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Saturday, January 14, 2006

I recently read a colum in the San Fransico Chronicle entitled Intel inside -- so what?". After reading it I was compelled to email the author, David Lazarus and I'm republishing that email here:

Mr. Lazarus:

I must applaud you for the originality of your Chronicle article, "Intel inside -- so what?" It was one of the few original takes on Apple's unveiling of it's Intel based computers. The part concerning "few really care -- or understand -- what's inside anything" was spot on and an interesting read, but I believe the "so what?" part of the article missed the boat. Your article should have been titled "For Apple computer users, if it works, so what?" - because while Apple computer users have enjoyed a mostly trouble free experience for years, Microsoft Windows based computer users have had quite the opposite experience. The big news here is that Intel based Apple computers mark a turning point in the era of Microsoft Windows dominance. If Apple does it's job right then the millions of frustrated Microsoft Windows computer users will soon be able to enjoy the same trouble free experience that Apple based computer users have had for years!

Intel based Apple computers are, according to Apple, currently capable of running Microsoft Windows. This is a very big deal because this means that soon, when enthusiasts figure out how, Windows users will be able to buy one computer and be able to run both operating systems- switching between them when needed. This makes switching to an Apple easier, a big deal for Apple and consumers. But running Windows on Apple computer hardware won't fix what's wrong with Windows and isn't even a big deal when compared to what comes next.

With Intel based computers Apple has taken a huge leap forward towards the next step: making their operating system run windows applications better then windows can! When this happens Windows users will abandon Microsoft in droves and so will software developers, since more Apple operating system users will be in the market as a result. But the best part is that productivity could grow as a result, because all of the productivity lost to malware, viruses and crashes in Microsoft Windows will be regained! The economic impact of this goes way beyond Apple, Intel and Microsoft - this change could improve the entire economy!

Further, I believe that it is no coincidence that Apple has launched these Intel based Macs at a time when Microsoft will soon be launching the next version of Windows, Windows Vista. Now Apple will be poised to announce a new version of their operating system right around the time of Windows Vista's launch-- an operating system that might have a tag line along the lines of: "Run Windows programs better then Windows ever dreamed."

If consumers get to have that choice, then the Microsoft Windows era may indeed come to an end.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

11:40:00 PM Snow days...

Snow days...
Originally uploaded by celerityfm.

Here's Toby and Kyler hiking! Look at Toby in his parka, how cute! :) :) :)

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