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Monday, October 31, 2005

7:46:00 PM Moving
Yep. It's official I'm moving! Hi everyone visiting to check up on me!!! While you're here why don't you checkout the dog podcast that Tara and I host!

I plan to continue posting pictures, audio blog comments and blog posts here, so stay tuned :)

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

7:53:00 PM Flying sunset

Flying sunset
Originally uploaded by celerityfm.

I'm in Philadelphia awaiting my final flight on the way home. Here is

some eye candy for you that I took from the plane on the way over here

to make my connection.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

6:51:00 AM About to fly

About to fly
Originally uploaded by celerityfm.

Woot! At TIA using their free wifi. At first I was using remote

desktop to do everything because I didn't want to transmit my

passwords over the wifi without encryption, but then I realized that

atleast GMAIL used HTTPS before login, so that way I could just use

GMAIL to post this to flickr and to my blog. Muuuuuch faster :)

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

2:09:00 PM GNU iPod
Sweet. Apple finally gave up the ghost and put video playback capabilities on the iPod, no doubt in partial response to people (myself included) getting video working under iPod Linux. But the new iPod was introduced just as an iPod, not an "iPod Video." Unlike the "iPod Photo" this is simply "iPod", so really this isn't the one and true "iPod Video" that we've been waiting for. The day where you can rip your MOVIE collection to iTunes and buy movies online that you can sync to your iPod will be a great day indeed.

Meanwhile Apple has given us an iPod that has been updated to the Nano's styling and also has a larger screen. IMO a little too big, its not in proportion to the clickwheel.. They should make the clickwheel bigger to match :)

And iTunes 6 has also appeared and the BIGGEST news is that you can get TV SHOWS that you can sync to your iPod! Brilliant! This almost makes me want to get a new iPod now... I'm thinking of all the videoblogs that I'm missing out on.. plus its alot thinner then my current iPod, so it'll be easier to carry.....oh mannn.. must resist!!!!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Friday, October 07, 2005

Man. I don't know why but I've always found the McDonalds Monopoly promotion/game to be very cool, despite the scandal a few years ago. This year they are building on last year's excellent formula of making game pieces that are 3 games in one:
  1. You can collect physical game pieces for prizes or instant wins
  2. Game pieces have codes on them that let you play a special version of monopoly online, each code letting you roll the dice, advance your token and collect properties for prizes or get instant wins
  3. Large fries and premium chicken sandwich boxes have best buy bucks on them and its always ATLEAST $1, so you win every time!
I really had a great time playing last year: I nabbed a coupla cool cellphone games, got a free month of video game rentals, a handful of bestbuy bucks for a game I bought at bestbuy AND got to "play monopoly" :). What could be cooler?

I dunno I guess I coulda won the million :P Right now is definitely the time to "large size" your meals! Anyone out there play this too? Won anything?

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

9:50:00 AM Smartdeck Shipping
I've been following the Griffin Smartdeck for MONTHS now, following the hype, the under-reported delays, and finally it's release. I've been getting google alerts on this for a while now and recently the alerts began increasing in frequency. The Smartdeck is finally shipping and I've found the best review of the Griffin Smartdeck out of the bunch for your approval.

Though I have a 4g and an iPod mini in my arsenal, I feel for 3g owners because one of the coolest features of the Smartdeck, the automatically play/pause your iPod when you start/stop playing the smartdeck, doesn't work with 3g iPods! Doh! WTF Griffin. Ahh well, maybe next version.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

11:30:00 PM Cutted and a note.
So I did it. It was a bit scary but I’m definitely glad I took the plunge. I’ve attached a before and after picture of my hair if your curious. Not super high quality shots, just used a cellphone cam that I had handy.

But here’s the note- Hairstyle != Haircut. I don’t know why I forgot about this simple concept, but if you have short hair like me then getting a new hair CUT does not automatically mean you’ll be getting a new hair STYLE. For example, in the “after” picture you can see that my hair is doing the “its up, its down, whatever its cool” look. However thats because its been STYLED. Just as an experiment I ran my hands through my hair and messed it up until it was no longer “styled.” It simply went back to the same basic shape that I’d had going in there, except shorter. This is a good thing, if my hair gets messed up then it will simply look like it used to :)

So I guess the bottom line is that I overlooked the power of styling products. Don’t YOU overlook them! If you are itching to get a new haircut then don’t put off getting a new look any longer! Try out some styling gels on your own and see what you can do or go see your hair stylist and tell them you want a new hair style AS WELL as a new haircut. They’ll help you figure out something cool and show you how to do it!

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Damn. Nina Bianchini and ex-Netscape master Marc Andreessen got together and had a brainchild and it's looking pretty damn good. What an idea. I applaud thee.

Now. I must decide what to do with all this... POWER!

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12:25:00 PM I'm going in!
In about 10 minutes I’m going to go to my hair stylist and inform him that today I want to try something different. I want something that is cool yet still professional, something that won’t look too bad when it gets “messed up” and something that is easy to maintain on a daily basis. I don’t know exactly what I want, but I know what I DON’T want. I don’t want the “everything is cut short except for the bangs which are spiked up in the front” look and I don’t want the shaved head look.

Someone gave me a cheer for my previous post, and that kicks ass. Thanks, I needed it :)

Will post back later!

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12:16:00 PM Sync iTunes to a CDRW
My dream of being able to sync iTunes to a CDRW got one step close today when I ran across Tea Vui Huang's Mass Storage Synchronizer (MSS) for iTunes.

That guy is the iTunes hacking master! The MSS is basically batch files, VBS and Java and from what I can tell it's easy to change to whatever you need. One of my cars has a CD player that can play MP3 CDs and for a while now I've been trying to haxxor it to activate the aux-inputs so I could plug my iPod directly into it without having to use an iTrip, which I have and use but is not as nice as the aux input method. So being able to sync a CDRW might be a good alternative.

And why haven't I just been manually burning MP3 CDs this whole time? Well I have, but since I listen to podcasts being able to sync an iPod or a CDRW would be preferred since I have to sync so often to keep up with my shows. Will keep ya updated!

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

5:19:00 PM Hair Schmear.
I’ve had 3 major hairstyles over the past uhm… 7 years of my life. Which is probably normal for a guy. But basically they consisted of “Shoulder length hair” then ear length but professional looking hair, and then short hair, popped up and combed backwards.

The problem with my current cut is that the hair falls down eventually and when it does it looks bad. So I’m going to go with a NEW haircut where if the hair falls down it will still look good, if I have the guts. I’ve tried this before and I always chicken out at the last minute and continue the flat-topish look or whatever the current cut was at the time. I’m hoping that making this one of my 43 things will give me extra guff to make it happen. I’ve scheduled an appointment for tomorrow to make my hair even SHORTER now and hopefully I’ll report back success!

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Monday, October 03, 2005

2:30:00 PM Naptime
Well that was super easy. I picked a dog, named it Banjo trained it to sit (Space Ghost), fed it and gave it water (and made it sit and wait before I gave her the food/water), and took it for a walk where she found me 2 presents and met a new dog. Then we came home and I trained her to down (Zorac), which as a bit more challenging, but I kept at it and I fed her the little lightbulb icons and bones that showed up, and eventually she got it! She also chased her tail which was really cute. Finally we played with the new tennis ball she found and now its nap time. Rock! I'll post a picture of her soon as well, until then seeya.
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2:23:00 PM Banjo's first walk.
Out on her first walk and she got to meet another pug named Peachies and she even found me 2 presents! They were both tennis balls. I guess Banjo is going to be a dog who likes to fetch! No poops but she did mark one spot. The map keeps track of the spots your dog has marked and when you plan your next walk you can see what spots are needing to be remarked or have been claimed by other dogs. Crasy.
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2:15:00 PM Space Ghost
I have taught Banjo to sit. But rather then use the word "sit" I chose the alias "Spaceghost" because it will let me check out the game easier around my dogs. When Tara was checking it out she'd tell her Nintendogs to sit and at the same time our real-life dogs would do it too! Good times!

Also, Banjo is named after the Space Ghost's seamonkey from the show Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Hopefully Banjo won't mutate into a horrible monster like her namesake did! That would make for an interesting review for K9Cast!

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2:06:00 PM Nintenblogs
We are doing a review of Nintendogs for K9 Cast and it's my turn to spend some time with it. Tara has already completed her evaluation of it after several weeks. I adopted a black pug which the game described as following:
"This female boasts an excellent temperament. She's patient and will grow very attatched to her trainer."
So thats pretty cool! I'm naming her Banjo! She already has my affection as when I first met her she jumped up in the air and barked ever so adorably. Damn Nintendo, you've figured me out!
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