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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

8:56:00 PM Torture
Yep I'm gonna jump on the Extraordinary Rendition bandwagon. See theres this thing that has been going on for a while now, that actually was codified under Clinton, where we are able to torture people by simply moving them into other countries where torture isn't illegal. Take the case of Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen who was swept up into a United States terror dragnet and then extradidted to Syria and tortured for a year before bring brought back home after it turned out he was 100% innocent of all charges and would not have anything to contribute to any investigation. Nice.

There are bills in front of congress to stop this from ever happening again. Even the local paper has written about this. I can't find any articles or commentary about this on any conservative websites such as but I'm sure the argument would go something like this website suggests: 9/11 MEANS THE GLOVES HAVE COME OFF.

My response: You all are so damn typical. First it was IT jobs and now you want to outsource torture too? wtf!

In any case no, 9/11 doesn't mean the gloves have come off. It was wrong during WWII to have Japanese concentration camps and its wrong to bend the rules now in the name of fighting THIS war too.

And now they are trying to hide the legalization of this practice in the worst of all places. A 9/11 Intelligence Reform Bill. I'd like to meet the heartless fucker who decided to try to sneak THAT one into the bill. I'm sure his thoughts were "if it passes, we win, if it doesn't pass and people argue against it I can then charge them with being unpatriotic and voting against a 9/11 intelligence reform bill and then we still win!" Read the vile and dispickable Washtingon Times if you don't believe me. I figure if you can believe anyone about this actually happening its words from the mouth of the very place you would least expect to hear it.

This torturing thing wouldn't scare me so much if it wasn't for the fact that if the government wanted to, right now they could legally detain me, not tell anyone, not let me speak with a lawyer and then extradite me to another country and torture me for as long as they felt and all the while they can read through all of my medical, financial, and fucking library book reading list while Lynndie England gives me the thumbs up.

Now, thousands of us picked up the phone and called to SAVE BETAMAX OMG (myself included), will we have the balls to phone our representatives about THIS before they torture them from our bodies?

Current Mood: WTF MATE.

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

10:32:00 PM Storm. Passed.
Ok, this one is over. Webcam has stopped updating :P Hope some of you enjoyed it! Hehe

ANnnyways I'm wrecked. Just thankful I have power at this point really. Gonna go to sleep early and hopefully wakeup to a beautiful debris filled day :P

Current Mood: TIE RED

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7:38:00 AM Its coming.
Backyard Cam

Now available in pop-up, self-refreshing window variety: click here

5am hurricane update shows that they expect Hurriance force winds into my area now. Took a 5 hour nap last night to rest before the arrival of the center of the storm... with Frances the center/eye passed just north of us, this time it looks on track to pass right over us. I'm looking at the latest radar loop and the densest part of the storm is about to start "unleashing hell" on us for the next several hours.. it probably won't be until after dark that it is calm again here. They say the eye is going to take a northward turn but I'd like the eye to atleast pass over us just THIS ONCE, #1 because that would mean we'd avoid the most severe part of the storm believe it or not and #2 we'd get that period of calm associated with the eye of the storm.

I boarded up the last part of my house that wasn't boarded up: the dog door! Tried my best to get the dogs outside and taken care of while the weaker parts of the storm came by, and I witnessed some severe winds that bent the trees around me in a way that made me wonder how they'll bend when the most serious part of the storm comes over us. The wife is an area of Florida at this moment right now that may be getting the worst part of the storm. I'll give you an update on that as soon as I see that it has passed and I can call to make sure she's doing good. I'm hoping right now she's just sleeping through it :) Also you should start to see some good pics coming in on the backyard cam, which will be up as power and cable modem allows. My moblog may be a better source for updates if I lose power on the computer since my cellphone internet should stay up :) Stay safe ppl.

Current Mood: Adrenaline.

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12:34:00 AM 4
Seriously. This isn't funny. heh.

Webcam fired up, start looking at it at daybreak. Right now its got shots from the news, but when I go to bed I'll flip on the X10 cam and while it'll be dark for now you should be seeing some good pics at daybreak.

Image moved up to latest post...

Current Mood: New starwars dvd!!!!

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Monday, September 20, 2004

1:09:00 AM pwned.
Well I stayed out of the fray until now... Drudge Report is running, in OMG RED LETTARS the following:
After days of expressing confidence about the documents used in a 60 MINUTES report that raised new questions about President Bush's National Guard service, CBS News officials have grave doubts about the authenticity of the material, network officials said last night, the NEW YORK TIMES is reporting in Monday runs. Developing...
See for yourself if its still up there tho!!

I haven't been updating as often as I'd like to, but I've been keeping up with the moblog pretty well :). You can keep tabs on it by checking out the upper left hand side of this page where I display the last coupla shots I've posted from my Nokia 6225. For now, goodnight!

Current Mood: OMG WEEEKEND OVAR?!?!?! BOO

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Friday, September 10, 2004

11:35:00 PM iVan...
Heheh. I made a funny iPod parody- New from Apple, the iVan.

Apple wishes they knew how to make Hurricanes. Wonder if I can sell that *5 minutes later* OH SHI. Yes, I am a whore :P

Annnnywayyysssssssss. Fucking. Ivan. Sonofa. Blah. Yay. So we'll be evacuating, again. probably.

We'll keep you posted... for now keep your eyes on the MOBLOG.

Current Mood: iVan!!!

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Monday, September 06, 2004

3:58:00 PM The other side!
Well, it looks like we've made it! According to Radar Frances' outer bands are a good ways from us and we've got cable and internet back up so yayyy! I started up the webcam and took a few shots just so you can see we're alive over here. While internet was out I kept up with the moblog and took a few interesting shots. Man I hope we're not doing this again next week with Ivan...

Current Mood: wet!

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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Hey guys, coupla squalls from Hurricane Frances have already made it over here, so I setup a webcam pointed at my backyard using a wireless X10 camera. It should update regularly and give you an idea of the conditions over here on the west coast until it gets dark atleast :) Anyways here it is, just refresh the page to see the latest image:

I'll also be taking pictures with my camera phone so keep an eye on my moblog for more Hurricane Frances media or just watch the upper left side of this blog for the latest pictures.

Have fun!

Current Mood: windy! :P

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Friday, September 03, 2004

10:38:00 PM Daily Show ROOOOLS
Remember that 9/11 video I mentioned last night? Well, the Daily Show apparently got ahold of an alternative video that was scheduled to run and let me tell you, its COMEDY GOLD!!! Err.. well really comedy sad :(. They really stick it to Bush, and I think its worth watching, and.. hosting. On my website \m/. Eventually the Daily Show Video Goddess, Lisa Rein, will probably host it on her site too in much better quality. But for now, enjoy the goodness or.. badness.

And speaking of badness, lets see what happens when Bush breaks the news about Clinton's heart problems: add these people to my list. Yeah, compassionate conservatism. Suck it. Woahhhhhh I was dead wrong about this story. Verry interesting! Gonna have to keep an eye on this one. I would love to know who is the culprit.

Next up we have a graphic from the "OMG LIBERAL" New York Times that while it is clearly not scientifc, does paint a picture of how the convention speeches at the DNC and RNC stacked up.. and speaking of articles on convention speaches by OMG LIBERAL news rags heh. Still though, I've seen that ridiculous email forward that Zell quoted as gospel that the Slate article debunks a la Snopes. Hmm.. maybe we should give Zell's email address to some of these guys since he believes everything he reads that shows up in his inbox! Or maybe he heard it from someone else who will no doubt fall for one of these 419 scams, or better yet-- maybe they'll fall for the 419 scam and then tell Zell about how awesome it is, before the ax falls! Wouldn't that be a hoot, Zell getting pwned by his own mindless "sources."

And now for some cool stuff. Remember essays? And what about this!?! Hot competition for the ITMS (iTunes Music Store)?!?! Hmmmm! What is Microsoft up to!

Current Mood: DOOM 333333333

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Shi I already been rocked like a hurricane ONCE I don't need to experience it again. We are in the error cone so who knows what might happen. Parents have already boarded their house up in preperation. We've been cutting plywood in preperation for boarding up more windows then last time. Its an important consideration for us as we don't have a "safe room" in the house without glass.. so we need to atleast board up ONE room and hide in it if big winds come. Because from what I've heard we won't be evacuated since there won't be a storm surge. Loss of power, destruction of property is a possibility. We're crossing our fingers and counting our UPC's, batteries and gas powered generators (Hi Mom & Dad!).

So I ditched BUZZNET and have joined the Flickr Revolution. Check out this cameraphonephoto I've hosted with Flickr... see those boxes? they look like tusks, and what kind of animal has tusks? Thats right, THEY ARE NOTES OMG. And if YOU get an account then you can mark up my images too! (omg please let me email you an invite so I can get a referral credit for a "flickr pro account")... Anyways as you can see, the syndicated photos from flickr load MUCH faster :) Hooray! But I must say, as an aside, that while I find flickr's "google" approach to be superior, I do think that buzznet's interface is prettier atleast. I'll miss you buzznet!

NNnnnnneeewayyyzzz, lets talk cute stuff, like this. Damnit, its TOO CUTE. FRUITS SINGING. ALWAYS A WINNER. No seriously, that last link has to be one of my all time favorite flash animations. Its a classic :). But one of the things that I tihnk didn't get enough love in that flash animation, and we're gong off topic here, is the easter egg near the end that appears in a single frame just after "the meat" and before it goes to "the ending screen". I'll transcribe it for you here:

I'm not doing a credit roll, so this is the only chance I get to put in any shout outs to people. Except I'm not going to do that. We've been down this road before. But I will give a dollar challenge -- the old, stupid, overhead-view PC game ALF had an easter egg in the graphics files. What did it say? I'll give a dollar to the first person who mails me the correct answer. I don't actually think Ed Asner would make a good Federal Reserve Chariman. Then again, I don't think Alan Greenspan makes a good one, either, so there. I did this for the ladies. This fanimutation represents a desperate attempt to make some sense of animutations. Deep in my heart, I knew it was doomed to failure. The question remains: Why did I try?
I did play that old ALF game (which personally I dug at the time), and actually when I found the easter egg frame in the Yatta animation I found an old copy of the ALF game, set out and actually FOUND that easter egg inside those graphics files. I think I tried to email who I thought was the author of the file. But I guess I'll never get my dollar. But then, since I didn't actually find that easter egg when I was playing the game back on a Tandy laptop in black and white, and finally in all 3 brilliant colors on a IBM AT clone. I'll leave what that easter egg is up to your imaginations. Believe me its not as cool as you might think it is ;) STILL COOL NONE THE LESS THO :)

Yapppp. So speakkking of FRUIT, this story is pretty fruity. Man. I was one of them. Long hair, black trench coat, combat boots, pentagrams. I was apart of the trench coat mafia before Kleibold and Harris were out of diapers. Well, not really, but damnit it seemed that way! I was doing it while they were still in elementary school atleast! I miss my trenchcoat.

Lets keep going down this spiral, until we hit anarchy and chaos. Don't worry, you'll see what I'm talking about. Wanna know what I don't like about John Ashcroft? THIS is a prime example. Bush: get rid of that slime plleleeeeeassseeeeee. Please? Guess its too late now.

When I first saw that disgusting abuse of power I described it just as such. But I don't know whats MORE disgusting.. that, or this. What we have there is a picture of a woman who is, frankly, doing her part to give cowboy hats a bad name. See that purple heart on her chin? Yeah. She's also doing her part to MAKE LIGHT OF OUR INJURED SOLDIERS. I'd like to see that bitch volunteer to go fight a war. I hope that bandaid is covering a huge gigantic WART that just never seems to go away. Again, the Republican party is already full of people I don't want to be associated with, and you know what? Pat Peale is probably someone I don't feel comfortable with being apart of the same group with. Now, to be fair, she probably took the bandaid and wore it absent-mindedly, not giving much thought to the consequences and damnit haven't we all made a bad decision before? But not the people who actually put the work into these things and spent hours and hours promoting these things. Those guys are cold-blooded.

And speaking of people I DON'T want to be associated with, here is a video of anarchist anti-republican (or atleast anti protest-warrior) demonstrators trying to disrupt a peaceful march by the protest warrior gang. While I may disagree with alot fo the protest warrior stuff, I must say I respect and even admire their techniques (as I've discussed before) and also their... chutzpa, dare I use the cliche. The actions of the ANTI-protest warrior people are so awful and ridiculous though that again, it makes me want to run and hide. But on the scale of running and hiding I'd say the Republicans have me wanting to run and hide alot more often then the dems. Now bringing us back on topic, another example of wanting to run and hide from the Repubs, just to round out the night, was Jenna and Barbara Bush's speech last night. My god, it was AWFUL.

Eek! I can't believe I just contrasted such serious and important issues with that fluff, but I think that particular fluff has a serious and important angle. That angle is that the Bush twins' speech wouldn't have been *so bad* if it hadn't been in front of a crowd of people who had previously yelled and screamed and curdled when Janet Jackson exposed her dirty dirty breast to their innocent children's eyes, and if they hadn't been the same crowd that hates "rap" or nearly had a seizure when Jenna mentioned "Sex and the City" OMG PREMARITAL SEX. The serious angle here is that Jenna and Barbara Bush's speech last night represents the idea of the "young blood" that the stuck up old geezers try to squeeze out of that party and drink to make themselves look young in order to appeal to.. me. The democrats don't go through such ritualistic sacrifices.

Current Mood: GASBGON
Current Music: The Art Of Self Destruction Part 1 -- Nine Inch Nails -- Further Down The Spiral

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