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Saturday, January 29, 2005

10:54:00 AM Never forget.
I wish this guy had quoted his sources.. because I remember all of this stuff too. I hate how they manipulate us and make us forget what they said, twist their words.. and when we show them their words they attack the people who cataloged them instead of addressing the issue.

For those of you who wonder why so many are kicking and screaming over the war in Iraq, over Bush, please read this and remember what you may have forgotten.

Saddam had to go, this is clear. But the way we did it was clearly the wrong way. We have to finish the job, this is clear. But the way we are doing it is clearly the wrong way.

I just love how these self-proclaimed Christians rape and torture in the name of justice and freedom. And you wonder why I have a problem with organized religion-- I don't want to share my religion with these monsters.

I saw a bumper sticker on the road the other day that said "You cannot be Catholic AND pro-choice!"

Suddenly I wished that I had a bumper sticker on MY car that said "You cannot be Catholic AND pro-death penalty!"

I wished I could pass them and they could read it so they'd realize how twisted they were, using religion only when it was convenient for political spin.

Course I could be wrong.. maybe this person was against the death penalty too? But I think you all know why that person had that bumper sticker on their car- they were supporting Bush over Kerry as a Catholic and using the abortion issue as a tool for said support. Supporting Bush? Who has been described as the death penalty governor? By your logic my "bumper sticker" would be true too. So next time don't be such a moron, just simplify the bumper sticker to "you can't be Christian and pro-choice" and then I'll let it slide that you are also pro-death penalty-- because there are certainly parts of the greater Christian faith that "allow that." Until then, remain ignorant!

Current Mood: 2008.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

2:56:00 PM Cute Spam
Ok I dunno why it struck my fancy so well but I got some spam that I thought was just... cute! The spam's subject was "SURPRISE YOUR COMPUTER" and in the spam they tried to hock $50 copies of pirated Windows XP. The idea of surprising my computer with a present made me giddy :) I imagined myself as joe computer user with a blue-screen-filled windows 98 box getting that email and imagined myself imagining what it'd be like to upgrade to Windows XP and make everything pretty and green like the ads-- and how this advertisement was making it affordable finally to upgrade-- I'd suprise my computer because it would never expect me to be able to afford Windows XP-- but at these prices, I'll buy 2 copies!!

But wait, wtf am I saying? My computer already knows I got this message! Well jeeez--THANKS FOR RUINING THE DAMN SURPRISE.. FUCKING SPAMMERS!

From: Myles Keith
To: ***
Date: 1/27/05 5:47PM
Laptop Magazine : Digital Review results

After a full comparison of the various retailers,our winner is :

W1ND0WS X'P - 50 d0IIar (150 d0IIar less)

O'r,d*e'r N0w

gore parkinsonwrongdoing delicate loganspinal mediterranean matcedilla pious hatfieldcontrariwise omega renouncepsychotherapeutic emboss nonchalantpreoccupy michelson cytosinesilicone restoration candidateann kivu southeyplummet

"I used to say my favorite organ was my Brain, but then I realized- what's making me say this?" -Some sig on usenet

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Hey everyone! Another podcast fresh from CelerityFM studios!

Get the podcast by clicking here!


01:43 Table of contents
03:50 Lemme bitch for a minute
06:28 Powerbook podcasting problem
  • Turns out you need a powered mic
    08:14 Interview with Kyler
    09:03 AOL Rant
  • Original post (3rd from top)
    14:45 Hoax FM/Richard Vobes/Podcast Paul
  • Richard Vobes!
  • Podcast Paul
    18:33 Swishers? Sliders? Whut!?
  • Actually they are called SWEEPERS!
    20:02 Professionalism in podcasting
    22:30 Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd
    24:59 Tow Trucks and THE BALLS!
    28:25 This is NOT celeBRITYFM!
    29:33 Lamar's Big Day!
  • OpenPodcast website
  • Old
  • This one is a long one since I hadn't podcasted in a while-- had alot to "get off my chest" -- ahh, much better/duke.

    So remember if you want to see "The Balls" as discussed in the podcast, then leave some comments/feedback!

    Current Mood: Podcasted!
    Current Music: Celerityfm - CFM-2005-01-27

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    Thursday, January 27, 2005

    Just finished recording the latest podcast, going to work up the show notes and finish compressing/tweaking the mp3 and publish it here hopefully jusf after the sun sets today.

    Current Mood: Gleeful!

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    Tuesday, January 11, 2005

    Wow thanks everyone for listening and thanks to Kyle Case and Richard for the comments about my blog and the podcast! I got "the podcast bug" late in the evening today and just had to bust out another episode.. this time I actually got closer to my predetermined show length! I only went over by 7 minutes this time heh.

    Before I link to the new podcast I wanted to answer some questions that Richard asked in the comments-- here are his questions and what I found for answers-- What is the difference between xml and rss and an enclosure? The XML is the language used in creating an RSS file-- enclosures are XML tags used in RSS files that point at media files, such as podcasts. Why don't you have a direct link to the mp3 file on the web page so we can just play it? As you found out, I did put up a link.. I just didn't describe it very well - I'll do a better job next time. Why does the orange button with XML on it just open a page of code and make me have to search for the link and then copy and paste it into my browser? - Well that link is actually not meant to be viewed in a web browser, its meant to be copied and pasted into a program like iPodder. Why can I not download the file direct and move it manually to my ipod or mp3 player? Well now you know that you can by using my link-- or you can copy and paste the XML link into a program that will do it automatically. Why does the techy side of podcasting remain surrounded in gobbledegook? Personally I blame the fact that its so new... but its really because "they" still haven't flushed out all the details yet :) But you were able to listen to it, and that means we had success!! Richard, and everyone else- thank you all for listening, it makes it that much more interesting and fun for me too! And Richard-- listening to the original Hitchhikers Guide radio broadcast, now THAT is cool!! What do you think of the new shows and whats your thoughts on the movie? Anyone else care to comment on this stuff? Any other podcast questions? Let me welcome all of you to podcasting!!

    Anyways HERES my second podcast! Click here to download the podcast


    01:47 - Who is listening/stats rundown
    02:55 - Fogotten telephone voice memos
    04:25 - Finding the gold
    06:08 - Talking about Madge Weinstein
    08:29 - The last voice memo and interesting tidbit
    10:35 - Spacebags!
    11:15 - Someone asked me if my nose is stuffed
    11:24 - Adam Curry screws up just like I did
    13:25 - Drunkcast!?
    13:45 - Tow Trucks Song: Behind the music
    14:54 - The Tow Trucks Song!!!! (World premiere?!)

    Current Mood: Accomplished!
    Current Music: Celerityfm - CFM-2005-01-10
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    Saturday, January 08, 2005

    Allright! My first podcast.. its up.. and stuff.

    Here it is, the first podcast

    And to go along with that first podcast, shownotes!

    01:31 - It's Dawn and Drew's fault
    04:15 - I've been a content creator
    06:55 - Why podcast is attractive vs blogging
    11:00 - Adam Curry sounds like Zaphod Beeblebrox
    18:16 - Speaking of Engadget/WWW needs to go!
    23:17 - Celerityfm Podcast Setup/Rig
    24:42 - Show wrapup and warning for Adam Curry

    Now the recommended way to get this is to get something like iPodder and throw my RSS feed URL into it and have the program automatically download my podcast whenever a new show comes out. As a bonus if you have an mp3 player, iPodder can throw the show into iTunes or Windows Media Player so that every time you sync your iPod or Rio or whatever mp3 player to your computer my show will automatically be put on there for your listening convenience. Its kinda like TiVO for the internet :P. I use a similar program, iPod agent to grab the RSS feeds of the weblogs listed in the links section on the left and throw the actual TEXT of the weblogs into the notes section on my iPod so I can read them wherever I am, whenever I feel like it :).

    Hope you like my show-- give me some comments (click "what you say)!!

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