?-- someone "found" a camera in the woods, and these are the pictures they found it.

    So what do you guys think of my cameraphone log thingy? Did you like the pic I snapped of the rainbow on Monday? :)

    In closing, for those of you who cannot/will not see the movie, atleast read this review of it-- I feel it accurarately describes the movie. Believe it or not FNC still denies they have a bias. Righhhhhhhttttttttttttttttt.

    And now, your moment of zen.

    Current Mood: TYE RED.

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  • Monday, August 23, 2004

    PS, you probably can no longer receive overtime. That doesn't mean the employer won't neccesarily pay you for it, but its likely that unless your below the poverty line you aren't going to get any more overtime. *High five* Bush!
    Rule 7: Employees whose main duties are computer-related and involve the implementation, analysis, development, or application of computer systems or designs are also not eligible for overtime.

    Current Mood: Tirwake

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    1:32:00 AM Goodnight
    Just finished putting the final wraps on a major project at the office.. well except I'm doing it all from home. But I just wanted to say goodnight to everyone out there in la la land, and I hope you guys are enjoying this weblog and my new moblog. I know I am :)

    Current Mood: Peaceful

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    Saturday, August 21, 2004

    3:53:00 PM MoBLAWG
    Well I got the moblog up. WOOT!

    I've replaced the "image of the day" thing I'd been slacking on with a syndicated feed of my moblog photos. Theres only one pic up there right now but I'm heading to Downtown Disney in a few hours so maybe I'll try posting some pics from there. Once I got my moblog account setup, copied and pasted their syndication code into my blog and then added my moblog email address to my cellphone I was suddenly able to publish photos to the web instantly. Its quite a power trip. Yo, you other people with camera phones and weblogs have no excuse now.



    ANnnnnyywwaayyyssss. This post was inspired by John McCain whom I wanted to celebrate by saying this is why John McCain kicks ass. Just watch that video I just linked. The video concerns things I've mentioned before but never in such clarity. In the video we have McCain slapping Bush in the face so hard that even though I was speaking figuratively I could actually make out John McCain's red hand print in the video on Bush's cheek after McCain was finished with him. And now Kerry is accusing Bush of similar tactics on him.

    Ok that was a Kerry video, now time for a Bush video: Here is the video that got the Iraqi soccer team all mad at Bush. I thought the video was pretty cool, though depending on how you take it, it seems kind of neo-conny.

    And now, here's your sad story for the day. :(

    Current Mood: SHACKMEET, SWINGTHING, DISNEYQUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thursday, August 19, 2004

    First off one of my favoritue web utilites EVAR is gone.. maybe just temporarily, but at last check BugMeNot is off the air. :(. What a great site, chock full of usernames and passwords for practically any site out there that required you to fill out a form to register with them before you got any content. Washington Post used to be nice, just ask for zip and birth year. Now they want your first born child. Oh well.

    Next up we've got a Wired Magazine article about Wowzers!! Its gone bigtime now! All they need is some TV coverage and its gonna be gangbusters around freeipod world :).

    Finally I'd like to see someone rebut this please... because this seems to be pretty strong:

    Liberals in the United States have been losing political debates to conservatives for a quarter century. In order to start winning again, liberals must answer two simple questions: what is conservatism, and what is wrong with it? As it happens, the answers to these questions are also simple:

    Q: What is conservatism?
    A: Conservatism is the domination of society by an aristocracy.

    Q: What is wrong with conservatism?
    A: Conservatism is incompatible with democracy, prosperity, and civilization in general. It is a destructive system of inequality and prejudice that is founded on deception and has no place in the modern world.

    These ideas are not new. Indeed they were common sense until recently. Nowadays, though, most of the people who call themselves "conservatives" have little notion of what conservatism even is. They have been deceived by one of the great public relations campaigns of human history. Only by analyzing this deception will it become possible to revive democracy in the United States.
    I've always kindof felt like something was wrong with Conservatives.. now I understand a little better as to what I might be feeling.

    Current Mood: Doom3 :(

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    Wednesday, August 18, 2004


    Watch the trailer for The Forgotten-- looks so fucking cool. Saw a preview for that movie while watching Women's Team Gymnastics with the wife. That movie looks so damn cool. I'm so there man.

    So there.

    In other news uhm. I love my ipod? :)

    Current Mood: OLYMPICS!!!!!

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    1:21:00 AM Soap
    AHhhhhhhhh. My new Nokia 6225 camera phone arrived today from Sprint-- woot! While it has yet to be activated yet I'm beginning to put together a Moblog companion to this weblog. I'll probably syndicate the latest 5 pictures posted to the moblog on this site, prolly on the left side.

    And now some links

    I know someone who would like this-- discusses the current state of modern art and pretty much lays the smackdown on the current state of art in America. It still stings just linking to it--

    But speaking of art, I think you'll all agree that this video is definetly "art".

    Here's your crazy story for the day, your thought for the day, your policital site for the day, your Google news for the day, controversial article for the day and finally your gem of the day :)

    Current Mood: G.E.M.!!!!

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    Monday, August 16, 2004

    11:31:00 PM Wowzers
    Well we made it-- but ended up evacuating INTO the path of the storm!! Let me tell you, after the first window shattered in the house I was staying at in Kissimmee I knew we were in for a wild ride.. after the second window shattered we all moved into the hallway in the house and hid behind a mattress and closed doors until the storm went away and the power went out. Noone got hurt though where we were so alls fair in love and war.

    The next morning we emerged to see mobile homes flipped on their sides, trees uprooted and knocked into houses, shingles torn from roofs, street signs bent over onto the street and billboards destroyed.

    Here are the pictures I took, and here is a slideshow from the Orlando Sentinel (username: guest23 password: guest23) that pretty much explains what I saw. (Kissimmee is just south of Orlando). Its worth clicking that slideshow just to see the giant bucket from a KFC sign that was blown off of the sign and smashed onto the ground.

    Of course my home in Tampa is untouched. I've been blessed with the simultaneously being able to experience a Category 3 (by the time it made it to Kissimmee) Hurricane and still have a home to go home to. I hope you find the pictures interesting. :)

    Current Mood: Bucs!!

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    Thursday, August 12, 2004

    8:38:00 PM Hurricane
    Boarded up windows, stacked stuff up off the floor and packed. We are under mandatory evacuation for this thing. I hope nothing serious happens to the bay area, and especially my house :(

    Current Mood: Amped

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    Thursday, August 05, 2004

    Man I do love my ipod :) :) :)

    So I've got 2 things for you Fun things and then Political Things. Figure out which is which k?

  • Spiderman crayon review- hahah!! Great stuff! X-Entertainment rules!
  • History of basketball shoes. Good read. I remember when I got my first Air Jordans. So coveted. But what a waste of a Christmas present :)
  • Bush speaks spanish in his latest ad

    Oops ok that last one was political

    So lets get this Swiftboat Veterans against Kerry thing out of the way. First off, John McCain says its bullshit. That should be enough. None of the people who are speaking out against Kerry are Kerry's boat crewmates. Just where are his boat crewmates? Ohh oh wait, THEY WERE ON STAGE WITH HIM AT THE DNC. And I garuntee you they weren't PAID TO BE THERE. But the DrudgeReport says that the people in this new attack were "paid for play." By the way the Whitehouse also says that they "have not and [will] not question Senator Kerry's service in Vietnam." While its true that Kerry kindof set himself up for someone to attack him on this, its also true that those Swiftboat anti-Kerry people=OWNED.

    Now lets get on to more important matters. I have to say that I was *very very* impressed with what I read. about Bush's wanting to create a National Intelligence Director. I heard audio clips of him saying that he must be independent and other good thing juicy things like that, for which I applaud the President. Woot! :). But... then I started stuff like this and well it turns out that he's not taking the recommendations entirely as they are. :(. I guess the 9/11 commision people know better then I do as to what is good or not. They have very valid arguments (both a republican 9/11 commission member and a democrat had criticisms of Bush's plan)

    And then Bush goes and busts another serious Bushism today:

    "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we," Bush said. "They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

    I present you the MOST damning article TO DATE on whether Bush lied or not about Iraq. Its INSANE the double talk and disgusting twisting of facts and spin that the Bush administration put on Iraq both before 9/11, after 9/11, before Iraq and after Iraq. Just read this article. It goes point-by-point on all the Iraq stuff and is just pretty much all quotes and links to the sources with the context of those quotes that would make even a hardcore Bush supporter blush. Just what the hell is going on here!?!

    And now for the scariest thought of the day. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the horrible, disgusting, vile, undefinably evil kidnapper, brainwasher and now as I will reveal, enemy of our country has GIVEN NORTH KOREA 12 RUSSIAN SUBMARINES CAPABLE OF LAUNCHING NUCLEAR MISSLES AT NORTH CALIFORNIA. WHAT?!!

    No seriously, WHAT?!! This "true parent of our children" who pulls the strings of the Republicans just like Pat Robertson, who also has a close relationship with Bush's father, who has paid Bush's father millions of dollars in speaking fees and donations to the Bush library, is also responsible for helping North Korea to target us for nuclear assault?!! Did I mention Ashcroft has attended prayer luncheons with this guy and that many members of Moon's "church" are high level Bush administration members? PS that first article I linked you mentions North Korea might "use" the dispickable, Moon controlled Washington Times to influence America's image of itself.

    Does this sound familiar? A man born in a country who is our enemy, who is close with the Bush family, who has given them millions, turns out is actually bankrolling the enemy's war against us? If North Korea attacks us, will we attack someone else instead (like attacking Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia)? And then will North Korea use the Washtington Times to change its image like Saudi Arabia has done with paying PR firms to bolster IT'S image?? Despite all of this, no one has done anything about him, yet. Until then, maybe Bush is right-- maybe he really IS always "thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people."

    Bush, flush this terd they call "Moon."

    I think I've linked to this article before, but check out this excellent article on that bastard Moon. I've provided a mirror of it in PDF format here for you to peruse if you don't feel like watching a bestbuy ad or whatever before reading the salon article.

    Current Mood: I'll show you a Moon...

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