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Thursday, September 29, 2005

3:38:00 PM I will.
Ever since I took an art class in high school I wondered what I could accomplish if I could use a tablet instead of a paintbrush or a mouse. I can bend computers to do my will and perhaps I will have the same command over them when I communicate to them through a tablet. I’m thinking of starting simple, with something like this.

Once I acquire it I will surely share my work with you. Will it be cool? Will it suck? Who knows, but at the very least I’ll be able to do some awesome photoshop editing if I fail at being able to express myself through said tablet.

Oh. This is a post through 43 Things .. yeah I succumbed.. I guess I didn’t get it until I actually tried it out :). I’m digging it, and I hope you check it out and dig it too. Woah, I almost went back and mis-corrected the word “dig” as “digg” ... been hanging out at to much!

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12:04:00 PM More cool links
Because I don't want you to miss them--
  • This literature map looks interesting, it helps you figure out what to "read next"
  • This is a sweet story kinda sad though.. I mean how could she have forgotten her dog?
  • ATTN Chris.. if they can do that with an iPod mini, I'm sure we can do it with your 30gb iPod photo!
  • Speaking of photos, check out this hurricane photoblog, some great shots in there.
  • Finally, an easy way to visualize zip codes. Fun?
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  • Wednesday, September 28, 2005

    3:36:00 PM Links
    Came across a few things that I thought were cute.. These things have officially broken the beaker and this one makes me sad.

    Then I saw this flash animation and thought it was kinda cool.

    Yep.. thats all I got for today.. n stuff.

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    Tuesday, September 27, 2005

    Saturday, September 24, 2005

    Posting again from the hotel room, we've had an AWESOME day so far! Woke up this morning and had hotel breakfast, which was really nice. We took a look at google maps and jotted down some notes about some locations of some interesting sights and then we took off to go site seeing in downtown Atlanta. First we wanted to check out Piedmont Park to scope out the parking situation to see if we should take the MARTA or not tomorrow when we go to the dog frisbee national championships. Next we stopped by the Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site which was really interesting.. got to see his tomb and the house he grew up in. Then we drove around downtown Atlanta for a quick driving tour before the podcasters meetup-- we saw CNN Center and Centennial Park along the way. It was fun to just drive around downtown Atlanta after just a quick study of Google maps.. I was easily able to find stuff just by remembering if it was east or west of the interstate or downtown.. pretty cool. Then we went back to the hotel room to get some stuff and head up to the podcast meetup.

    When we arrived, late, at the restaurant we asked the front desk if anyone from the southeast podcasters meetup and they said they didn't think so.. so we got a table and sat and waited, watching the door.. for about 20 minutes... we worried that we might have missed whoever had shown up because we were 10 minutes late... I took out my laptop and looked for wifi(there was only a WPA encrypted network) and to maybe encourage any shy podcasters to come over to our group if they were to see my laptop. Well, noone did and the waiter came over and asked if the rest of our group would be joining us... I happened to have left the meetup page up on my laptop's screen and I pointed at it and told the waiter that all these people had RSVP'ed but we were surprised to not see them here.. and he saw the word "podcast" and immediately piqued up! He said he saw someone with a microphone on the other side of the restaurant and that they said they were podcasters. DING DING DING. Suddenly Steve Eley from Escape Pod walks over and introduces himself to us and invites us over to join everyone. He introduced us to John from Thelema Coast to Coast and Sam (and his daughter) from The Bear's Grove. They were all really cool people and I was so pleased that we got to meet them and talk shop with them. While we didn't drive all the way up to Atlanta JUST to see them we were starting to feel a little disappointed when we thought noone was showing up at the restaurant so it was extra special to be able to finally connect with everyone. Thanks guys, you rock!

    After hours of conversation and beer we called it a day and went back to the hotel room, at which I am typing to you now. I just was so excited about my experience that I had to take a minute to share it with you before we went on to the next part of our day. This evening we are going to meet up with an old friend from highschool for dinner and I'm really looking forward to it. Be sure to checkout the audioblog post that I made at a redlight in downtown Atlanta this morning :)

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    Friday, September 23, 2005

    I'm in Tampa visiting a friend in Atlanta who is up here being awesome and donating bone marrow! We were looking for things to do and noticed that the world championships for dog flying disc is going on tomorrow and we can take MARTA to it so we are so there! Of COURSE I bring my camera but I FORGOT THE MEMORY CARD. It's sitting in my printer/scanner/copier/memory card reader at home. W T F.

    So always check to make sure you're bringing your camera AND memory card when you travel.. *cries*

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    Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    11:42:00 AM Hamachi
    Don't know how I missed this.. but this program, Hamachi has got to be one of the coolest apps I've seen in a while. It's a ridiculously simple, zero configuration, encrypted p2p VPN app. In a few minutes I had connected my computer at work with my computer at home all without touching the firewalls, software OR hardware. It's cool like Skype in that way, it just works.

    And now when I fire up iTunes at work it shows my iTunes library at home in the sources list. It used to be that I'd have to fire up an SSH server at home, login to it remotely and tunnel the rendezvous ports to make this happen. This is just one of the many benefits of Hamachi.. the other awesome one is I can take multiplayer games that don't have internet play and play over the internet! It's like KALI all over again!

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    Already an update for iTunes 5? Must have been pretty severe, haven't seen them post a quick update like this in a while.. I've had no problems with my upgrades, however.

    Also of note, Griffin finally said that the SmartDeck will begin shipping, according to iLounge. That article also mentioned that Griffin is already working on ANOTHER version of the SmartDeck that uses the dock connector so it will be compatible with the iPod Nano... I ordered the smartdeck in JANUARY and they said it would ship in JUNE. So as much as it would be cool to cancel my order and wait for the dock connector version I think I'm just going to sit this one out and take the non-nano compatible one for now. Ahh well.

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    Saturday, September 17, 2005

    Its a beautiful Florida evening and I can tell its going to be an even better night-- I've just fired up my laptop outside Panera Bread and have began munching on a Panera Peanutbutter and Jelly sandwhich. But guess what... no Mountain Dew! Their Mountain Dew fountain is down!! I've got Pepsi but thats all. Dawn and Drew are whispering in my ear through the iPod and its mixing in nicely with the ambient sounds of the road and parking area around me. Nick Starr gave me the idea.. I'm just wishing I had brought my iTalk. Would have been perfect for an audioblog comment. Maybe I'll try the old audioblogger and see if thats still working... too bad it won't sound as nice as the iTalk. Later.
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    Friday, September 16, 2005

    Ok but actually it's not called Nintendo Revolution anymore. Name to be announced, BUT, the controller- man, the controller has been RELEASEDEDED:

    I'm so there. Can't wait to try it!

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    Thursday, September 15, 2005

    4:10:00 PM Whimpost
    Man having this box on my desktop at all times waiting for me to post is kinda nice. For instance, I just glanced over by my phone and noticed a white piece of paper, and written on the left 2/3rds of the page are the words "Please do not take, thank you" and on the other third there are several looped pieces of scotch tape with the sticky side is exposed.

    Can you guess why this is on my desk? I'll post later with the solution :)

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    Man. I recorded like 4 audioblogs with the iTalk, which I love btw, and every time I would finally have a moment to convert the recording to mp3, throw id3 tags on it and upload it I would feel like it was too late! I talked about the iPod Nano, getting to meet a bunch of other cool local podcasters at a local podcastmeetup and other time-sensitive stuff. So I'm letting those recordings die. I was spoiled by audioblogger.. being able to call one number, say whatever, hangup, and have the post automatically show up is awesome. 5 minute time limits and having the system not work every time, is not.

    A partial solution that I have put in place was to install a blogger widget for konfabulator so that I'd always have a box to type in and I could update more often, which is something I've often pledged to do in my 6 year history of blogging this blog.

    But I love it, and I won't stop. Hopefully this blogger widget will work..seeya next post.

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    Sunday, September 04, 2005

    Friday, September 02, 2005

    3:26:00 PM Interdictor
    So it continues. At night I've been watching cable news non stop, alternating between MSNBC, CNN and FNC, using picture-in-picture to make sure I don't miss anything and can successfully navigate the commercial breaks. Last night I witnessed Anderson Cooper put the SMACK DOWN on a Senator from Louisiana.. I captured the audio for your listening pleasure: Anderson Cooper SMACKDOWN.

    But during the day while I'm at work I don't have time to watch TV, so I keep tabs on things through WWL's Katrina Weblog which is very very useful and also I check the Interdictor blog which is absolutely incredible. It's the weblog of this HUGE ISP located in downtown New Orleans and they refuse to go down. They've got an incredible team out there, LIVING at the downtown office in the middle of this chaos but still somehow keeping their ISP running on the generators and backup systems they have. They have over 800,000 websites that they are responsible for, including one major "online backup service", but they also have a webcam going and take lots of pictures that they post online in their downtime. Here's a quote from the weblog on what kind of stuff they are up to:

    One of the first things I do in the morning after my intitial security sweep of the building is check my messenger programs, email, and the comments section of this blog for the latest situation reports.

    I cannot confirm the Superdome "chemical plant" explosion you guys are reporting. When Bravo Team becomes functional this morning, we're going to do a Medium Range Recon Patrol around our section of the CBD. We need to access the area for potential human threats, situational threats (burning buildings, etc.), flooding, potential evac routes, military and civilian authority presence, etc.

    We bring the camera with us everywhere we go, whether it's to empty fuel into the tank or perform personal hygiene.

    Everyone has secondary responsibilities. Crystal, for instance, has the secondary responsibility of organizing physical assets. Sigmund's secondary responsibility is photography. Donny's secondary responsibility is inter-team communication. My secondary responsibility is first aid. And so on.

    Just because we're doing a security sweep, for instance, doesn't mean we can't also be doing something else.

    Sig's got a ton more pictures to post today.

    This just in: Team Bravo reports no fire visibility from the Dome, but there is smoke -- and where there's smoke...

    We're headed to the roof to investigate.


    So, checkout their weblog and if you want to read more about these guys, check this AP story on them. Someone has posted highlights from their webcam as well in case you can't get into their webcam. These guys deserve special recognition for their work to keep their enterprise in business and for being able to find the time to keep the world informed while they are doing it.

    In my audio blog I talk about them and also give a sound seeing tour with the iTalk of my trip across the street. I almost get hit by a car! Good times.

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    Thursday, September 01, 2005

    Absolutely unbelievable. I thought they were in the clear. I thought everything was fine, that they made it out without any problems. But. They didn't. I hope they can get a hold on things soon :(

    In other news, we had our first appearance on The Daily Source Code (at 35:30) as Adam mentioned the post on K9Cast about the first Nintendo podcast (which was all about Nintendogs).

    Also recorded an audio blog comment this morning on the iTalk. It was a bit patchy as I'm still getting used to it. But man, I love it! I did a mini sound seeing tour of my walk from the parking garage to the lobby of my office and talked about the Nintendo Podcast and K9Cast's appearance on the Daily Source Code. Here ya go:

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