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Thursday, May 4th
For the record books... [12:14]
You will have to excuse me for not updating it so recently, I've been involved in a bidding war. Besides that I'm completely done with school!! Yahhhhhhhhh... I'm working on getting the unblogged items to become more organized.. or something... Mabye actually make it a hyperlinked document so you don't have to cut/paste etc. Of course, I could do my job and actually make the links for you on this page, but that would just be a bit TOO easy for y'all. Now that school is over, you may be wondering what I'll be doing for the summer... well besides telnetting to the village bbs and playing on Work Spot I've just been chilling. Thats why I updated! or something... wheeeeeeee. Thats what she said when she (7 years old) borrowed her sisters car to get some Cheerios.. doh! Mabye she was drinking some of this stuff..UF feels the burn of napster but instead of banning it they just added more bandwidth! Now thats what I call service! In other news, Microsoft revealed an example of its latest compression technology.. ahhh and now you know why windows sucks! Other than that, continued to checkout the unblogged items as I will always put the cool stuff there.. whee or something.. Oh yeah checkout these sweet pics of area 51 taken from space.. better watchout for black helicopters after you look at em tho...
Monday, April 24th
Twice in one month! [02:37]
I would post more but I am truly delirous from the Nyquil I took 30 minutes ago... in case you were wondering I just added a few links to the side bar.. well one of them is new.. others are just kind of old. For those of you who don't know, my brother, Overlrd (thats his real name, I swear!) runs one of these web logs.. except that he has exciting thigns like desktop screenshots and a QUAKE 3 stats page, while I just have these cool links on the side and uhm... uhm... these sooo frequent updates (they will happen more I swear!). Point is you should definatly check out his page.. its very funny! :) Anyways... I will put more in here later, I have some good stuff sitting in my toblog file.. but wait.. why dont I make it a publicly accessable file!? Damn I'm good... whee now we get more frequent updates.. or something. Just wait till its online hahahahahah
Friday, April 14th
Updated, so there! [20:35]
I know I know, I bet you can't believe your eyes... its been updated again!! Muhahahaha.... I will try to keep it more regular.. buttt finals are comming up.. so hey whatever.. truth is, I really do feel badly that I haven't been able to update as often as I would like to.. but hey, you have no choice so hahahah or something. What did you guys miss you ask?

First if you only check out one thing, check this out, they interviewed Ask Jeeves the search engine... its hilarious :)

It has been revealed that even DVD player manufacturers don't like copy protection (check that one out, very cool secret back door to a DVD Player that lets you turn off copy protection, with screen shots "You should not be here" etc)

Toilet seat argument ends in murder! (Its sad, I know..)

Too bad the multi-tasking demons don't use windows.. mabye they would blue screen

Speaking of Blue-screen, remember that broken link I had about that billboard blue screening (plus a little embelishment about it being an ad for windows 2000)? Well, apparently you guys hit the broken link enough times to bring the attention of the guy behind the site hosting the pic, he sent me (my very first Walter's Weblog talk smak message!) the correct link, and told me the picture is from Melbourne Australia! See for yourself how funny this is.. reminds of the time I was at disneyquest and the 3 story tall pinball game screen blue screened... thats what they get, and these guys too [NTK] :P

Muslems are using cell phones to recieve the call to prayer.. mabye they are using iPING.

I swear I'll update more.. or something.. in the meanwhile, why don't you register your own domain name for free @namezero.com I got celerity.org woo, or you can find the cheapest toothbrush in your zipcode at shoppinglist.com of coures, nothing beats free long distance at i-link.com too bad its always too busy... anyways later

Friday, March 24th
heh.. doh! [12:29]
Yeah so I've kinda been um... busy or something.. but never too busy for you!! My faithful website viewers. The combination of having tons of exams, and Sadie visiting me and me going to mass to visit her, has caused delay in updates.. don't worry, they'll kick up again. But I have sad news to report: my cable modem is no longer free! Doh!!! So I won't have it around anymore, but the updates will still go on :) I swear... well, I guess I have alot of material to work with here so.. without further ado, its time for interesting links, interesting places:

Raquyda Nichole Harris (who was duct taped to a wall as a child) was arrested for maliciously cutting another girls hair. Apparently angry over the little girl replacing calculators used on the FCAT with faulty calculators.

Microsoft unviels its latest advertisement, a copy of windows 2000 running automatically on a billboard. (Link no longer exists, it was a pic of a times square display that had blue screened heheh).

The full extent to which mp3s have devestated the recording industry has finally been realized.

Monday, February 28th
LEAP FROG [22:03]
Leap day is tommorow, yay! :)... I have another big update (and I promise, a more thought out one) tommorow in the AM for you guys... This whole leap thing has reminded me of elementary school, where my science class made a television show called "Leap frog," (Joanne, Alice are you reading this?)... I remember our teacher Mrs. Middlebrooks brought in a wooden puppet show stage, where we would crouch down and and raise our arms above us to create the show with puppets. The main character was leap frog. We video taped it and added titles to the show too I think. I remember vaguely participating in it somehow (I think participation was mandatory, but I don't remember anything specific that I did), and I also remember that the biggest thing was the "Find leap frog" thing.. where we would (I don't think physically) "hide" leap frog in a specific location at Dale Mabry, and people would write in entries to "guess" where he was.. I suppose Mrs. Middlebrooks had a drawing of all the entries and would continue to draw out entries until she got one that had a correct guess. Either that or we actually hid leap frog, but I can't imagine little elementary school children prowling around on their own in search for a puppet, perhaps getting into dangerous places (like air ducts!)... or even worse, running into the urban-legendesque "strangers in a white van" that gave innocent children cartoon-character-adorned-lsd-laced stickers that made you "bock" like a chicken. (Ok mabye I added that last part heh).

Being that I never actually heard a decent impression of a chicken bock, I think its safe to say that the "Find Leap Frog!" contest was of the submit an entry into a drawing type and stuff... Still, Leap Frog was awesome... mabye not as awesome as making pea-shooters in my 2nd grade english class (I can't remember the awesome teachers name :( ), and mabye still not as awesome as being a patrol for Coach Nelson (even though I got demoted from Seargent status for abusing my whistle privelges), but Leap Frog certainly is pert'nant to the whole Leap Year thing and dammit you don't have a choice so just quit your belly aching! Ohh you were complaining about that "I'm the lepre-cauhn" picture.. ok its gone... :)... "Evil says word to your mother... peace."

Saturday, February 26th
LAZY [14:51]
I'm so sorry I haven't updated in so long... this week has been kinda funky... To make up for it I found this hilarious image, "Leprechaun 5: In the hood" bwhahahaha... wheeeee... Here is what you missed: how stella got her happy meal back, prompting Ronald to pull a bobbit. If you see that comming, pull a thirsty monkey!...Check this out, Elton John gets massively pissed when Christina Aguilero wins best new artist...Who wants to marry a millionaire wife requests annulment, prompting FOX to pull all of its fatty reality shows.. doh!... Astronaughty and astornice...Why I love America...They outlawed gossip and they want it back!...Free PC is now dead!.. wheres my free computer??...Web servers and html code of the presidential candiates analyzed (funny)...You may already be a class-action suit winner!...I scored a ten on the liberal/conservative meter... the new way to prove you really love someone shared email!? Hahahah yeah right... finally, frat boys forget to tell fire dept. that a pledge is still in a burning building, tied to a chair! WTF! Go here if this makes you angry...
Saturday, February 19th
Ahh... lazy days... I could study, but I really don't need to right now, I don't have a test for like, 2 weeks, and then I don't have another test after that for a solid week, and then a week till the next one, and then a week till the next one, and then a week till the next one, and then a week till the next one, and then a week till the next one, and then a week till the finals. So, I know that I'm going to be working my ass off without a break for like, the next 2 months starting in 2 weeks.. so I'm trying to catchup in all my chill time now! Last night, I went to see a movie, Pitch Black.. during the previews some jokers behind my friends and I kept making comments.. while this was ok, I would not tolerate it during the movie.. but how do you get people to be quiet when you've already "shhhhhed" like a few times. Well, the movie began with a beautiful shot of a space ship floating in space along side a comet. One of the punks behind me said "Captains log," which just infuriated me, so I turned around and said "Yo... just... shut up!" and that shut that punk right the hell up! I was so happy and my friends thanked me later. So what is the point of this rant? Well, I'm not really sure except I think it signals the beginning of HEADLINES!

We open with a shocking discovery, "GM plants will someday help us live on mars!" reports a british newspaper. General Motors was unavailable for comment, but I think taking the company in the direction of space transportation is a bit early, don't you agree? ... Open then shut then reopen: Windows Source code, to be opened if that was all it took for the DOJ to get off of Microsoft's back. Just in case that doesn't work Microsoft has (with the help of ex-borg spokesperson Patrick Stewart) launched windows2k as a self defense mechanism against the DOJ. "Our hope is that [the doj] will install windows 2000 [and it will crash their computers]." .... Apparently rap artist Coolio is responsible for the DOS attacks last week on websites Yahoo.com, ZDNet, and WalterElly.com. Coolio was quoted as saying "...attacking WalterElly.com was a mistake, if I had only chosen not to bother that amazing website, I wouldn't have been caught!" citing the fact that WalterElly.com produced the evidence that lead to his capture. Boy were we pissed when our webservers booted up to MSDOS... god, it was as if we entered a time machine. ... Yahoo reports on their exclusive Royal Watch news site, that royal Camilla was flattened by tornados! ... research shows that goliath really didn't have a chance against david ... We may be treated to a simpsons movie yay! ... and finally we end with a quote for the day: "XML sounds scary. Stuff that begins with the letter X usually does. There's a reason they didn't call it 'The C Files.'"

Thursday, February 17th
MIKE D.'s BIRTHDAY [14:29]
This update sponsored by Mike D., the man who uses his powers for good! (happy bday!)

Hey kiddies, this is Walter reporting to you from the MIR Spacestation-Hotel! First off, Hillary Clinton, while eating on the newly photographed Eros Asteroid, DID NOT leave a tip for her waitress team! Kinda scary Hillary, only been in New York for a month and your already acting like a local! AOL reveals its true reason for puchasing Time Warner: AOLSI: Swim Suit Edition! Here's a gem from 1996 The Internet will crash in 1996!, and another crack smoking link, fun george w. quotes to use against g-dub fans! (You gotta go to that link, it compares Washington D.C.s area code to G-dubs.. its hilarious). I close with the quote of the day

"There are these premade programs out there that can do this [DOS] stuff. People who use these programs are called script-kiddies, they just take the programs as is and use them without having any working knowledge of what the program is doing exactly."
-Some herb on CNN Newstand at like 2am.

This is Walter for Walter's Weblog reporting live from the MIR Spacestation-Hotel.

Monday, February 14th
Feeling better on V-day [22:28]
I am feeling better.. not all there yet, but I will be attempting to have a normal day tommorow... President Clinton had an online interview today. Highlights included comments about pornography on the internet, where he used this study that shows southerners are 4x as likely to look at porn than others as a basis to say "Personally I'd like to see more porn on the Internet." President Clinton's remarks have caused a record number of students at The University of Florida to register to vote because "Bill is just so damn cool." (pause). Too bad they don't know he's not running for election again!

Things we've learned...Smith College shouldn't switch to peoplesoft cos it breaks universities unlike the current software they are running now (cough cough). Slashdot is slow as balls when it comes to reporting stories.. this time they missed out on the oh so important quake wedding (which we reported 5 days ago!). Don't ever sign on the dotted line to become the insurer for furnishing prize money on a show called "Who wants to be a millionaire?" Stealing CDs shouldn't be a crime anymore now that we have MP3s. When you can't beat em, join em. Atleast thats what AOL did. "We want to let cablemodem users have a choice! They should be able to choose AOL." But then AOL buys TW, and stops their litigation. Does this seem similar to AOL's purchase of ICQ? MSN is sueing AOL in order for AOL to open their Instant Messenger network to other clients, I'm sure AOL forsaw ICQ suign AOL to open the network too... will AOL buy MSN in the future? When will the DOJ put the smack down on AOL?! Will the TLAs ever S T O P!?!?!??!?! And finally, IRCnews reports that an IRCuser actually connected to the net simply to check his email(!). Wheee!

Sunday, February 13th
BLAHHHH [20:20]
Ughhhhh.. being sick is so nasty... I hate being sick!! I'm so sick I had to do an update.....

Al Gore drink so much Iced Tea that a teacher in Montgomery, Alabama decided to not let him use the restroom. "If he drank all that iced tea, he needs to face the consequences." Apparently, the teacher wouldn't be such a tight-ass if he had perhaps read one of these books. Mabye its cos we caught him with silly website messup....Life imitates the onion: http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/health/newsid_625000/625846.stm vs http://www.theonion.com/onion3511/college_drinking.html ...Ouch, not that I'm bitter...You thought your irc channel was interesting...heh...

Thursday, Febuary 10th
Hey Vern, its Ernest [20:38]

Jim Varney, passed away today... Ernest Saves Christmas was one of my favorites... this update dedicated to the memory of Jim Varney, creator of one of my favorite characters, Ernest. (and for creating alot of confusion when hearing about the book, The Importance of Being Ernest)

Wednesday, Febuary 9th
D O S [16:54]
Updated [22:51]
Thats right, WalterElly.com (NASDAQ:WELLY) experienced what many sites have been experiencing the past few days: DISK OPERATING SYSTEM attacks! Hackers first leveled DOS attacks on Yahoo.com, and then on tuesday CNN, EBay Amazon.com and Buy.com, followed by today's attacks on E-Trade and ZDNet and WalterElly.com. A DOS attack is when hackers break into a target website's ISP (Illegal Sex Provider) and install a version of Microsoft's antiquated Disk Operating System on the web server's computer (Unless the ISP has protection, and then they're screwed!). Microsoft was also the victim of the DOS attack, but the installation of MS-DOS 5.0 on Microsoft's web server actually improved performance over the release of Windows 2000 they were previously running.

Fortunately, our ISP fixed the problem and also found a backup copy of this page, so no harm no fowl.. except that this update was a little later than planned because of the whole MS-DOS being on the RS6000s at Cybergate thing. Oh yeah, Forbes dropped out of the race, NASA's Spaceprobe NEAR will rendezvous with the asteroid 433 Eros on Valentines Day.. the NASA people titled their press release "To Eros or bust!".. heh.. Valentines day, Eros, bust, probing an asteroid... heh.. get it? yeah, those NASA people sure are funny..ok I'm outtie for a Business Law test. later

UPDATE:Check this out... a couple plans to get married in Quake2 on Valentines day... The website is pretty brief, leaving out some important details: Are they going to throw a grenade instead of a bouqet? Will the priest/rabbi/clergyperson have "God mode" on? Instead of the newly-weds having the first dance, will they have the first deathmatch? etc.... :P

Monday, Febuary 7th
Wesmander [23:03]
Heh heh heh my good buddy sparky made this for everyones amusement.. this was so funny it merited an update... I might actually update tommorow (in case you can't wait till Wednesday)... heh if your lucky! :P

Alllllllrighty then! Thats right, I registered it, and now we got it! With the new domain name comes a new interface. I promise I'll be sticking with the text-dominated format.. but I gotta do something different to match the exciting domain name. Anyways, more on that later.. so heres the news:

A Y2K problem carved in stone... "Henry Bohne, son of Ella Bohne, who with her husband bought a tombstone in the mid-1960s. The engraver carved "19" for their dates of death. Her husband died in 1971, but Ms. Bohne is very much alive at 97." .. DOH! As if that wasn't enough to stop them, scientists are trying to artificially create Y2K. Heh.

Export controls relaxed - thats right international viewers, and for those who don't have an IP that resolves into a domain name, come get some PGP, or a strong-encryption version of nutscrape..Too bad they don't unrelax and strangle Doubleclick

Anyways, thats the news.. oh yeah next time someone says to you "Look at the beautiful snow falling on the lake, etc" just point them to this story... apparently snowflakes aren't the nicest thing to hear underwater...until next time!

Sunday, Febuary 6th
BWHAHAHA [17:13]
WOWZERS now that is some messed up shit... some how I don't think the people who left that rally had a warm fuzzy feeling in their tummies... !!! Check this out too bad there isn't a republican.org .. anyways that was so crazy I just had to do a weekend update.. and stuff...see you tommorow!
Friday, Febuary 4th
It's Friday! [9:23]
Thats right, its Friday.. you ain't got no job, you ain't got shit to do! Heh.. well, many have tried, many have died trying to listen to Nothing Radio. Actually just got it owrking, and its great! If you can't get it workign with winamp, try getting the new realplayer. Other than that..

Unrest amongst the canidates!

Bill Bradley has been really pissed lately and Gary Bauer even quit over the fact that neither of them will be getting one of those nifty 500mhz celeron HP Pavillion's that FORD is giving away to all of its 350,000 employees, with the option of $5/month unlimited internet access. Sounds like EX-CIA director John Deutch could have used that $5/month access to continue to check out porn!. In other news, RUSSIA plans on testing out new inflatable space craft using some excess children from a mother who just had her second set of triplets in 20 months!. Damn! Anyways, I'm serious about that nothingradio.net stuff.. oh, and soon I will have scans up of the next place I plan on living at. Annd here are those Universal Studios pictures I promised a while back... later

Wednesday, Febuary 2nd
SO! Whatsup? I'm just chillin in my office, having just accomplished a very exciting TAP thingy (check out the REGISTRATION link, thats what I added). Anyways, also finally got my CGS3403 example program to compile! Woo! Finished assisting photoshop class 1 last night, check out what were doing at this link. My tummy still hurts dammit! :(. Anyways...

The groundhog pussed out and now were doomed for more winter! I guess its because, according to /., "Today is the first day since Dec. 28, 888 (12-28-888) to have only even digits in its numerical format (02-02-2000)." Other than that, nothings really going on.. at all.... I'm serious... heh. Anyways until next time