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Friday, October 22, 2004

Well I got myself a new cellphone. Actually, Tara's Dad gifted me with his old Sprint PCS phone (he switched to tmobile). My new phone is a beautiful Sanyo SCP-5500 that can record video, amongst other things. Don't get me wrong, I loved my Nokia 6225, but theres something about a phone that can capture video, can simulate the insanity test as a phone ringer or play back the sound of me burping as a voicemail notification or can display pictures in 16 bit color or can actually let me SCREEN CALLS or has a fun little animated buddy that hops around the screen randomly, etc. The Nokia got better reception though.

I'm going to go see a movie.. The Grudge.. I've heard its bad. We'll see.

Here's links for you:

  • Classic example of what irks me about Bush
  • A new perspective on Bush's religious point of view
  • Pat Roberston is not to be trusted, but what is going on here?
  • Excellent explanation for why people like Bush really interesting
  • Stuff Bush could have said that woulda really buuuurnnnneeeddd
  • And finally, Dude, your getting a draft!

    Keep your eyes on cameraphone moblog for more exciting pictures and maybe, if I can figure out a way to autopost them, videos!

    Current Mood: Too much soda!

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  • Thursday, October 14, 2004

    10:10:00 PM Bush? Alzheimer's?
    I never saw this coming: Doctors trying to explain Bush's "problems with the english language" to quote the President, have come to a stunning conclusion: Bush may have presentile dementia! After that letter was crafted, this video was crafted to illustrate the problem. Just watch the video and you will be shocked. This saddens me :( Poor guy.

    Current Mood: Star wars!

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    Saturday, October 09, 2004

    Haven't watched the debate yet. DVR'd it though. With moments like this I think I'm gonna HAVE to watch it! Looks like an all out deathmattttchhhhhhhhh. From what I've seen though, disappointingly, there is a lot of repeated phrases from previous debates. One of the MOST annoying ones
    BUSH: He complains about the fact our troops don't have adequate equipment, yet he voted against the $87 billion supplemental I sent to the Congress and then issued one of the most amazing quotes in political history: "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it."
    Does Bush think we are all really THAT STUPID and haven't learned anything these past debates? First off, if that bill didn't pass they would make another one. Secondly Kerry has said numerous times that he voted against it as a protest because he didn't think the money was being spent properly. For example: perhaps he didn't vote for the bill because THERE WAS NO MONEY FOR BODY ARMOR IN THAT BILL. So uhm. WTF Bush? Stop treating us like idiots. Additionally, the flip-flop thing is over. Especially when stuff like this comes out.

    And speaking of "bills" and stuff, I want to make an important point here. Take this idea: Kerry talks about how he is going to "roll back tax cuts for top 1%" etc. What? He will do no such thing. He will ask Congress to do it. Thats all he can do, mostly, is put forth legislation for Congress to think about, perhaps introduce if he's lucky and perhaps vote on it and if he's REALLY lucky maybe it'll pass. Only after they've changed it around a whole lot of course! Sometimes Presidents have to veto their own bills that they've introduced because of this kind of political wrangling. Course Congress introduces it's own bills all the time. Point is the President does not raise or lower your taxes, CONGRESS DOES. The President does not create a healthcare plan, CONGRESS DOES. The President is very influential on Congress but thats about it. Maybe if the president is lucky you'll have a majority of people in congress who agrees with him, but thats still no guarantee. The President's MOST important functions are: Commander in Chief of the armed forces, nomination of Judges (though this too has to pass the Senate... he still has exclusive nomination rights though), appointing people to power in executive agencies, preparing the budget (still needs to be approved), creating executive orders and conducting foreign affairs(!). Additionally he also suggests legislation and tries to influence "the national debate." Certainly the president has a huge influence in this manner, but is that influence really the most important part of his role as President and is it something you should be voting over exclusively? Keep those other powers in mind, and read this informative wikipedia article on this subject.

    Afghanistan has completed their first elections. So fucking cool. But. There were problems. You'll have to read the article to find out.

    Finally some random/weird stuff. This is sad :(. I don't know what to make of it except that it must be a farce. This is cool. Just a cool cool story, great stuff. And lastly, if you watched the debates you'll say: This is funny.

    Music: Namco - Katamari Damacy Original Game Audio - Katamari on the Rock [Stage 01 & Stage

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    Tuesday, October 05, 2004

    1:01:00 AM Unravel
    Long post tonight. If you only click one link, and watch one video make it this one. Thank you.

    The chess game is getting intense. I'm hoping Friday's debate just feeds the fire even more-- nothing gets people to the polls like a real contest. I hate people who stay home because they think voting won't make a difference and theres nothing like a hotly contested election to kick America's collective ass into voting.

    And its gets more interesting. I haven't seen this much activity since the primaries-- The New York Times dropped a bomb today that essentially amounts to YES THEY REALLY DID DECEIVE US. Ok its the NYT which everyone loves to call a liberal rag, but IMO is still one of the best newspapers out there-- so to be fair, on the other side of the coin we have this OTHER "web newspaper" saying that Bush & co got it right THE FIRST TIME because OMG THERE IS WMD!!.... this kinda reads like did Kerry use a cheat sheet versus did Bush use an earpiece at the debate. But as to which news stories to believe, I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to judge between The New York Times and The Cybercast News Service.

    And now for the second AND HUGELY IMPORTANT unreported story of the day (to dovetail the WMD CNS story), in what is being called a "digital watergate," it looks like the RNC has been caught hacking into a Democrats campaign system. Hoooooly shi. If this thing turns out to be true it'll be quite serious. Perhaps its things like these that made the "United States Cybersecurity Chief" resign!? Reading that story broke my heart, I've been in situations where I've been surrounded by people who don't appreciate computer security and all you're left to do is scream DIGITAL PEARL HARBOUR all day long until you are red in the face and nothing has changed. Good for him for leaving, hopefully the bad of losing him will be outweighed by the good that may come because of it.

    Now for a little comic relief, I challenge you to load up this mp3 and then stare at this photoshopped image and not laugh throughout the entire Soviet Union national anthem. Just stare, STARE right into Bush's eyes while you watch it. You will giggle or guffaw or laugh or both/all three. Think about Poland as you watch. Above all DO NOT FORGET POLAND!!!!1111 (This gag is similar to the insanity test)

    And speeeeeeeeeakinnggg offff the debates and Poland. You MUST watch that video I linked above, this one, remember? It does an amazing job of illustrating exactly WHY Bush lost the debate. It came from this site, and draws heavily on this article which you can see has at least some veracity to it.

    If you liked that video how about this one that pretty much illustrates the crux of the Republican party platform: 9/11. Fear. The fact that Bush lost a debate about this very topic illustrates that they may be unraveling. In fact Donald Rumsfeld is pretty much confirming this by COMPLETELY backing off ANY Al Queda+Iraq link in addition to saying there REALLY AREN'T ANY WMDs in Iraq. (Maybe someone should show him that CNS article) Overheard: "It's like your trying to unravel a sweater, and theres someone on the other side.. and they keep knitting.. and knitting.. and knitting.. and knitting.. and OH SHI THEY RAN OUT OF YARN!!!!"

    I guess rabid democrats can stop pulling shit like this now. Or at least until Friday. W T F Mate?

    Current Mood: Excited

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    Sunday, October 03, 2004

    11:42:00 AM Say what you want
    Say what you want about Sarah McLachlan, but she's done a good thing. Click and watch you won't regret it.

    Good, now that I have your attention, Salon was able to obtain the story CBS spiked in favor of the Bush national gaurd documents debacle. You'll need to click and watch an ad for a 1 free day pass for this (sorry I didn't PDFify it like I did with this excellent article on Kerry's Senate record). But that CBS article is important for so many reasons and an interesting read on so many angles. Highly recommended!

    And now to complete the sandwhich, here is a cute article about cats.

    Current Mood: YARD WORK!!!!!

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